Tuesday 18th April 1854

       From 'The New Zealander' 8th April 1854]

J McGRATH Bunch of Grapes Chancery-street
William HARKIN Derry Arms Shortland-street
William NICCOL Crown Hotel Princes-street
Daniel MILLS New Ulster Arms Albert-street
Hugh MACKY Swan Inn Wyndham-street
John HOOP Wellington Hotel Queen-street
William McDONALD Wallace Hotel Wakefield-street

The New Zealander 15th April 1858


The following is the List of Applicants for Publican’s Licenses 
to be considered at the Annual Meeting of Magistrates on Tuesday, 
21st April. There are eleven new applicants.



ALLEN, James Albert street Allied Arms Hotel
ANDERSON, David Chancery street Hammer in Hand
BACON, William Chancery street Odd Fellow’s Arms
COLLINS, Samuel Hobson street Prince of Wales
CROSBIE, David Wyndham street Edinburgh Castle
DAVIES, Rose Ann Epsom Prince Albert
DRUNETT, Ann Queen-street Duke of Marlborough
DE ZESTRE, Mary West Queen-street Crown & Anchor
DIGNAN, Patrick Albert street Clanricarde Hotel
FOLEY, Edmund Wyndham street The Shakespeare
GRIMLEY, James West Queen street Gibraltar Rock
HUNT, Robert Epsom Half Way House
JACKSON, Harry Queen street William Denny Hotel
JOHNSTON, Thomas Parnell Windsor Castle
KELLY, Edward Epsom Royal Oak
KING, James Henry High street Osprey
LEECH, George Mechanics’ Bay Victory of Sebastopol
LEVY, Phillip Queen street Union Hotel
LEVY, Solomon H Shortland street Russell Wine Vaults
LONDERGAN, Thomas Fort street Caledonian Hotel
McGARVEY, William Queen street Trafalgar Inn
McGRATH, John Queen street The Thistle Inn
MITCHELL, John Barrack street Wynyard Hotel
NICOL, William Princes street Masonic Hotel
NICHOLOSON, Johyn Albert street Black Bull
PALMER, James Eden crescent Mason’s Home
ROGERS, William L Queen street Greyhound
RULE, John Victoria street Aurora Tavern
RUSSELL, John Wakefield street Harbour View & Family Hotel
SCOTT, Walter Fort street Victoria Hotel
SHEEHAN, David Hobson street Governor Browne Hotel
SIMS, Frederick Queen street Wheat Sheaf
TUTTY, Samuel Queen street White Hart Hotel
TUTTY, William Newmarket Royal George
VERCOE, Bryant Shortland street Exchange Hotel


ADDIS, Daniel Chancery street Lion and Lamb
BARCHARD, Alfred Queen street Wharf Hotel
BOLOUS, John Queen & Victoria streets Court Hotel
HARKIS, William Shortland street Yew Tree Inn
KEESING, Henry Jnr Shortland & High streets Commercial Inn
LEVICK, George Official Bay Pier Hotel
MacCARTHY, John West Queen street Albion Inn
NEWELL, Benjamin High street Auckland Hotel
PILKINGTON, W J Queen street Wharf Labour in Vain Hotel
ROCHE, Thomas Kyber Pass Road Captain Cook Hotel
WOOD, Michael Queen & Durham streets British Hotel

From the New Zealander    17th April 1861
Mr Naughten, the Inspector of Police, presented a report 
upon the condition of some of the Licensed Houses in this 
City, where in one a room is appropriated to ‘boxers’ which
 is much frequented by the youth of this town, and others 
where music and dancing is continually carried on.
The magistrates were unanimous in their request to Mr 
Naughten to report to the Court on the next Licensing 
day all cases of immorality which may be committed in 
Licensed houses, for although they may be considered 
not actually infringements of the law, yet their effects 
are against the spirit of the Act.
The following applications for the renewal of Licenses were granted by the Bench:
BACON, William Odd Fellows Arms Chancery street
BARCHARD, Alfred Wharf Hotel Queen street Wharf
BECK, Peter White Hart Hotel Queen street
BOULTER, Joseph British Hotel Queen street
BRIGG, Henry Fitzroy Hotel Wakefield street
CAVANAGH, John Albion Inn West Queen street
CLARKE, John Lion & Lamb Chancery street
CLARKE, Henry Shakespear Tavern Wyndham Street
CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Junction Hotel Mount St John
DARBY, Patrick Thistle Queen street
DAVIES, John Prince Albert Epsom
DIGNAN, Patrick Clarancade Hotel Albert street
ECLES, Mrs Grace Aurora Tavern Victoria street
EDGECOMBE, William Northern Hotel North road
FAGG, Peter Pope Kentish Yeomanry Hobson street
FLORANCE, Thomas Albion Inn Hobson street
GORDON, Thomas Victoria Fore street
GRIMLEY, Elizabeth Gibralter Rock West Queen street
HANCOCK, Thomas Captain Cook Kyber Pass road
HUNT, Robert Half Way House Epsom road
LEWIS, James Q.C.E Shortland street
JEFFREY, John Fifteen Balls Albert street
JOHNSON, Thomas Windsor Castle Parnell
KEARNS, Ellen Wynyard Hotel Barrack street
KELLY, Ann Royal Oak Hotel East Epsom
KENNEDY, William Union Hotel Queen street
LOCKWOOD, Daniel Prince of Wales Hobson street
MACREADY, Thomas Duke of  Marlborough Queen street
MADDOX, Ellen Yew Tree Inn Shortland street
MARTIN, Mary Ann Great Eastern Hotel Wakefield street
NEWELL, Benjamin Auckland Hotel High street
NICOL, William Masonic Hotel Princes street
NICOLSON, John Black Bull Albert street
PALMER, John Royal Hotel Eden Crescent
PILKINGTON, John William Denny Queen street
RAYNER, George Rifle Volunteers Queen street
ROGERS, William Leicester Greyhound Inn Queen street
SCOTT, Andrew Metropolitan Hotel Queen street
SENIOR, Joseph Swan Mechanics Bay
SHAW, Robert Freeman’s Inn Wellesley street
SHEEHAN, John Governor Browne Hobson street
SHEEHAN, David Trafalgar Inn Queen street
SIMPSON, Ralph Royal George Hotel Newmarket
SIMS, Frederick Commercial Inn Shortland street
VERCOE, Bryant Royal Exchange Shortland street
WAITE, Jerry Wheat Sheaf Queen street
HANCOCK, John Clifton Hotel Queen street
HARRISON, Richard St Paul’s Hotel Princes street
JERRARD, John Charles Waterloo Hotel Pitt street
MALDEN, Henry Cottage of Content Newton
McGAURAN, Thomas F. Imperial Hotel Hobson street