Saturday, 12th January 1856


Superintendent’s Office, Auckland
5th January 1856
The following licenses for keeping a slaughter house
have been granted.

Onehunga William PILCHER Sec.47, Lot 7
Onehunga John McGHEE Queen-street
Onehunga James DICKIE Queen-street
Onehunga Patrick DONOVAN Green Meadows
Onehunga James NINNIS the Beach
Panmure James NINNIS

J Logan Campbell, Superintendent.


Wednesday 5th March 1856

List of License Holders for the year 1856
*I think these would be depasturising Licenses


ARCHIBALD, David 60                 AUSTIN, Robert 6
BARR, Jane 5                                   BARRIBALL, Charles 21
BELL, John 5                                   BENT, Robert 25
BERRY, Edward 5                          BURN, David 11
BYCROFT, John 6                          CALDICUTT, John 11
CALDICUTT, William 11             CHRISTMAS, William 5
CLARKE, Joseph 11                      CRISPE, Joseph 22
DAVIS, J A 5                                    DEMPSY, William 5
DILWORTH, James 45                  EADE, Richard 9
EASTON, George 10                      EDGERLY, Sarah 6
FARMER, James 80                      FIELD, M 5
FINLAY, Thomas 7                        FLANAGAN, John 5
GAMBLE, William 5                    GEORGE, Edmon 9
GILLINGHAM, Richard 5           GORDON, Thomas 5
GREEN, James 5                           GRIBBLE, James 22
GRIBBLE, Samuel 6                    HARPER, John 5
HORN, Thomas 6                          JOHNSTON, Robert 17
JUSTEN, Henry 5                          KELLY, Robert 6
KEMP, Thomas 19                       KEMPTHORNE, S 7
LOW & MOTION 21                    MACKAY, Peter 6
MATSON, Henry 48                     MAXWELL, John 11
MAY, Joseph 48                            McNAUGHTON, Donald 19
McQUIDE 10                                MEARS, A 19
NAIRE, George 7                         NISBETT, John 7
OSBORNE, Joseph 6                  OSBORNE, Thomas 5
PAICE, James 16                        PARSONS, George 5
PATTERSON, Joseph 5             ROACH, Thomas 6
ROONEY, Andrew 53                 RUSSELL, David 10
RUSSELL, John 10                    RUTHERFORD, Joseph 13
SADGROVE, William 12          SHAW, Elisha 6
SMITH, S J 5                               STOKES, John 5
TAYLOR, Joseph 11                   TURNER, Benjamin 5
TURNER, William 7                  TURTLEY, Josiah 5
TUTTY, William 5                      WALTERS, John 50
WALTERS, Thomas 5               WALTERS, William 5
WELLS, W P 23                         WHISKER, Alexander 7

Sgd: James Gribble ) Wardens of the
C Barriball )               Auckland Hundred


Saturday 22nd March 1856
Waste Lands Board Office, Auckland

14th March 1856

In accordance with the 30th Clause of the Crown Lands Ordnance,
I publish the following apportionments made by the Wardens for the
Hundred of Onehunga.
Charles J Taylor
Examiner of Crown Lands


ALEXANDER, John 4               BATES, William 3
BLACKBURN, William 3         BYCROFT, J 7
CLARK, Andrew 2                      COLLEDGE, John 2
CREW, Peter 5                            DAIS, Joseph 3
DALY, Robert 2                           DAVISON, J 2
DILWORTH, James 24             DUGGAN, John 3
FARMER, James 28                  FARRELL, George 10
GALLAGHER, James 7            GEORGE, Edward 5
GRANT, Robert 3                       HIGGINS, William 2
KELLY, Patrick 3                       KERR, John 3
KERR, John 3                             KEW, William 3
LAVERY, Henry 6                      MAY, Joseph 20
MAY, Martin 5                            McGEE, J 20
MEEHAN, Patrick 3                 MOONEY, James 5
MOORE, Charles 7                    MURDOCH, John 3
O’BRIEN, Thomas 9                 O’NEIL, John 10
ORMSBY, G O                            PILCHER, William 4
PRIST, John 3                            ROONEY, Andrew 18
ROUT, James 10                        STATTARD, Edward 3
STEWART, James 2                 THOMSON, Henry 6
TWAMLY, Richard 2                TWEDDLER, Samuel 3
WILLIAMS, J J 2                    

