OTAGO GAZETTE. 1864                         

                VOLUME VII

As Crown Grants for the persons whose names appear in the annexed 
Schedule have been wf-farmer.gif (5175 bytes)ready for issue for a considerable period, the 
Grantees are requested to uplift their Grants without further delay.

Signed. W.H.CUTTEN,  Commissioner of Crown Lands

Crown Grant Office.  Dunedin 5th May 1864.

The names below were transcribed by Ted WILDY in Auckland 
                                            21st August 1993.

AITKEN Henry Two                          BURN J.F. One                         

ALEXANDER James Three               BUSKIN William One

ALEXANDER W.H. One                   CALCUTT David One

ALLAN John One                               CALDER David Two

ALLEN Henry One                             CAMERON J. (with Pole T)One

ALLEN James Eight                           CAMERON Kenneth One

ANDERSON Adam Three                  CAMERON Robert One

ANDERSON Alexander Three         CAMERON Roderick One

ANDERSON Archibald Seven         CAMPBELL Duncan One

ANDERSON John Three                    CAMPBELL James Three

ANDERSON S.H. One                       CAMPBELL John Two

ANDERSON Thomas One                  CAMPBELL Philip One

ANTONE Joseph One                         CAMPBELL Sarah One

ATKINSON E.B. Fifteen                    CARGILL Elizabeth One

AVARNE J.A. One                             CARGILL W.W. Four

AYSON James jun Two                     CARNELL Joseph Two

BADCOCK R.W. One                        CARSON James Four

BAIN Robert One                               CASPER George Two

BAKER Andrew Eight                       CHALMERS Alexander Two

BAMFORD T.W. One                        CHALMERS Robert One

BANKS Frederick One                      CHAPLIN John One

BARCLAY Hugh One                        CHAPMAN William Two

BARCLAY John One                         CHRISTIE Robert One

BARNWELL Jane One                      CLARK Jasper Two

BARR James One                               COCKBURN T.A. One

BARR John Twelve                            COGHILL Robert One

BARR William Two                            COLLIER James Two

BATTSON Francis One                      COLLINS William One

BAXTER John One                             COLLIS Edwin Three

BAYNE Peter One                              COLVIN John One

BEALE Joseph One                            COOKE Henry Six

BEATH William Two                        COUSTON Eliza Two

BEATTIE Joseph One                        COUSTON William Two

BECK Henry Two                              CRAMOND John One

BECK J.A. One                                  CREE T.S. Eight

BEGG A.C. One                                 CROKER S. One

BELL F.D. Three                                CROKER Samuel Two

BELLAIRS E.H.W. Three                   CULLING Joseph Three

BELLINGHAM John One                   CUMMING John One

BENNETT William Two                    CURLE John Two

BEVERIDGE Alexander One             CURRIE John Five

BIRD C.E. Six                                    DALGETY E.S. Nineteen

BLACK William Three                      DALY James Three

BORTON J.B. One                            DARLING John One

BOWLER Edmund One                     DAVIES James One

BOYD J.P. One                                 DAVY Mary One

BOYES Andrew One                        DAWSON G.C. Seven

BROWN Ebenezer One                     De CARLE Edward Four

BROWN G.E. One                            De LACY T.C. Seven

BROWN James Three                       De LOREE Peter One

BROWN John One                            DENSHAM David One

BROWN R.J. Three                           DICKSON William One

BROWN T.G. Eighteen                     DIXON T.S. One

BROWN Thomas One                       DODS R. (with Pole T) One

BRUCE Archibald One                     DONALDSON J.T. Two

BRUCE Henry One                           DONOVAN John Two

BRUGH Sheddin One                       DORE William One

BRUNTON Andrew One                  DOUGHTY J.G. One

BRUNTON David Three                  DOUGLAS J.S. One

BUCHANAN John One                    DOW Alexander One

BUCKLEY G.(with Dalgety)One.   DOWIE Robert Two

BURCHILL Mary Two                      DUFFY John Three

