WAR 1864
            REPORT & CASUALTIES.

From the Files of THE NEW ZEALANDER

NZ Herald newspaper, Tuesday 12 April 1864

57th Regt

LLOYD, Capt Gunshot wound penetrating L chest, abdomen, pelvis, R
Shoulder, R thigh, fractured femur; tomahawk wound R Calf; body decapitated.
DOOLEY, Pvte Jeremiah Gunshot wound to R shoulder, decapitated.
SADLER, Pvte George Gunshot wound to R shoulder; 2 x tomahawk wounds to
L arm; decapitated.


COLLINS, Pvte Andrew Slight Gunshot wound to abdomen
CRONIN, Laurence Slight Gunshot wound to L thumb
KIRBY, John Slight Gunshot wound to groin
MURRAY, Pvte Gunshot wound to neck, slight
SMITH, Isaac Gunshot wound to chin, slight


BANKS, Cpl H Gunshot wound to abdomen, decapitated
NEAGLES, Pvte James Gunshot wound to abdomen & head; decapitated
HARTLEY, Pvte H Gunshot wound to Pelvis; decapitated




BENTLEY, Colour Sgt Gunshot wound to arm, bone fracture, severe (No.12 Co.)
STOKES, Cpl Robert Gunshot wound to R shoulder (No.12 Co)
TOMLINS, Cpl Francis Thomas Gunshot wound to upper part of thigh, severe (No.12 Co)
WHATMORE, Cpl Edward Gunshot wound to calf, slight (No.12 Co.)
McKENNA, Cpl James Gunshot wound to L side (ball since extracted), dangerous

(No. 7 Co.)

NEW ZEALANDER, 30 June 1864, Monthly Summary of Killed and Wounded

43rd Regt SMITH, F A Capt
68th Regt TRENT, HWJ Capt
PALMER, W H F Ensign

NEW ZEALANDER, Monday 2 May 1864|
Tauranga, Pukehinahine Pa


HAMILTON Commander HMS Esk
MUIR Captain 43rd Regt
GLOVER Captain 43rd Regt
VANCE Sgt Major 43rd Regt


BOOTH Col 43rd Regt dangerously
GLOVER Lieut 43rd Regt dangerously
NICHOLLS Ensign 43rd Regt severely
COLLINS Sgt 43rd Regt severely
YOUNG Sgt 43rd Regt severely
CAIN Sgt 43rd Regt Slightly

SOUTHERN CROSS, 28 April 1864


EVERS S Pvte 43rd Regt back, slightly
CHURCHER H Pvte 43rd Regt R arm, severe
SHAW E Pvte 43rd Regt L arm, severe
McINTYRE Sapper RE R arm, slight

SOUTHERN CROSS, 7 April 1864
Kaitake, 11 March 1864


LAZOUR, Chas Lieut Gunshot wound R shoulder, severe, ball extracted
KENNEDY, Michael Pvte Penetrating wound of chest, killed
ADLEY, James Pvte Gunshot wound to L thigh, severe
CHAMBERLAIN, John Pvte G/s wound to L thigh, slight
HENRY, William Pvte G/s wound to eyebrow & forehead, severe
KEANE, Charles Pvte G/s wound to R side of abdomen, slight
STAGPOLE, Martin Pvte G/s wound through L arm, close to elbow point. severe.