 Martin MAY )          Wardens
George FARRELL) Onehunga Hundred


From: The NEW ZEALANDER, Wednesday 18th January 1854

Commissioner of Crown Lands Office
Auckland, 7th January 1854

In conformity with the provisions of the 23 Clause of the Crown Lands Ordinance
(No.1, Sess.10) I hereby notify that the following persons have duly taken out for
the present year Depasturing Licenses for the under-mentioned Hundreds respectively, viz:

Hundred of Auckland

ADDIS, Daniel                       AUSTIN, Robert
BARR, Jane                           BARRIBALL, Charles
BARRY, Edward                   BRAY, Thomas
BURN, Peter                          CLARK, Joseph
COCHRANE, Archibald    CODLIN, George
CALDICUTT, William       COOMBE, William
CRISPE, Joseph                    DILWORTH, James
DONNELLY, Terrence         DONOVAN, Patrick
EADE, Richard                     EASTON, George
EDGECOMBE, William     FARMER, James
FIELD, Michael                   FINLAY, Thomas
GAMBLE, William              GEORGE, Edmund
GILLINGHAM, R                GORDON, William
GRAHAME, W S                  GREEN, James
HAMILTON, Francis          HART, John
HAYR, Henry                         JOHNSON, Robert
KELLY, Martin                     KELLY, Robert
KEMP, Thomas                    KEMPTHORNE, Samson
MACDONALD, Barnard    MATSON, Henry
MAY, George                         MAY, Joseph
McGRATH, John                  McLAREN, James
McNAIR, Peter                      McNAUGHTEN, Donald
MEARS, Abraham                MONAGHAN, Patrick
MOTION, William                NEWDICK, Richard
OSBORNE, Thomas             OSBORNE, Joseph
PACE, James                         PARR, Thomas
PARTRIDGE, Clement        PORTER, William John
RICH, George                        ROACH, Thomas
ROONEY, Andrew                RUNCIMAN, Thomas
RUSSELL, David                  RUSSELL, John
RUTHERFORD, James       SADGROVE, William
SHAW, Elihu                         SMALE, David George
SOALE, James                       TAYLOR, Joseph
TURNER, Benjamin            TURNER, William
TUTTY, William                    WALTERS, John
WALTERS, William             WHISKER, Alexander

Hundred of Onehunga

ALEXANDER, John           ANSON, James
BATES, John                       BATES, William
BESWICK, Charles            BLACKBURN, William
BROWN, James                  COURTNEY, J C
REW, Patrick                      DILWORTH, James
OBSON, John                      DONOVAN, Patrick

          DUGGIN, John
           FERRALL, George
GEORGE, Edward   
      GILLESPIE, Hamilton
GORDON, William  
      HARDINGTON, Henry
HAYR, Henry                     HEMING, Samuel
KELLY, Patrick                 KERR, William
LAVERY, Henry                LEAKY, John
LUSK, R B                          MACARTNEY, James
MADDIKIN, Murty          MARDER, John
MAY, George                      MAY, Joseph
MAY, Martin                     McCUTCHEON, William
McGEE, Joseph                McKENZIE, Donald
McMAHON, Andrew       McPIKE, John
MEEHAN, Patrick           MILLAR, William
MOONEY, James               MOORE, Charles
MORRIS, William             MURDOCH, John
NINNIS, John                     NIXON, Thomas
NOWLAN, John                 O’BRIEN, Thomas
O’KEEFE, Jeremiah        O’NEIL, John
OWNS, Philip  
             PURCHAS, Arthur G
RALPH, Anthony              RILEY, John
ROONEY, Andrew
          SHAYLE, Simeon
SMITH, William                SMYTHIES, Henry
STEELYARD, Edward     TILLEY, Samuel
TURNER, Robert               TURNER, William, Sergeant
WILD, W Stuart                  WILLIAMS, John Jury

Hundred of Panmure

BASKIVAL, Walter          BRENNAN, Joseph
BROWN, James                 CARLIN, Thomas
CLEARY, James                CONNOR, Thomas
CONDSON, Benjamin
    COYLE, Benjamin
COYLE, Anthony
              CREAVY, Thomas

