AUCKLAND 1861 - 1961

AIKEN. Dr. Employed at Whau Asylum.
ALBERT. David. A driving force behind the building of the first Church 
        in the district. Later transferred to Australia.
ALLAN. Mrs. Resident in 1901.
ANDERSON. A. Inaugurated the first transport service, early 1900's,
        with horse buses.
Was a Director of the Point Chevalier Bus Co. 
BAINBRIDGE. James. Purchased 'The Old Stone Jug' from William        
BARRACLOUGH. Thomas. Second owner of Star Mills. Married John 
        THOMAS' widow. 

Was a Director of the Point Chevalier Bus Co. 
BEATTY. Dr. Employed at Whau Asylum. 1894.
BISHOP. Mr. Chas. 
        Occupied house owned by DIGNAN, Pt. Chevalier Rd.Farmed  200 
        acres at the lower end of the Point.

BLACK. James. Resident in 1901.

BLAGROVE. Ann. Resided on the Point for some years, with her son, who
        was a carpenter. Their property was later purchased by WALKER. qv.
BOWAN. Built the first shop in Pt. Chevalier, at Hall Corner
BROADHEAD.  Builder and Proprietor of Tea Rooms and Apartment
BROWN. William. a Lawyer. b. at Dundee, Scotland 1809. Arrived Bay of
       Islands Jan. 2nd. 1840. Purchased Motokorea (Brown's Island) with Dr.
        Logan CAMPBELL. Together these two men built and moved into the
        first wooden house in Auckland and founded the firm of BROWN &
        CAMPBELL, Merchants. William BROWN became the 2nd. 
        Superintendent  of the Auckland Province. He was recalled to Scotland 
        by his family, in 1855 and died there, aged 89, in 1898.
BURNS. Dr. Superintendent, at Whau Asylum. circa 1894.
BUTLER. Capt'n. Member of the Underwriter's Patrol Co.1877.
CAMPBELL. Dr. Logan. See BROWN.   

CARRIE. Isaac. A resident in 1873. (Auckland Dir.)
CASSIDY. Thomas. Worked in the Dockyard on the Hokianga River, and
        married a Maori Chief's daughter in Sydney, in 1837. The Early Settler's
        Roll states he arrived in Hokianga in1836, although it is stated that he
        purchased land at Monghamuka in 1835.  Granted Lots 24 & 17 in 1845.
CHEVALIER. Capt'n. George Robert. b. at St. Heliers, Jersey Island Sept.
        25th.1832. Arrived in NZ 10th. Jan. 1856. 

CLENDON. Granted Lots 27 & 28 in 1846.
CODLING. Mr. Member Pt. Chevalier Highway District Comm. from 1881.
COLLINS. P. Member of Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist. from 1900.
COYLE. M.M. (Barney). Mayor of Mt. Albert, Chairman of Auckland Hospital
        Board, Chairman Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist. 1920. Coyle Park was
        named in his honour.
CRAWFORD. James. A farmer. b. in Londonderry in 1832. Arr, in Auckland 
1873. A Member of the Pt. Chevalier Highway District, and
       Chairman  for 1883 and 1884. He died at his daughter's residence Mrs.
       HUGHES?) in Woodward Rd.,  in 1919, after living in the District for 
        47 years.
CURNOW. Ben, from Taranaki. Final proprietor of the 'Old Stone Jug' Hotel.
DELL. Josiah. Resident by middle 1860's
DIGNAN. Hon. Patrick DIGNAN was one of the earliest Settlers.  b. in
   County Galway, Ireland, in 1814. Emigrated to New South Wales in
        1839. Came  to NZ in June 1841 on the 'Sophia Pate' .Died Oct. 20th.
DIGNAN. Colonel Peter. A Barrister & Solicitor. Trustee & President of Auck
         Workingmen's Club, Member of City Council & First New Zealander
        to be elected Mayor of the City (Auckland). 
DIGNAN. James. b. in Auckland. Son of Hon. Patrick DIGNAN
Owned  a Livery and bait Stables. Later was Secretary to his Father 
        and Sir Maurice O'ROURKE, Speaker of the House in the Grey Govt.
         A land  and home owner. Resident in 1873. (Auck. Directory).  
DIGNAN, Thomas. Held executive position in the Auck. Gas. Co. Was a
        Director of the Point Chevalier  Bus Co. Member, Secretary and 
        Chairman of  Pt. Chevalier Highway District 1874/1918.  
DONOVAN. Jerry. A local 'swagman'
DUXFIELD. G. Farmer.  Member of Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist. from 1900
DYSON. F. Was Manager of the Point Chevalier Bus Co. 
EDGECOMBE.  William. b. Devon Eng. 1810. Arr. NZ. 1841. First settled in
         New Plymouth. Erected  and owned 'The Old Stone Jug',  first stone
        hostelry  in Auckland, sited at the entry to what is now Chamberlain Park.
        In 1876 he sold his Western Springs Property, including the hotel, to the
        City Council.  Early resident of Great North Road. His house still  stood, 
        in Western Springs Rd., in 1961. Member of Pt. Chevalier Highway
         District. 1874. Died Dec. 7th. 1895.
ELLIOT. W. Operated a fellmongery on the Motion's Mill site. Purchased
        building previously built and owned by Mr. BROADHEAD. 
EDWARDS. Alf. Farmer. Resident in 1901.
EMPSON. Harry. Showed the first motion picture. Screened in the public
        Hall on Feb. 13th. 1913. Music was provided by PARKER'S
        Orchestra. Family tickets cost 5/-. 
FAIRWEATHER. Fred. Worked at brick-making yard, Surrey Cres. Started
        the Lime Works in Carrington Rd.
Original Member of the first Bowling
        Club. Early 1900's.
FISHER. Dr. Robert Elliot. First House Surgeon and Governor of the Whau
        Asylum. Built 1867.
FORREST. W. Chairman Pt. Chevalier Highway District. 1914-15