ULEY John Three                              HAY Robert One

DUNCAN John Five                         HEADLAND Alfred One

DUNDAS Alexander Two                HEALY John One

DUNN James Three                          HECKLER William One

DURDEN E.W. Three                       HENDERSON Andrew One

DUTHIE Alexander Three                HENDERSON F. Two

DYER W.J. Six                                 HENDRY R. One

EAGLE Henry Two                           HENRY David One

EASTON William One                      HENSLEY F.J. Two

EDWARDS C.M Two                       HERTSLETT H.C. One

EDWARDS Jno. jun Four                  HEYWARD C.E. One

EDWARDS Lewis One                     HIBBARD Benjamin Two

EDWARDS Sylvester One                HODGE John One

ELDER G.R. & J.R. Eight                  HOME Robert One

ELPHINSTON Alex. Four                 HONNOR Henry One

EVERY S.F. One                               HOOD J.R. Three

FAIBAIRN Thomas Two                   HOSPAHER A. One

FALCONER John One                       HOWAT John Two

FALCONER William One                 HOWDEN Francis Three

FAMILTON Janet One                      HUBBARD Charles One

FARQUHARSON James One          HUDSON Edward Three

FENWICK Alice One                        HUGHAN Gordon One

FENWICK C.L.C. One                      HUGHES J.T. Two

FERGUSON Duncan One                 ILES William One

FERGUSON William One                IRVINE William One

FILLEUL P.V.M. Two                      ISDALE Alexander One

FILLEUL W.G. Two                         JACKSON Alfred Three

FINDLATER James Two                 JACKSON Robert One

FINDLAY John One                         JACKSON Thomas One

FLOYD James Two                          JEFFREYS J.S. One

FORD George One                           JOHNSTON Alexander One

FORESTER William One                 JOHNSTON Hugh One

FORSYTH David Three                   JOHNSTON John Four

FOWLER John One                          JONES Frederick One

FRASER William Two                    JONES S.E.R. One

FRICKER Edward One                    JULIUS Reginald Four

GALBRAITH Dinah One                  JUNOR W.J.B. One

GALBRAITH Henry One                  KAE John Two

GALBRAITH James One                  KAHN John One

GARRICK David One                      KAYE John One

GAVIN James One                            KEDZLIE John One

GIFFORD Algernon One                  KEMP John One

GILCHRIST Alexander One              KENYON E.P. One

GILCHRIST J.C. Two                       KERR Thomas One

GILLIES T.B. Six                              KETTLE C.H. One

GLASS Thomas One                          KILGOUR David One

GOEBEL G.H.E.R. One                     KILGOUR James Two

GORDON Alexander One                  KINGSTON Thomas One

GORDON Charles Two                      KINROSS J.G. Eleven

GORDON Thomas One                      KITCHEN James Two

GRAHAM Catherine One                  KLIEBER C.W. One

GRANT George Two                         LAING David One

GRANT Peter One                              LAING F.G. Two

GREEN George Three                        LAMBERT C.T. One

GRENFELL Michael Four                  LAMBERT James Six

GRENFIELD John One                       LANDELS Adam Seventeen

GREY J.G. Four                                  LAURENSON James One

GREY John One                                  LAW George Two

GREY William Two                           LAW Henderson Two

GRUNDY Honora Three                    LEDGER H.O. One

GUNN William One                           LEE Edward One

GWYN James Two                             LEEK J.F. One

HAIGIE John Two                              LeFEUVRE P.A. One

HALL William One                            LeMAISTRE G.J. Five

HAMER Frederick Two                     LEMNON J & C. Two

HANSON Peter Three                        LEMON Charles Two

HARDING Andrew One                    LEMON John Two

HARDING Isaac One                         LESLIE John One

HARRIS George One                         LEWIS J.G. Three

HARRIS J.H. Two                             LIVINGSTON A.R. One

HARROLD James One                      LIVINGSTON Alexander One

HARROLD Sinclair One                   LIVINGSTON Henry Seven