CURRIGAN, John            DEVANY, Martin
DONNELLY, James          FAHEY, Michael
FARMER, James             FINNERTY, James  

GARVEY, Thomas           
GIBBONS, Richard
GILL, Michael                  GUARD, John
HAULTAIN, T                   HAWKSLEY, John
HOGAN, John                    KENNY, Richard
KILKENNY, James           KELLY, Peter
KELLY, Thomas                KERR, John
KNOX, Charles                  LEONARD, James
LONG, Robert                    MAHER, Bartholomew
MALONE, Peter                McDANIEL, Edward
McDONNELL, John       
McGLONE, Patrick
McGRATH, Patrick          McMANUS, Lawrence
MURPHY, Michael            MURPHY, Patrick
QUINLAN, Patrick            SHARP, William
SIMPKINS, George            SMITH, Benjamin
TAYLOR, James                  WALSH, James

WALSH, John                      WOODLAND, John

Hundred of Otahuhu

ARTHUR, John                 CALLAGHAN, John
CONEY, James
COYLE, Peter                    DALE, John
DONNELLY, James          FOLLAS, Thomas
GILMORE, James            GOLOHER, Edward
HALL, John                        HICKSON, J A
HICKSON, J S Snr             LESLIE, William
McANULTY, John  
       McCONY, Patrick
McGUIRE, Patrick           McMANUS, Hugh
MILGREW, Arthur          MILLER, William
MILMAN, William           MULLINS, Samuel
SMITH, Henry                   TRIMBLE, John
WALSH, James                 WILLIAMS, Thomas C

Hundred of Howick

BARRY, Richard N         CADOGAN, Cornelius
CHERRY, William          CHILDERHOUSE, Thomas
COFFEY, Denis               CUNNINGHAM, William
CURLY, Michael             DEMPSEY, William
DINEEN, Michael           DOYNE, John
EWENS, Patrick              FITZPATRICK, Patrick
FRASER, William          GAVIN, James
GOSS, Michael                 GRIMES, John
HARE, Patrick                 HICKSON, J E
KENNAN, James             LORD, Michael
LOVATT, George            LUSH, Rev V
MACDONALD, Alex.     MARSH, George
MASON, William            McCAULEY, William
McINNISS, Lachlan        McINTYRE, Andrew
McKAY, Daniel                MERRILL, William
MEAGHER, Thomas      MURPHY, Michael
NORTON, John                O’HARA, Bryan
PATTEN, John                QUIGLEY, John
ROBINSON, James         SCOTT, John
SHERRY, Thomas           SMYTH, John 
STYAK, John                    TURNER, William
WADMAN, George         WALSH, Patrick
WATSON, Charles          WHITE, James

Hundred of Pupuke

BURGESS, Isaac James

DUDER, Thomas           GAMBLE, John
HAMMOND, James        MENARY, Benjamin
PARKER, William          POYNTON, Thomas

STEWART, Alexander   SWANSON, Nicholas

Sgd: W Gisborne, Commissioner of Crown Lands


The New Zealander Wednesday 14th January 1857

Colonial Secretary’s Office
Auckland, 9th January 1857

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to direct the publication 
of the following list of Officers in the Auckland Battalion of the New 
Zealand Militia with the date of their respective commissions.

Colonel: His Excellency the Governor
Lieutenant Colonel: Henry MATSON 9th April 1845
Charles Henry Montresor SMITH 1st Dec 1856
Theodore Minet HAULTAIN 2nd Dec 1856
Francis Eastwood CAMPBELL 3rd Dec 1856
John Alexander Charles PETLEY 4th Dec 1856
Thomas BECKHAM 5th Dec 1856
Walter MURRAY 6th Jan 1857

Charles Hunter McINTOSH 11th April 1845
Frederick Ward MERRIMAN 11th April 1845
William MASON 11th April 1845
Reader Gillson WOOD 1st Nov 1845
George Elliot ELLIOT 1st Dec 1856
James BUCHANAN 9th Dec 1856
Ensigns: Wynne Peyton GRAY 1st Dec 1856
John Skerrett HICKSON 2nd Dec 1856
Henry John WYNYARD 3rd Dec 1856
Henry Eyre KENNY 4th Dec 1856
Alexander Charles Phipp MACDONALD 5th Dec 1856
Charles James Christopher Smith WILSON 6th Dec 1856

