The New Zealander Wednesday 24th February 1858


Name Date of Date of Cause

Admission Death

LELEAN, William 26 Feb 1857 7 Apr 1857 Dysentry
KELLY, Mary 16 Mar 1957 1 May 1857 Cancer of stomach
GRIFFITHS, William 15 Apr 1857 2 May 1857 Phthisis
WILSON, William 8 Apr 1857 12 May 1857 Disease of brain
BOWERS, John 11 May 1857 17 May 1857 Disease of kidneys
HARRIS, George 10 Nov 1856 3 June 1857 Chronic dysentery
GOODALL, James 18 June 1857 28 June 1857 Disease of kidneys
RYAN, Cornelius 24 June 1857 12 July 1857 Aneurism of Aorta
PILKINGTON, Wm John 3 Aug 1857 20 Aug 1857 Extravasation of U……..
KELLY, Thomas 7 Apr 1857 21 Aug 1857 Disease of heart, kidneys.
SMITH, Margaret 21 Feb 1857 23 Aug 1857 Disease of brain
McDONALD, Samuel 22 Sept 1857 26 Sept 1857 Phthisis
LEMAN, Clement 16 Nov 1857 1 Dec 1857 Aneurism of Aorta
ARMSTRONG, William 12 Feb 1852 9 Dec 1857 Disease of kidneys
RUSSELL, Henry 17 July 1852 10 Dec 1857 Disease of spine
GRANT, Ann 1 Sept 1857 10 Dec 1857 Cancer of Uterus
SIMPSON, Ann 29 Dec 1854 22 Dec 1857 General debility, amaurosis

The New Zealander Wednesday 16th June 1858


A new lighthouse has been erected on the inner South Head at the entrance
 of Port Jackson. It is described as a bright fixed caloptric light and was to
be exhibited from and after 1st June. The sailing duirection and all other
necessary particulars with reference to this light will be found in the Gazette
published in our Supplement of this day.


The New Zealander 14th April 1858

THE undersigned Citizens and Electors of Auckland, who constitute
MR T S FORSAITH’S COMMITTEE, respectfully invite the co-operation
of their fvellow Townsmen and Electors, in securing the return of that
Gentleman as their Representative in the General Assembly.

[Two further paragraphs which are not critical to the following list]

ADAMS, Henry
BRUCE, Charles
DINGWALL, jJAlexander
DORAN, William
ELLIS, Henry
FLEMING, Alexander
FLEMING, Matthew
GITTOS, Benjamin
GORMAN, Patrick
GRAHAM, George
GRIFFIN, William
GRIGG, Richard
HAIR, George B
HOOP, John
KING, Belgrave T
LINCOLN, Robert Samuel
MACKY, Thomas
MacULSKY, Daniel
MADDEN, Charles
MARTIN, Joseph
MATHEWS, Richard
McCAUL, Walter
McCORMICK, Patrick
McDONALD, Bernard
McKAY, Donald
McMILLAN, Thomas
MILLS, Ephraim
MORRIN, Wm (Chairman)
NEALE, Henry
O’BERNE, Patrick
PARKER, Edmund R
ROGERS, Thomas
McPHERSON, Archibald
ROGERS, William L
ROWE, Matthew H
SCOTT, Joseph
SIMS, Frederick
SYMS, Joseph
SYMS, Thomas
TAYLOR, Richard
WALTERS, Vincent
WALTERS, William
WHITE, Henry

Committee Room,
April 12, 1858


Residents at Raglan, 26th June 1858

BOVEY, John, Jnr
DAVY, Edwin
DICKEN, Thomas
DOUGALL, Johnstone
GRAHAM, Joseph
HUME, Robert
KESCEL, Abraham
KESCEL, Pascoe
McARTHUR, Duncan
SAVAGE, Charles Edwin
WILSON, Thomas


The New Zealander 16th June 1858

Names from the Electoral Roll for the Province of Auckland
for the Electoral District of the Southern Division.

