NZ HERALD newspaper, Wednesday 17 February 1864

Under the “Pensioners Claims Act, 1861” for issue Crown Lands Office
                                Auckland, 28th January, 1864

Land Orders under the “Pensioners’ Claims Act, 1861”, in favour of the Claimants 
under-mentioned, are ready for issue, and will be delivered to the parties entitled on 
personal application, or to the bearer of a special authority in writing, at the office 
of Laughlin O’Brien, Esq., the Commissioner appointed under the abovenamed Act.
Alfred Domett


Continued from General Government Gazette, p.527

No. Claimant Residence

70 SCHOOLAN, Cornelius Otahuhu

71 BUTLER, William Onehunga

72 NIXON, Adam Onehunga

73 RAFFERTY, Michael Onehunga

74 HARTNETT, Timothy Howick

75 ARMSTRONG, William Howick

76 TIMMONS, Susan Howick

77 BARRY, Richard Howick

78 DWIRE, Thomas Howick

79 NIXON, James Howick

80 WOOD, William Otahuhu

81 MURPHY, Matthew Onehunga

82 COLEMAN, William Howick

83 LYNCH, James Howick

84 O’DONNELL, Patrick Howick

85 GUNNING, Edward Onehunga

86 GLYNN, Thomas Howick

87 ANDERSON, John Howick

88 FINLAY, John Howick

89 MEAHAN, William Otahuhu

90 ROBINSON, Joseph Howick

91 WINDSOR, Joseph Onehunga

92 MOORE, Barbara Onehunga

93 COGAN, Philip Otahuhu

94 ADDISON, George Onehunga

95 KERR, John Onehunga

96 PALMER, Edward Onehunga

97 LITTLE, Cornelius Otahuhu

98 BOYT, William Onehunga

99 REECE, John, Eliza PEARSE, and

Selina HARRIS Howick

100 O’ BRIEN, Thomas and Michael


101 DOYNE, John Howick

102 MARSHALL, Jane Onehunga

103 McDOWELL, Margaret

McDOWELL, William

McDOWELL, Robert

McDOWELL, Mary Jane Onehunga

104 BRADY, Peter Howick

105 HYDE, Timothy Onehunga

106 TURNER, William Onehunga

107 JOYCE, Patrick Onehunga

108 SINFIELD, Ann Onehunga

109 DORAN, William Onehunga

110 McREYNOLDS, William Onehunga

111 THOMPSON, Margaret Howick

112 BAKER, Bridget,

THOMPSON, Mary, James, Ellen &

Catherine Howick

113 RICE, Agnes Howick

114 TYMOND, Bernard Onehunga

115 KEATING, James, Hannah KEATING

Elizabeth KEATING, Catherine KEATING

& Jane KEATING Howick

116 SWINBOURNE, John Onehunga

117 DOUGLAS, John Onehunga

118 SCOTT, Catherine Howick

119 DIXON, William Otahuhu

120 CHERRY, William Howick

121 KERR, John Onehunga

122 PARKER, Peter Howick

123 BARRETT, Peter Howick

124 COSSEY, William Onehunga

125 RALPH, Anthony Onehunga

126 MURPHY, Michael Howick

127 BATES, William Onehunga

128 GOLDSMITH, William Onehunga

129 CARTER, Mary Howick

130 CARTER, John, Robert CARTER, Jane

BRETT and Susannah CARTER Howick

131 PARKER, Robert Howick

132 HUNTLEY, Elizabeth, BARRON, William,

BARRON, Thomas, BARRON, John,

BARRON, Alexander, BARRON, James

BARRON, Mary Howick

133 [This number not entered]

134 TURNER, William

135 McKENNA, Margaret Howick

136 CASEY, John, James CASEY, Maria


137 SHEA, Mary Howick

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