Captain & Adjutant: Henry Colin BALNEAVIS 7th Oct 1856
Surgeon: Thomas Moore PHILSON 8th Dec 1856

By His Excellency’s Command.
E W Stafford


The New Zealander Saturday 24th January 1857

Return of Names & Diseases of Patients Who Died in the Provincial 
Hospital at Auckland during the year ended 31st December 1856

Name Admitted Died Cause

CLARKE, Peter 17 Dec 1855 2 Jan 1856 General Dropsy
DUFFIELD, Frederick 7 Feb 1856 9 Feb 1856 Consumption
ROLUS, John 6 Feb 1856 10 Feb 1856 Division of the windpipe 
&artery of the neck - att. suicide
WAHU, John 22 Jan 1856 13 Apr 1856 General Dropsy -Sandwich Islander
BODEN, John 23 Apr 1856 23 Apr 1856 Died from exhaustion on Admission.

MACKAY, William 4 Apr 1856 18 May 1856 Consumption
YOUNG, Samuel 16 Apr 1856 26 May 1856 General Dropsy
ROBINSON, William 13 June 1856 15 June 1856 Consumption
CHAPMAN, Catherine 11 July 1856 26 June 1856 Died from exhaustion in
???(sic) consequence of extensive burns 
WASHBOURNE, William 12 May 1856 2 Aug 1856 General Dropsy
FARMER, William 19 Aug 1856 29 Aug 1856 Typus Fever (sic)
ELDRIGE, Allan 8 Aug 1856 5 Sept 1856 Consumption
HARRISON, George 8 Dec 1852 21 Sept 1856 Organic Disease of the
brain, occasionally insane.
LAWLER, James 5 Sept 1856 21 Sept 1856 Exhaustion from an
immense chronic abscess.
BRODERICK, John 4 Nov 1856 7 Nov 1856 Apoplexy - effect of intemperance
TRUSTED, William 4 Dec 1856 10 Dec 1856 Disease of kidneys


The New Zealander 11th February 1854

Petition re the City Building Bill

‘………It appears oppressive in the highest degree, to compel parties to erect 
expensive buildings, at a time when not a single line or level of any street is 
determined and consequently no security afforded that buildings thus erected 
may not one day be ruined or at least materially injured by the inevitable 
alterations that must take place in some cases and may take place in many.

‘In consequence of the scarcity of labour of all descriptions, building materials 
are enormously dear and, in fact, scarcely procurable, joined to the circumstances 
of the numerous immigrants daily arriving, it appears to your petitioners unwise 
to add anything to the already existing difficulties on this head.

‘A number of your petitioners belong to the humbler classes of society but are 
struggling to place themselves in circumstances of independence by every possible 
means, are holders of leases for land in various parts of the City and they conceive 
this measure will fall with peculiar severity upon them, as by prohibiting the erection 
of all but expensive edifices, it places the matter out of their reach and, consequently, 
deprives them of all hope and inflicts, they conceive, a great blow on the social and
 moral improvement of the working classes.

‘We therefore pray your Honourable House will not give your sanction to the Bill 
in its present form or, at least until lines and levels of the streets are fully determined 
and the footpaths and streets throughout the City formed.

‘And your petitioners etc…….’

Signatories: [Alphabetically sorted for convenience - JW]