BARR, John Waiheki Mason Householder
BRAINSWORTH, Samuel Waiheki Settler Householder
BRICE, John Waiheki Carpenter Householder
BROUGHTON, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
BROWN, Alexander Waiheki Farmer Householder
BROWN, Henry Waiheki Master Mariner Householder
BROWN, Joseph Waiheki Settler Householder
BURN, John Waiheki Sawyer Householder
BUSBY, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
BUXTON, Matthew Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
CASTLE, William Wingate Waiheki Farmer Householder
CLARK, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
CLARK, Adam Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
CROWTHER, Thomas Waiheki Sawyer Householder
DENNETT, George Waiheki Carpenter Householder
DOWNING, John Waiheki Settler Householder
FARMER, Manuel Waiheki Labourer Householder
GRANT, Samuel Waiheki Sawyer Householder
GREY, George Waiheki Frmer Freeholder
GUISE, William Waiheki Frmer Freeholder
HALLS, John Waiheki Settler Householder
HALLS, Henry Waiheki Settler Householder
HAMLIN, Felix Waiheki Farmer Householder
HARRIS, William Waiheki Settler Freeholder
HEASLIP, William Waiheki Settler Freeholder
HENRY, William Waiheki Settler Freeholder
HODSON, Joseph Waiheki Butcher Leaseholder
HUNT, John Waiheki Carpenter Householder
JACOBS, John Waiheki Settler Freeholder
KING, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
KING, George Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
KING, Abraham Waiheki Settler Freeholder
LARKINS, George Waiheki Settler Householder
LORD, William Waiheki Farmer Householder
McLACHLAN, Alexander Waiheki Sawyer Householder
McLEOD,Thomas Waiheki Settler Householder
McLEOD, Rory Waiheki Farmer Householder
McLEOD, George Waiheki Settler Householder
McLEOD, Robert Waiheki Farmer Leaseholder
McRAE,Matthew Waiheki Ship Carpenter Freeholder
MACDONALD, Donald Waiheki Carpenter Householder
MACKAY, George Waiheki Labourer Householder
MOORE, John Waiheki Sawyer Householder
MOORE, Isaac Waiheki Settler Householder
MUNRO, Duncan Waiheki Settler Freeholder
MGATAE Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
NICHOLLS, William Waiheki Labourer Householder
NOBLE, William Waiheki Settler Household
O’BRIEN, John Waiheki Sawyer Freeholder
OSBORN, David Waiheki Farmer Householder
PUORA Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
PARKER, William Waiheki Master Seaman Householder
PATARA Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
PAUL Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
ROGERS, John Waiheki Labourer Householder
ROSS, Roderick Waiheki Labourer Freeholder
SALMON, Benjamin Waiheki Settler Householder
SHARK, John Waiheki Settler Householder
STOVER, John Waiheki Labourer Householder
STURGESS, John William Waiheki Sawyer Householder
THOMPSON, Alexander Waiheki Carpenter Freeholder
TOTEREROA Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
WATTS, William Waiheki Sawyer Householder
WEBB, James Waiheki Sawyer Householder
WEEKES, Jessie Waiheki Farmer Householder
WHITE, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
WILLIAMS, Joseph Waiheki Sawyer Householder
WILSON, B Waiheki Carpenter Householder
WRITE, Richard Waiheki Sawyer Householder


The New Zealander 15th April 1858
Names of Voters


BRIDGFORD, John Waiheki Labourer
BIXON, Matthew Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
COLLINS, Francis Wangaroa Sawyer Householder
COOMBES, Robert Waiheki Carpenter
CHAMBERLIN, Charles Ponui Farmer Freeholder
CHAMBERLIN, Frederick Ponui Farmer Freeholder
DAVIDSON, James Waiheki Clerk Householder
FOSTER, Joseph Wangarei Master Mariner Freeholder
GRANGE, John Mahurangi Settler Freeholder
GASGONG, Newel Waiheki Sawyer
GIRVAN, James Kikowakarere Master Mariner Householder
JOHNSON, George Manukau Sawyer Householder
JOHNSON, George Titirangi Sawyer Leaseholder
LUCAS, William Big Muddy Ck Sawyer Householder
McLAVIN, Patrick North Shore Farmer
MUNRO, John Wangarie Farmer Householder
McLEOD, John Waipa Master Mariner
MEEKES, Jessie Waiheki Farmer Householder
McLEOD, Roderick Waipu Farmer
McLEOD, Rory Waiheki Farmer Householder
McGRILEY, Patrick Wade Sawyer Householder
NICHOLLS, James Albert Matamata Settler Householder
OWEN, Leven Waitemata Hewer of timber Householder
PAYNE, John Coromandel Carpenter Householder
PALMER, William Coromandel Farmer Freeholder
PAORA Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
PICKEDRING, John Coromandel Currier Freeholder
RIDDLE, James Epsom Labourer Freeholder
ROLTON, George Henry Albert-street Boatman Householder
ROBINSON, William Howick Labourer Householder
STONER, John Waiheki Labourer Householder
SPORK, John Waiheki Householder
STATUM, George Panmure Labourer
TOTAREWA Waiheki Householder
THOMPSON, Alexander Waiheki Carpenter Freeholder
WARD, James Waingaroa Settler Freeholder
WATTS, William Waiheki Sawyer Householder
WILSON Waiheki Carpenter Freeholder
WILCOX, William Ohewa Carpenter Freeholder
WHITE, Alexander Coromandel Currier
WHITE, William Waiheki Farmer Freeholder
YEAMAN, Charles Lucas Creek Farmer Freeholder


