Delwyn Lone
has Photographs and Lists from North Auckland
Districts, taken from School-Reunion books, Weekly News' etc. 
and is happy to look up names and copy photographs from the 
following Areas........ 

Ahipara School Roll (early 1800s)
Ahipara School Building (early)
Mangonui School Roll                              1880 to 1960
Mangonui School Photos (many names and years
Mangonui Wharf Store
Port Mangonui, early Vessels and Masters List     1852

William Pane Brown, (family) Te Wahapu
150th Anniversary (lists of names)                1969
Kerikeri Business Premises
Mr and Mrs T.L.Gorrie
County Council (names)                            1897/1938
Mr J. W. Jones                                    1920s
Ohaeawai Dairy Factory                            1902
Otehei Bay Camp                                   1920S
Moerewa Freezing works (early)
Local Whalers, Whangamumu (names) early
Kawakawa Flax Mill                                1902
Mr Horace White (sawmill Dr)
Old Hotels, some areas
Maromaku Jubilee (names)                          1891 to 1921
Northland WW2 Soldiers wounded and killed (names)
Brock Brothers Butchery (early)
Piaka School Pupils (names)                       1905
Maromaku School House
Pattersons Butchery and Gum Store (early)
Miss C,J Dorothea Weale
Old Churchs
A.McCready Bakery (Kawakawa
Mrs Mary Byers (Taumarere)
Mrs Clara Cains (early)                       

Te Kopuru Hospital Building
Northern Wairoa Hotel                             1958
River Steamers at Dargaville Wharf
Hokianga Road Dargaville                          1898
Mangawhare Wharf
Mitchelsons Store (early photo)
National Bank                                     1894
List of Postmasters                               1857 to 1950
Aratapu Township (early photo)
Mr D Balderston
Mr F A Jones
Miss L Watson
Mr V J Lambert
Mr F F Day
Dargaville School Staff (names)                   1928
Aratapu School (no names, early photo)
Aoroa School (no names)                           1900 & 1932
Grahams Fern School, Hoanga (names)               1924
Hore Hore School (names)                          1932
Turiwhiri School (names, early photo)
Parore School (names)                             1932
Rehutai School (names)                            1946
Dargaville High School (names)                    1924
Dargaville HighTeachers (names)                   1927

Roll of Honour WW2
Hikurangi Township (early photos)
Hikurangi School (no names)                       1914
Wilsonville Township (early photo)
Waro township (early photo)
Letter from Dan Cotterill to grandmother          1904
Early Miners (no names)
Jessie Christie Certificates (passed Exams)       1890s
Hikurangi School Roll                             1883
Mr Bob Roach

Some names (Rawene)
Business Premises

Business Premises
Kaitaia Town and Around (names)                   1940s

Hakaru School (no names)                          1916
Pukekaroro School (names, early photo)
Mr John Smith Colhoun (early photo)
Mr F Jaques Store                                 1924
Kaiwaka Township                                  1900 & 1918 & 1959
Randles Store                                     1915
Kaiwaka School pupils Reunion (names)             1920
Kaiwaka Settlers (names)                          1900
Mr F E Ford (house)                               1863
List of Crown Grants (Kaiwaka)                    1864

Mangawhai School Committee Members                1940s
Mangawhai School and Dental Clinic                1938
Mangawhai Beach School (no names)                 1922
Mangawhai Basketball Team (names)                 1940
Mr and Mrs Maingay                                1948
Seven Aside Rugby Team (names)                    1930
Tara Road School (no names, early photo)
Te Arai Point School Building                     1932
Molesworth School 1st Pupils (no names )

Mr Bill Perry                                     1920
Mr George Green                                   1920
Shark Factory                                     1900
Eyton Family (names)                              1898
Mr Cruickshank                                    1872
Mr Came & sons (names)
Morrison Family and Spouses (names)
Barker Family (names) Mahurangi
Mrs Sullivan
Mathesons (names)
Greenwood Brothers (names)
Omaha settlers (names)
Omaha Cricketers (names)
Dunning Family (names)
Yates Family (names)

The Foresters Hall
William Mousley Flower                            1873/85
Original School House
Maungaturoto Township                             1902
Mr Guy Cullen
Whakapirau School photo (names)
Marohemo School photo (names)                     1931
Batley School Building
Tanoa Maori School Building
Huarau School Building
Mrs Ruhi Duncan (nee Smith)

W. H. Jackmans Wine Cellar
Rugby Team (names)                                1914
Batley Rugby Team (names)                         1920s
Bowling Club (names)                              1923
Maungaturoto Sports Day (names)                   1897
Building the Hotel (names)                        1902
Stores and Boarding Houses (early)
Old Street Views                                  1920s
Maungaturoto School Pupils (names)                1897
Jubilee Celebrations (names)                      1913
Dairy Companys                                    1903

NORTHLAND.                            15

Okaihau School (names)                            1908
Old Okaihau School Building                       1890
Upper Waihou School Building
Rahiri School (names)                             1959 & 1963
Mrs Flood                                         1943

H.Denton & Co                                     1928
Council Buildings, (men standing in front, names)
Te Hana, home of Edward Browne
Mr Joseph Buckton (Tauhoa)
Mr George Wyatt Thomson
Mr William Pollock Moat
Mr and Mrs Hefford
Woodcocks Boarding House (wayby)
Mr Ted Leach
Mr Nathaniel and Florence Wilson Family, (names)
Nathaniel Wilsons Home                            1861
Bowens Store (early)
Captain William Sullivan
Copper Mining. (2 names) Holgate & Young
Smith & Browne,s Steam Traction at work
William Dennis (Pukapuka)
Fred Anderson (Pukapuka)
Mr H.A.Hooper
The Old Gardner Homestead
The Joyce Family (Waiwhui, names)
Boat Builders (names)

THE NORTHLANDER MAGAZINES                        1960s
People and Places
Business Premises
Covering most areas

Mrs Douglas (age 94)
Mr Dan McLean (age 91)
Waipu Church                                      1864
Kaurihohore Church
Mrs Gill                                          1903
Mrs Ewen McInnes                                  1903
The Ferry Homestead (early photo)
Ship Survivers (names) ships list below           1903
                Highland Lass
                Ellen Lewis
Mr W M Fraser
Mr Donald M McKay
Mr Angus Campbell
Mrs McRae                                         1953
Mrs McKenzie                                      1953

Business Premises                                 1968
Mr Joseph Treadwells House
Wellsford Township                                1907/1914
Wellsford Butchery (early)
Boags Store (early)
Port Albert Scout Group (names)                   1930
WW2 Wellsford Boys (names)
Tennis Club (names)
Wellsford Rugby Club (names)                      1920s
R.B.Swann & Co                                    1940s
The Ship "Hanover"
Map (showing original settlers names)
Pioneers of Wellsford (very early)
Levet Family home  & Business (early)
Old Wellsford School pupils (names)               1897
Mr Walter Ramsbottom                              1928
Miss Olive Brunton                                1922
Roll Of Honour

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