FRASER. Simon, b. at Assynt in the Scottish Highlands. His wife  
Margaret Ann  was born at Cape Breton, Canada. They and their 3
       children arr. NZ in1878  to manage the Estate of W. FRASER, although
        he was no relation Trustee for Pt. Chevalier Highway District. 
FRASER. William. First Sec. of the NZ Insurance Co., built a two storied
        home in Formby Rd. named 'Aldershot'. Member of Pt. Chevalier
        Highway Dist., 1876/81.
FRENCH. Dr. M.A. Headmaster at Morningside.
GARRETT. Bros. Robert, Richard, William & George had a Leather & Boot-
        making factory in Wakefield St. Bought THOMAS's Mill in the 1880's
GARRETT. Robert. Purchased Oakley Parkin 1897. Chairman of Pt.
        Chevalier Highway District 1880
HANKIN. J. Accountant. Resident in 1901.
HARDY. George. Employed as an Attendant at the Whau Asylum.
HARRIS. Frank. Provider of Public Transport.
HOFFMAN. Wilhelm Reganini. b. in England in 1828, arr. NZ. with 
his wife, on the 'Nimrod" in1860. Music Teacher and Dealer. Auditor 
        for Pt. Chevalier Highway District. Died 1905 aged 77.
HOSKINS. Joseph. Original Member of the first Bowling Club. Early 1900's.
        Member Pt. Chevalier Highway District Comm.1900.
HUGHES. Superintendent of Fire Brigade. 1877.
JENNINGS. Peter. A local 'swagman'.
JOLLY. Rev.B. M.A. Opened the first Church in the District. St. Philips, on
        Port Rd., May 14th. 1917.

JOHNSON. Ted. Accidentally drowned at the beach.
JOHNSTON. Chris. Resident in 1901.
LAWRENCE. John. Warder at Mental Hosp. & Chairman Pt. Chevalier 
        Highway Dist. 1877
LONGSDALE. Mrs. Matron of Whau Asylum. 1877.
LOVIE. Mr. Owner of a 5 acre block, bought from Mr. WRIGHT
LOW. Joseph. see 'MOTION'.
LUPTON. P. Transport Provider, using the "GUY" and Model T Fords.
MACKIE. J. Original Member of the first Bowling Club. Early 1900's.
Was a Director of the Point Chevalier Bus Co. 
MAIR. Gilbert. Granted Lots 21, 22,& 23 in 1844
McEWAN. Mr. Farm owner, western end of Waterview.
Mc. IVOR.  Original Member of the first Bowling Club. Early 1900's.V
McLACHLAN. Lachlan.  He and his son John Mitchell McLACHLAN
        arr. in NZ.1841. passengers on the 'BRILLIANT which arrived
        in Manukau Harbor Oct. 27th. 1841, with the original Scottish
        Settlers. John Mitchell McLACHLAN made the gift of Cornwallis
        Park, of 1,927 acres, to the City of Auckland.  Granted Lots 20 & 25 
        in 1845.
MATHEW. Felton. Born in Goswell St., London in 1801, son of a cooper
        and wine Merchant. Married his cousin, Sarah Lousia MATHEW.
        Assistant Surveyor in New South Wales, 1829. Town Surveyor at
        Sydney in 1835. Acting Surveyor General of N.Z. 1839. Surveyed
        and planned the Towns of Russell and Auckland. Died at Lima, Peru
        26th. November 1847.
MATTSON. Herman. Built a house on the corner of Montrose St. Original
         Member  of the first Bowling Club. Early 1900's. Comm Member of
        Pt. Chevalier Highway District.
MEEKAM. Mr. & Mrs. Occupied the premises of the 'Old Stone Jug' 
        as a tearooms and soft-drink business.
MEYNALL. Provider of Public Transport. Owned 'Mighty Atom'.
MONAGHAN Family. Patrick, an ex Imperial Soldier, mar. a widow, Mrs.
        CALDWELL. Three of their sons, Walter, Jack & Bill were prominent
        among the Sporting Bodies of the district. 
MOOR. William. Auditor, Pt. Chevalier Highway District. 1874.