DAVIE, John Durham-street Baker
GREGORY, John Mahurangi Farmer
HAWKE, Samuel Eden Hill Settler
HARPER, John Kawau Miner
KEMP, Richard Auckland Merchant
O’KEEFE, John High-street Boarding house keeper householder
WILLIAMS, James Aucland Master Mariner


BROWN, John Manukau Sawyer Householder
CAMPBELL, William Durham street Auckland Householder
CAMPBELL, John Onehunga Settler Freeholder
COUTTS, Robert Wairoa Settler Freeholder
CAMPBELL, James Onehunga Labourer qHouseholder
HAMLIN, Job Panmure Freeholder
HUDSON, Richard Papakura Farmer Freeholder
HOYL, George Strathbogie Farmer Freeholder


HAY, William Parnell Builder
HILL, John Onehunga Labourer Freeholder
JACKSON, William John Remuera Settler Leaseholder
KEEN, James Wade Boatman Householder
LOGAN, William Reallie Farmer Freeholder
MEURANT, Albert Parnell Labourer Freeholder
McNICOL, Duncan Glenalssip Farmer Freeholder
MIDDLETON, Richard Papakura Settler Freeholder
PELL, John Epsom Milkman Leaseholder
POLLOCK, Thomas Papakura Settler Freeholder
RUNCIMAN, James Papakura Freeholder
SOMERVILLE, Andrew Auckland Householder
SIMPSON, Daniel Auckland Civil Engineer Freeholder
WALKER, James Wairoa Farmer Freeholder
WARNER, James Onehunga Shoemaker Householder
WALLIS, Thomas Leddra Wairoa Farmer Householder
YOUNG, William John Papakura Farmer Freeholder
WATERS, Frederick Joseph Durham street Tinsmith Householder


CAMPBELL, Alexander Waipu Carpenter Householder
CAMPBELL, Donald Waipu Tailor Householder
DE LAVILLE, Leon Elliott street Clerk
FINLAYSON, John Waipu Farmer Freeholder
FRAZER, Donald Waipu Farmer Householder
GEORGE, James Shortland street Baker Freeholder
JACOBS, John Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McINNES, Ewen Waipu Farmer Freeholder
MATHESON, Donald Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKENZIE, Murdoch Waipu Farmer Householder
McKAY, John Jnr Waipu Farmer Leaseholder
MATHESON, Duncan Waipu Farmer
McLEOD, Donald Waipu Farmer Householder
McKAY, Roderick Jnr Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKAY, Angus Waipu Labourer Freeholder
McLEAN, Donald Snr Waipu Farmer Gfreeholder
McKAY, Phillip Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McINNES, Hugh Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McLEAN, Murdock Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKENZIE, William Waipu Farmer Freeholder
MATHIESON, Roderick Waipu Farmer Householder
McDONALD, Murdock Waipu Farmer Householder
McDONALD, John Wangari Farmer
McGREGOR, Neil Waipu Farmer
McLEOD, Thomas Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McGREGOR, Roderick Waipu Farmer
McLENNAN, John Albert street Farmer
McKAY, Duncan Snr West Queen st Farmer
McKENZIE, Hector Waipu Farmer Freeholder
MATHESON, Duncan Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKAY, John Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKAY, Roderick Waipu Farmer Feeholder
McGREGOR, Murdock Waipu Farmer
McKAY, Duncan Waipu Farmer Freeholder
McKAY, Alexander Waipu Farmer Householder
McGREGOR, John Waipu Farmer
McKAY, Roderick Auckland Farmer Freeholder
SUTHERLAND, John Waipu Farmer
SUTHERLAND, Hector Waipu Farmer householder