HARTLEY James One                       LLOYD George Two

HARTLEY John One                         LLOYD Joseph One

HARTLEY Thomas One                    LLOYD Thomas Two

HASSELL James Seven                     LOGAN A.R. Two

HASTIE Thomas One                        LOGAN John Seven

HATELEY William One                    LOGAN Mary Two

HAY George One                               LOUDEN David One 

LOWE James One                              MORGAN John One

LUSK T.H. Two                                 MORRIS A.W. & J.H. Two

MacKINON H.J. One                          MORRIS J.H. One

MacLEAN Lauchlan One                    MORRISON James Five

MAINS J & D. One                             MOULD T.R. One

MAITLAND David One                      MOWBRAY William One

MAITLAND J.P. One                          MUIR Archibald One

MAITLAND Joseph One                     MUIR D.D. Two

MALCOLM James One                       MURCOTT William Two

MANSFORD T.A. One                       MURDOCH J.W. Five

MANTLL Walter Two                        MURDOCH Robert One

MARSH Thomas One                          MURRAY J.R. One

MASON D. Three                               MURRAY Robert Three

MATHESON Alexander Two?         NAPIER D.J. One

MATHESON James One                    NEIL James One

MATTHEWS Joseph One                   NICHOL William One

MAY James Eight                                NICOL John One

McCALLUM Duncan One                   NICOL Walter One

McCOLL Ewan One                            NOBLE James One

McCOLL James One                           NORTH James One

McDIARMID Angus One                    OGILVIE Joseph One

McDONALD Alexander One              ORBELL F.A. One

McDONALD Archibald One               ORBELL Graham Three

McDONALD James Two                    ORBELL John Two

McDONALD John One                       ORD J.T. Two

McEWAN James Two                         ORKNEY John Three

McGILL Peter Two                              ORR George Three

McGLASHAN Edward Three              OSGROVE Patrick Two

McGLASHAN James One                    OUGHTON D.W. One

McGOUN C.M. One                             PAGAN Archibald One

McGOUN Duncan One                         PARKER J.W. One

McGREGOR John One                         PARRY Thomas Three

McGREGOR N.J.B. One                      PATERSON James One

McHARDY Alexander One                  PEACH Dixon One

McINDOE James One                           PEARSON James Two

McINNES James One                           PEARSON Robert Three

McINROY Patrick One                         PEDDIE James One

McKAY Finlay One                              PERKINS J.H. One

McKENNA Edward One                      PERKINS W. jun One

McKENZIE D.S. Two                          PERKINS W.R. One

McKENZIE G.H. One                           PETERSON Mary One

McKENZIE Robert One                       PIETERSON John One

McKINLAY Hugh One                         POLE T. (with Dods.R) One

McKINNEY John One                          POLLOCK John One

McKINNEY William Three                  POLLOCK Violet One

McLAUGHLAN Peter One                   PORTEOUS James One

McLEAN John Two                              PRICE Leonard Three

McLEAN Murdoch One                        PROVOST Amelia One

McLEW John One                                 PROVOST Edward One

McLISKEY E.K. One                           PUGH Joseph One

McLISKEY Peter One                          RAE David Two

McMASTER David Two                      RAITT William One

McMASTER Donald One                     RANKIN Andrew One

McMASTER Hugh Four                       REDMAYNE THos. Two

McMECKAN William One                  REDPATH Thos One

McMILLAN Dugald Two                     REID Charles Three

McMILLAN John One                           REID John Three

McNEIL Alexander Twelve                  REID Thomas One

McNEIL Andrew Two                          REID W.S.S. One

McNEIL James One                               RENNIE Alexander Three

McNEIL James jun One                         REYNOLDS C.A. One

McPHERSON John One                        REYNOLDS Charles One

McSWAN W & A. One                         REYNOLDS W.H. Four