NZH Tuesday 10 May 1864
12th Regt

BRISSINGTON Pvte Gunshot wound to chest, killed
MONAGHAN, Patrick Pvte G/s wound, R thigh, severe
MITCHELL, Andrew Pvte G/s wound, R arm, slight

14th Regt

ARMSTRONG, William Sgt G/s round R thigh, very slight

SOUTHERN CROSS, 6 April 1864

LIST OF KILLED AND WOUNDED (from the correspondent)

Pukerimu, Sunday Evening, April 3, 9 o’clock

I posted a letter this morning at Te Awamutu before starting for this place, fearing that
I should not reach in time to send you one from here. I find I shall not have time to give
you full particulars of the affair by this mail. It is impossible to give the complete list of
casualties on our side, owing to the wounded men having been carried to Kihikihi and
Te Awamutu, as they were injured. So far as I have been able to ascertain them, the names
of the killed and wounded are as follows:-


ARMSTRONG, Pvte Militia
CASSIDAY, Pvte 18th Regt Shot through temple
GILLIGAN, Drummer 65th Regt Shot through upper part of chest
LECKIE, Pvte Militia Shot through head
RING, Captain 18th Regt Shot through the groin
TRAYNOR, Pvte 18th Regt Shot through small of back


CALLIGHAN, D Militia In both arms
CARLISLE, Pvte 18th Regt Through R shoulder
CARROLL, Cpl 18th Regt Severe wound in arm
CHATER, Ensign 65th Regt Shot through side
CHEVALIER, Lt (Accidental by falling on a bayonet)
CLOSE, Pvte 18th Regt Arm broken
CODY Defence Force In temple
COGLIN, Pvte Forest Rangers Shot through back
DONNELL, John 18th Regt Wounded in windpipe
FAY, P Pvte 18th Regt Severe wound in face
FISHER, Capt 40th Regt Back, severe
FORD, James, Pvte 65th Regt Through chest
GALLAUGHER 18th Regt In the chest
GILBY 40th Regt Forearm
HANNAN, Thos. 18th Regt
HEREFORD, Capt Militia Shot through L eye, mortal
JENKINS 18th Regt Shot in the mouth
JOHNSON, Samuel 40th Regt In L thigh
KEELER, Cpl Shot in ribs
KENDRICK, Sgt In knee
LYONS, J, Bugler Wound in chest
MALLAY, Pvte 65th Regt Slightly
MEAHAN, Pvte 65th Regt Shot in knee
MOLLOY, Pvte Militia Shot through windpipe
O’FARRELL 40th Regt R shoulder
PALMER, Geo 40th Regt Arm broken
RYAN, Pvte Shot in breast
SEDLEY, Pvte 40th Regt Shot in the head
STENTON 18th Regt In the chest
THOMAS, George Pvte 18th Regt Through cheek, also thigh
VINING Contusion of shoulder
WHITTY, A 40th Regt In L arm
WILSON, Cpl Shot through L thigh, severe
WORBY Militia Both thighs


Excerpt from the newspaper for that date - for full report researcher would need to go
back to the newspaper.

’….Colonel Mould, CB, Royal Engineers, coming up with General Cameron, gave
his able assistance towards the completion of the sap into the enemy’s work.

‘As it was known that women and children were in the pa, the enemy was called upon
to surrender, previous to the concentrated fire of the Armstrong gun and hand grenades
 on their work, they were told that their lives would be spared and if they declined they
were requested at least to have compassion on their women and children and send them
out. They replied that they would not do so but would fight to the last. The pa was then
carried; the enemy effecting his escape from the opposite side of the work, dashed through
 a space from which the troops had been thrown back under cover, to enable the gun to open.
They were, however, speedily followed up and suffered a severe loss during a pursuit of nearly
six miles. Lieutenant Rait, Royal Artillery, with his troopers, and Captain Pye, Colonial
Defence Force, with a small detachment, having headed them and kept them back until
the infantry came up.

I regret to say that in the pa and in the pursuit some three or four women were killed unavoidably,
probably owing to the similarity of dress of both men and women and their hair being cut equally
short, rendering it impossible to distinguish one from the other at any distance.

The troops were recalled about sundown and bivouacked round the enemy’s late position.

At an early hour this morning I caused diligent search to be made for the killed and wounded
of the enemy. Their loss was considerable, amounting to 101 killed, besides 18 to 20 reported
by native prisoners as buried in the pa, 26 wounded and taken prisoners, 7 taken prisoners.