MORROW Family, farmed a large tract of land, from the Great South Road, 
        to near Meola Road.
MOTION. William. Born in Scotland. Went to Australia in 1838, and then
 to the Bay of Islands, NZ. with his business Partner, Joseph LOW. (LOW 
        & MOTION)  Built  a number of Mills in the District. Resident in 1873
        (Auck. Directory.) Member of Pt. Chevalier Highway District. 1874/1900 
        NICHOLSON. W. Operated a hores-drawn brake, fromKingsland to the
OLIVER. John Snr. b. May 24th. 1827 at Herefordshire, Eng. Came to NZ
        with his son, John Jnr., in 1865, in the ship 'Queen of Beauty'. 
        Blacksmith. 'Fence Viewer' for Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist.1875/82. 
        Died in 1913.
PARTINGTON. Charles.F.( son of G.F.PARTINGTON, founder & builder of
the windmill in Symonds St.) Chairman of Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist. from 
        1885. Died in 1914
PARRY-JONES. Headmaster, Point Chevalier School.
PASCOE. Occupied 'Old Stone Jug' premises from 1895 to 1898.
PEVEREL. Occupied a house on the banks of Meola Creek. (pre 1885)
PHILSON. Dr. Employed at Whau Asylum. 1877.
POLLEN. D. Early Resident of Point Chevalier.
POPLETON. F. Landlord of the 'Falls Hotel' Henderson, and 'The Old Stone
RAYNER. Dr.  Purchased Business previously built and owned by Mr.
        BROADHEAD. Built 'Dixieland' .     
ROSS. Granted Lots 31, 32 & 33 in 1845
ROWE. Fred. Lived in a replica Noah's Ark on Walker's Beach.
RUSSELL. Granted Lot 19 in 1845
SANSON. Mr. T. sponsored the petition, in Sept.1879 asking for a School to
         be built in the District, "for the benefit of 27 children..." No action
        was taken! (see Simon FRASER.) 
SCOTT. W. Chairman Pt. Chevalier Highway District 1919
SEAMAN. Thomas. Returning Officer for Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist.1885.
SEYMOUR. Joseph. Son of Robert SEYMOUR. 

SEYMOUR. Robert. b. in Dorsetshire in 1815, mar. Mary Ann BROWN.
 Came  to NZ on the Phoenix in 1860. Owned several small ships and
        traded to  towns in the North. Chairman, Point Chevalier Highway
       District. 1874/80. Moved to Arch Hill in1880. Died 12th. February 1893.
SMITH. Henry. Member Pt, Chevalier Highway District from 1885
SMITH. James. Carpenter & Handyman for Motions Mill. Took over WHITE's
        Blacksmith's Shop, with his two sons. Member Pt. Chevalier Highway 
        District Committee 1874/78
SPEARPOINT. Purchased Business built and owned by Mr. BROADHEAD.
ULLIVAN. John.  Granted Lot 18 in 1845 Was a resident of Mahurangi,
        Warkworth, and a Master Mariner. In 1844 he was Master of the coastal
        cutter 'MARIA' and the trader 'THOMAS'.
TAIT. Thomas. son of Capt. of the 'Duchess of Argyle', one of the first emigrant
        ships to arrive in Auckland, in 1842. Married Bella OLIVER.
TIDD. Tom. Mail deliverer.
THOMAS. John. Purchased 3 acres of land, on the bank of the Oakley Creek
        for 100. Built and ran the Star Mills, on that site.
THWAITES. Thomas. b. in Sunderland, Eng., One of the youngest men    
        of his day to become a Captain.. Commanded two ships which brought
        Settlers to NZ. Settled here with his wife & 2 children. Lived in
        Charlotte Ter. for 40 years. Boatbuilder in Mechanics Bay. Had 3 sons:
        Thomas a Chemist, George a School Headmaster & William an Engineer.
        Comm. Member of Pt. Chevalier Highway  Dist. 1900.
WALKER. Richard & Elizabeth, their infant son John, and Richard's
Thomas Henry WALKER arrived at Auckland, from Ireland,
        October 18th. 860 on the 'Northern Bride. 'Fence Viewer & Member 
        of Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist.1874/85
WHITE. Samuel. Member Pt. Chevalier Highway District. from 1885. 
WILLIAMSON. Provider of Public Transport.
WOODWARD. James. Collector of Rates, Pt. Chevalier Highway Dist.1875
WRENNEL. Occupied a house on banks of Meola Creek. (pre 1885)
WRIGHT. Joseph, 'Gentleman' of Cook Street, Auckland, purchased land at
        Point Chevalier, in 1863. After his death his properties were inherited by
        Ann BLAGROVE,qv., Mr. Thomas WESTON, an Auckland Lawyer, and
        Mr. James McKELVIE, who later bequeathed most of his wealth to
        Auckland City.
WYBOWEN. Mr. Farm Manager, Whau Asylum 1894.
YOUNG. Joseph. Owner of land at Arch Hill, near Surrey Cres. and planter
        of Native trees in that area.
YOUNG. William. 'Fence Viewer' for Pt. Chevalier Highway District 1874.


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