MEEK J.W. One                                    RICH E.F. Five

MEEK Robert Two                               RICHARDSON George Three

MEEKING T.H. Two                            RICHARDSON J.L.C. Five

MILLER Andrew One                           RICHMOND John Two

MILLER D. One                                    RIDDLE Thomas One

MILLER George One                            ROBERTSON Thomas One

MILLER H.J. Five                                RODDEN John Two

MILLER William One                          ROSCOE A. & T.S. One

MILLIE J.W. One                                  ROSCOE Arthur Two

MILLIE John Three                               ROSCOE T.S. One

MILSTEAD Joseph One                       ROSS John One

MITCHELL James Four                       ROWLEY Charles One

MITCHELL Josiah Two                       ROXBURGH Daniel One

MITCHELL W & R. One                      RUNCIMAN J. & J. One

MONSON Henry Two                          RUSSELL Thomas One

MONSON W.H. One                             SCOTT F.W. Two

MOORE H.N. Three 

SCOTT James One                                WILLIAMS Hugh Four

SELBY James One                                WILLOCKS William Four

SEWELL Charles One                           WILSON A.S. One

SHAND George Four                             WILSON Henry Two

SHAND James One                                WILSON Robert One

SHAW Samuel One                                WILSON W. Three

SHERIFF William One                           WILTON E.A.G. One

SHIELDS John One                                WINCHESTER W.T. One

SIMPSON Alexander One                      WOOD Alfred One

SIMPSON J. Two                                   WOOD J. & THOMAS J. One

SINCLAIR A.M. One                              WOODCOCK William One

SMILLIE William One                            WOODS J. One

SMITH Alexander One                           WRIGHT Andrew One

SMITH George One                                YATES Joseph One

SMITH James Three                               YOUNG Duncan Two

SOLOMON M.G.S. One                         YOUNG J.S. One

SOUTER William One                           YOUNG John Three

SPIERS W.Y. One                                   STANNAGE John Two

STEAVENSON H.R. One                       STEEL D.P. Two

STEWART J.R. & J.P. Three                  STONE G.W. One

STRAUCHON Hunter Five                     STRAUCHON Thomas One

STREET C.H. Two                                 STRODE A.C. One

STUART A.P. Four                                 STUART Ann Two

STUART J.M.(with KinrossEleven       STUART William Four

SUMMERELL William One                    SUMMERS Andrew One

SUTCLIFFE William One                        SUTHERLAND Donald One

SWANSTON Henry One                          SWITZER John One

TAYLOR C.M. & W.G. Three                  TAYLOR G.R. Four

TELFORD William One                           TESCHMAKER W.H. Two

THOMAS J. & WOOD J. One                  THOMPSON Andrew Five

THOMPSON Charles One                        THOMPSON David Two

THOMPSON James Two                          THOMPSON John Fourteen

THOMSON H.S. Two                                THOMSON J.W. One

THOMSON William One                           TILLEY C.G. One

TOLLES Thomas One                                TOLMIE W.A. One

TOLSHER William One                            TOUZEL Jane Two

TROTTER W.S. Two                                TURNBULL George Two

TWELFTREE R.B. One                            VALENTINE Archibald One

WADDELL James One                              WADDELL Joseph One

WAITE W.W. One                                     WALKER James One

WALSH Edward One                                WARNOCK David One

WARNOCK James One                              WARREN George One

WARRINGTON Courtland One                  WATSON John One

WATSON T.S. Three                                  WEATHERLEY James Two

WEEDON E.M. Five                                   WEIR Archibald One

WELSH William Two                                 WHITAKER Frederick Five

WHITE James One                                       WHITE William One

WHITELAW James One                              WICKENS F.N. One

WIGHT R.A. One                                          WILKIE James One

WILLIAMS Francis One