In addition to this number the natives were seen to be engaged carrying off dead and wounded
early in the morning at the most distant point of pursuit and fresh tracks showed that they had
been similarly occupied during the night.

I beg to bring to the special notice of the Lieut-General commanding the forces the gallant
bearing of Captain Baker, 18th Royal Irish, Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General, during the
whole of the operations but more especially on the occasion, already mentioned, of the fall
of that brave and lamented soldier, Captain Ring.

Also the determined bravery of Captain Herford, Waikato Militia, who was very severely
wounded (loss of eye) and the gallantry of Lieutenant Harrison, Waikato Militia, both of
whom remained at the head of the sap nearly the whole time, keeping down the fire of the
enemy, by the well-directed balls of their own rifles. Likewise of Sergeant McKay, Royal
Artillery, who, as before mentioned, under a galling fire threw, with the greatest precision
and coolness, hand grenades from thee sap and from the lodgment made in the outer work
of the enemy into his stronghold.

The wounded received the greatest possible attention on the field from the senior medical
officer Dr White, 65th Regiment;’ ably seconded by Assistant-Surgeons Spenser, 18th Royal
Irish; Inles, 40th Regiment; and Hilston, RN; until the arrival of Dr Mouat, CB, NZ, the PMO
who left nothing undone in providing for their comfort, etc.

I trust the conduct of the officers and men under my command during this long operation
three days and three nights, without cover, and constantly under fire, may meet with the approval
of the Commander of the Forces.

The casualties on our side - 16 killed and 52 wounded - of which I enclose a return, are, I regret
to say, severe.

I beg to recommend to the favour notice of the Lieutenant-General Commanding the Forces, the
able services rendered by the following officers, who so cordially assisted me in carrying out my
operations, viz:

Colonel Leslie, CB, commanding 40th Regiment
Major Blyth, 40th Regiment, commanding detached force on right flank.
Captain Blewitt, 65th Regiment, commanding detached force on left flank.
Captain Vereker, commanding detachment 12th Regt.
Captain Inman, commanding detachment 18th Royal Irish
Captain Cay, commanding detachment 70th Regt
Captain Betty, RA, commanding Royal Artillery
Lieutenant Rait, RA, commanding mounted Royal Artillery troopers
Lieutenant Hurst, 12th Regt, acting as engineer.
Lieutenant-Colonel Haultain, commanding Waikato Militia and
Captains Jackson and von Tempsky of the Forest Rangers.
Dr White, 65th Regt, senior medical officer in charge of Field Force

I have further to claim the kind consideration of the Commander of the Forces,
for the officers of my Staff, viz:-

Captain Baker, 18th Royal Irish, DAA General, and Captain the Hon F Pvte French,
40th Regt all afforded me the greatest help both day and night by their untiring zeal
and energy in carrying out my orders.

I beg to enclose a sketch of the enemy’s work and our approaches to it, made by Lieutenant
Hurst, 12th Regt., also a rough sketch of the country between this and the enemy’s position,
showing the combined movement of the Force on the night of the 30th ultimo.

I have etc
George J CareyBrig-General
The Assistant Military Secretary,
Head Quarters