AINSWORTH, James A Auckland Settler Freeholder
BONIFACE, James Epsom Labourer Householder
BROWN, Thomas Waiuku Settler Householder
BONIFACE, George Henry Epsom Labourer Householder
CHADWICK Fort street Storekeeper Householder
CULBERT, Alexander Rangiawha Millwright Householder
CLARK, Richard Hobson’s Bridge Brewer Householder
CLARK, Henry Hobson’s Bridge Brewer Householder
CULBERT, William Waikato Millwright Householder
GRACIE, Ralph Otawhao Carpenter HouseholderWaikato
HILL, David Victoria street Clerk
HOLAND, Thomas Waiuku Carter Householder
HAWKE, Thomas Pukekohe Farmer Leaseholder
ISAACS, E. Waiuku Stockman Householder
JENKINS, George Auckland Merchant Leaseholder
LYNCHAN, John Coromandel Sawyer Householder
McGREGOR, Donald Jnr Auckland Labourer Householder
McLEAN, Donald Jnr Queen street Farmer Leasholder
MAY, John Pah Farmer
MASON, William Watlen Waiuku Storekeeper Householder
MARKS, Hannibal Waiuku Mariner Householder
PARSONS, George Epsom Road Labourer Householder
STUART, Duncan Auckland Farmer Freeholder
STEWART, Donald Epsom Settler Householder
SHAW, John Titirangi Sawyer Householder
SKIDMORE, George Taupiri Trader Householder


TURNER, William Onehunga Carpenter Householder


CHARLSON, George Paireire Farmer Householder
DAVIS, Lonis Auckland Merchant Leaseholder
DIXON, William W Kawhia Carpenter Householder
KENDATH, Charles Rangiawhia Squatter Householder

Southern Division

SMALE, James Kawhia Settler, shoemaker householder
VICKERS, Clarence Edward Waipu Trader Householder
VANSE, George Kawhia Settler Householder
WALDRON, John Kawhia Carpenter Householder


ALLEN, John Waipa Farmer Hiouseholder
BEASLEY, William Rangiawhia Shoemaker Householder
BAYNES, Robert Rangiawhia Squatter Householder
BRADSHAW, James Rangiawhia Sawyer
BROSNAN, Patrick Rangiawhia Miller Householder
CHITHAM, William Otawhao Carpenter householder


DICKSON, Robt Willoughby Rangiawhia Farmer Householder
EDWARDS, John Otawhao Carpenter Householder
FERGUSON, Samuel Waipa Farmer Householder
HARSANT, Walter Otawhao Resident Magistrate Householder
HEATHER, Dennett Hearse Waipa Farmer Householder
HOOPER, Robert R Prakau Grazier Householder
IRELAND, Henry Waikato Teacher Freeholder
LAWTON, Thomas Waikato Labourer Householder
MORGAN, John Otawhao Minister Househilder
MASTERS, William Orakau Sawyer Householder
MASTERS, William Orakau Sawyer Householder
MANUKAU Rangiawhia Farmer Householder
OLDFIELD, Absalom Sam’l Waiuku Storekeeper Householder
POWERS, Thomas Rangiawhia Settler Householder
RAGAN, Patrick Rangiawhia Trader Householder
SMITH, Charles Maungapakuka Farmer Householder Waipa
SNEE, Leonard Edward Rangiawhia Squatter Householder
STEVENS, Joseph Waiuku Labourer Householder
SIMPSON, George Lister Wakapuku Trader HouseholderWaipa
WALKER, George Rangiawhia Millwright Householder

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From the ‘New Zealander’, Dec 1858
Auckland, December 1858

Fire Relief Fund in account with JOHN J MONTEFIORE, Treasurer

To the following sums paid by order of the Fire Relief Committee
to the undermentioned individuals, sufferers by the Fire of the 4th July, 1858

1 Auckland Dispensary (through Dr Shiell) £60 0 0
2 BULLARD, Edward £5 10 0
3 BYRNES, Henry £5 0 0
4 BRADY, John £5 10 0
5 BOULT, Miss £10 0 0
6 BRIGHTON, William £25 0 0
7 BETTRIDGE, John £1 10 0
8 CRUMWELL, Alexander £4 10 0
9 CAMPBELL, Samuel £10 0 0
10 COLLINS & RIPLEY £50 0 0
11 DUNNING, James £150 0 0
12 DARLEY, William £2 0 0
13 FERRIS, Stephen £60 18 3
14 FOSTER, James £8 0 0
15 FINLAY, A £1 4 3
16 GOURLAY, Thomas £53 8 0
17 GEAR, Samuel £34 10 0
19 GOMES, John £.50 0 0
20 HARDING, Elias £15 0 0
21 HUGHES, Mrs 1 4 0
22 HANLEN, M P 93 10 0
23 HART, Thomas 1 0 0
24 HARKIN, Patrick 10 0 0
25 HARKIN, Mrs 75 0 0
26 HOBSON, Mrs 25 0 0
27 HODGE, Andrew 21 0 0
28 KUMPF, Margaret ?2 0 0
29 LEECH, John ?2 0 0
30 LORRIGAN, Daniel 50 0 0
31 LEATHAM, Stephen 20 0 0
32 McGUIRE, Thomas 32 18 0
33 MOORE, Charles 80 0 0
34 McLEOD, John 60 0 0
35 McKENZIE, Murdock 11 4 0
36 MONAHAN, Jane 3 0 0
37 McDERMOT, Mrs 44 10 0
38 McLENNAN, Murdock 1 10 0
39 MACKIE, A J 40 0 0
40 MAACS, Ann M 1 10 0
41 McDONALD, Peter 20 0 0
42 McFLYNN, Mrs 28 0 0
43 MOORE, James 50 0 0
44 McCAUL, Walter 50 0 0
45 NEWELL, J B 5 0 0
46 OGILVIE, John 78 0 0
47 OLIVER, Aitcheson 40 0 0
48 PEACHEY, James 14 10 0
49 POLLARD, George 35 0 0
50 POWELL, Thomas 15 0 0
51 QUIGLEY, Patrick 2 0 0
52 QUIGLEY, Mary Ann 6 0 0
53 RAWSON, John 125 0 0
54 ROBINSON, Caleb 50 0 0
55 ROBINSON, M M 2 0 0
56 ROBERTSON, John 53 0 0
57 SIMMONDS, Joseph 2 0 0
58 STACKPOOL, Robert 5 0 0
59 STANLEY, Frank 2 10 0
60 SCOTT, Matthew 4 6 0
61 Surgical Instruments (per Dr Shiell) 20 0 0
62 SCOTT, Thomas 20 0 0
63 SAKEY, John 2 0 0
64 SOUTH, Bridget 2 0 0
65 THOMPSON, Robert 20 0 0
66 TRAYNER, Mrs 15 0 0
67 VANDAUXEZ, Francis 10 0
68 VINCENT, Robert 20 0 0
69 WILCOX, Henry 10 0
0 WHELCH, Henry 10 0 0
71 WARD, Bryant 37 18 0
72 WILLIAMS 3 0 0
73 WARD, Peter 10 0 0
74 WESTON, Charles 5 0 0

By the following sums received through the undermentioned
individuals, collected by them from Public subscriptions.

[The monetary amounts are very hard to read so have omitted them -
if the amount is important, refer to The New Zealander newspaper,
December 1858]

Union Bank of Australia per A Kennedy
Messrs Clarke, Stichbury, Kevan Lynch
Messrs King, Harris, & Graham
Oriental & Bank Corporation per J Oliver
His Honour the Superintendent
Messrs Griffin, Coolahan & Cadman
Charles Heaphy Esq
Hugh Carleton Esq from Bay of Islands
W Butler Esq from Monganui
Auckland Amateur Theatricals
Eugene Cafer/Cafier Esq from Wangarie
John Webster Esq, from Hokianga
Samuel Stephenson Esq, from Russell
T C Law Esq, from Parnell
Messrs Greenwood & Munro from Matakana
Messrs Gilfillan & co
John Macfarlane, Esq
John Hall Esq, from Otahuhu
Charles Walton Esq, from KaiparaMajor Nixon from Waiuku
Mr & Mrs Fleetwood
Rev T Maunsell from Waikato
Rev G A Purchas from Onehunga
Professor Risley
Mr Styak from East Tamaki
Mr H Vercoe from Mangarie
Rev H Heywood from North Shore
H Aubrey Esq from Wangarie
Rev G H T Kingdon
Rev J Preece from the Thames
R Willis
J Middlemas
George Smallfield Esq
Rev John Morgan

Interest from Oriental Bank Corporation on monthly balances of fund