from March 31st to April 2nd, 1864

BUCKINGHAM, William Driver RA Neck wound, slight
BELLAINE, Michael Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Shot through head, dead
BEVILL, James Pvte 1st Batt, 12th Regt R shoulder, slight
CARLYLE, John Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt L side of chest, severe
CARROLL, George L/Cpl 2nd Batt, 18th Regt R arm, severe
CARROLL, John Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Upper part of chest, dead
CASSIDY, Hugh Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Shot through head, dead
CLARKSON, Joseph Pvte 1st Batt, 12th Regt L elbow, severe
CLOSE, John Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt R arm, slight
FAY, Patrick Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Face, ball lodged, severe
GALLAGHER, George Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt R side of back, ball lodged, dangerous
HANNON, Thomas Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Chest, severe
JENKINS, Thomas Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Through the mouth, very severe
JOHNSON Cpl 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Through arm and chest, very severe
LAWSON, William Sgt 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Shot through liver, dead
LYON, James Drummer 2nd Batt, 18th Regt L side of chest, severe
O’DONNELL, John Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Neck, dangerous
RING, James T Capt 2nd Batt, 18th Reg Penetrating g/s wound of abdomen, mortally, since died
STANTON, James Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt In the back, ball lodged, dangerous
THOMAS, George Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt R thigh and face, severe
TRAYNOR, Thomas Pvte 2nd Batt, 18th Regt Shot through the back, dead
BLAKE, Herbert Pvte 40th Regt R hand, severe
BRENNAN, Thomas Pvte 40th Regt R thigh, severe
CONNELL, Patrick Pvte 40th Regt R hand, severe
COX, James Pvte 40th Regt L shoulder, severe
DUNCAN, Hugh Sgt 40th Regt Through the head, dead
FISHER L W Capt 40th Regt In the back, severe
GIBLEY, Charles Pvte 40th Regt Through L forearm, severe
GOULD, William Sgt 40th Regt R shoulder, slight
GRAHAM, Richard Pvte 40th Regt L thigh fractured, severe
HOARE, George Pvte 40th Regt R shoulder, slight
JOHNSON, Samuel Pvte 40th Regt L thigh, ball lodged, severe
LOVE, William Pvte 40th Regt Through the chest, dead
O’FARRELL, Martin Pvte 40th Regt R shoulder, severe
OLLINGTON, John Pvte 40th Regt R thigh, severe
PALMER, George Pvte 40th Regt L arm fractured, severe
SHATTOCK, James Pvte 40th Regt Lung, severe
SIDLEY, John Pvte 40th Regt Head, slight
STURGEON, James Pvte 40th Regt Through the pariates of chest & abdomen, severe
WHITTY, Alfred Pvte 40th Regt L arm, slight
WILLIAMS, George Pvte 40th Regt R shoulder, severe
WILSON, William Cpl 40th Regt L thigh, severe
BARNETT, John L/Cpl 65th Regt Through the chest, dead
CHAYTER, Alfred Ensign 65th Regt R side, severe
DWYER, William Pvte 65th Regt R arm, slight
FORD, James Pvte 65th Regt Back, ball lodged, dangerous
GILLIGAN, Robert Drummer 65th Regt Through the chest, dead
KENNEDY, Thomas Pvte 65th Regt Forehead, slight
M’GRATH, Denis Pvte 65th Regt L shoulder, slight
MALLY, Edward Pvte 65th Regt Groin, slight
MECHAN, William Pvte 65th Regt Back, severe
WHITFIELD, George Pvte 65th Regt Back, two bullets, severe
COURTNEY, George Pvte 70th Regt L shoulder, slight
MASKELL, Thomas Pvte 70th Regt L side of chest, dead
PETTIT, Peter Pvte 70th Regt L leg, slight
COADY, William Pvte CDF L temple, slight
KENDWICK, Richard Sgt CDF L knee, severe
TULLY, James Pvte CDF R thigh, slight
COGHLAN, Charles Pvte Forest Rangers Penetrating wound of abdomen, mortally, since died
TAYLOR, William Sgt Forest Rangers Upper part of chest, dead
ARMSTRONG Cpl Waikato Militia Chest, dead
LEEKY, John Pvte Waikato Militia Head, dead
MOLLOY, William Pvte Waikato Militia L side of neck, dangerous
WORLEY, Joseph Pvte Waikato Militia Both thighs, severe
HARFORD Capt Militia L side forehead, through L eye, dangerous
CALLAGHAN, Daniel Pvte CTC R arm, severe
LOVETT, John Pvte CTC Through the head, severe
PRESTON Pvte CTC R hand, slight