ASHER, A, Shortland-street             BACON, William
BARCHARD, Alfred                          BEESON, George
BELL, John                                          BELL, Thos
BETTS, Alfred G                                BINNS, Richard
BLAGROVE, Valentine J                 CALLAN, Phillip
CARR, James W                                 COMMONS, J
COSTLEY, Edward, Shortland St.  CROMWELL, Alex.
DALDY, W C                                        DEMPSEY, William
DENNET, William                             DINGWALL, A
DOYLE, Thomas                                 EDWARDS, Samuel P
ENGLAND, Joseph                             EVANS, Robert
EVITT, D                                               FAGIN, Thomas
FINLEY, John                                      FLEMING, Matthew
GARTY, John                                        GIMBLE, G
GRACE, Peter                                      GRIFFITH, W
GRIGG, R                                              GRIMLEY, James
HANNKEN, Frederick                        HARKIN, Wm
HARP, J                                                 HARRIS, C A
HENRY, John                                        HOLMES, John
JEFFREY, John                                   JERRARD, John C
JOHNSON, James                                KELLY, John
LANDER, John                                    LEE, Walter
LYNCH, Daniel                                    MacDOUGALL, John
MAKEPEACE, John                          MARKS, Morris, Fort-street
MARSHALL, Alex.                             McCARTHEY, Emma
McCAUL, Walter                                McDONALD, William, dealer
McEWIN, Isaac                                   McGARVEY, William
McGECHIE, John                               McGRATH, John
McKINLY, George                               McLARNON, James A
McLEOD, James                                  MILLARD, William
MILLS, Samuel                                    MOORES, H B
OLIVER, Aitchinson                           OTTO, A
PARKER, William                                PATERSON, George
PHILLIPS, Phillip A                            POLLOCK, Robert
RAMPLING, J                                        RING, Charles
ROBERTSON, Peter                             ROSE, William
RUSSELL, David                                   RUSSELL, Thomas
SCHULTZ, Robert                                SEKER, Michael
SHEEHAN, David                                SMITH, George, Greyhound
SNODGRASS, David                            SOALL, James
SOMERVILL, Hendry                         SOMERVILLE, Thos
SUTHERLAND, Donald                     THOMPSON, Robert
THORBURN, J A                                  THORBURN, Wm Lang                     
VAILE, G E                                            VAILE, Samuel 
WATSON, John                                     WESTWOOD, James
WHELEN, Patrick                                WINCH, C
WRIGHT, Alexander                            WRIGHT, J
YOUNG, Joseph


The New Zealander 11th February 1854

Petition re the City Building Bill

‘[As we have inserted above one of the Petitions on the subject of the Building 
Bill, with the names appended, we think it fair to re-publish the following also 
with the names, which were not given when it previously appeared in our columns.]

‘The Petition of the undersigned proprietors and inhabitants of the City of Auckland, 
humbly sheweth:-

‘That your Petitioners are deeply impressed with the necessity of some immediate
 steps being taken for the prevention of fire within the city; and that no measure 
appears to them so well calculated to effect this object as a law, prohibiting the 
further erection of wooden buildings within reasonable limits.

‘That your petitioners are of opinion that the time has now arrived when, from 
the wealth of the settlement, it can no longer be deemed a hardship that, at all 
events, within the principal streets, all future buildings should be of brick or stone,
 and particularly when it is considered that the longer the present systems of wooden
 erections is continued, the calamity will be the more certain to overtake us and the
 losses and hardships which will then fall upon us be immeasurably increased. 
Moreover, your petitioners believe that many parties are now anxious to erect 
buildings in brick or stone but are deterred from so doing because they do not 
thereby obtain an equivalent security, seeing that their neighbours may surround 
them with wooden buildings.

‘Your petitioners have also reason to believe, that were such a measure passed 
into a law, in a few years they would be able at moderate premiums to effect 
insurances against losses by fire, which at present is found to be all but impossible.

‘May it therefore please your Honourable House to take such immediate steps 
as you may think proper towards ensuring the safety of the town by prohibiting
 erections of wood for the future within such limits as may be considered advisable.

‘And your Petitioners, etc……….’

BLACK, Alexander                        BRIGHTON, William
BROWN & CAMPBELL               BUDDLE, Thomas
BURNS, David                                 CLARK, Arch.
CLARK, Robert                               COMBES, Walter
COOLAHAN, Hugh                       DALLISTON, J J R
DAVIS, Charles                              DAVIS, Louis
DAVY, Edwin                                  DOUGLAS, Thomas
DUNNING, James                           ELLIS, H
FORSAITH, Thomas S                 GEORGE, James
GRAHAM, David & Co                 HALLAMORE, Thomas C
HARDINGTON, Henry                  HAY, William
HENDERSON, J & W                    HOPKINS, Charles
HUGHES, S E                                  HUGHES, W
IRELAND, John de Courcy         JAGGAR, Thomas James
JARVIE, Jamieson                        KEESING, A & R
KEMP J & R                                    KENNEDY, Alexander
KEVEN, Thomas                            LANGFORD, J A
M’DONALD & BRADIE                MACFARLANE, John
MACKY, Thomas                            MATTHEWS, Richard
MILLER, Alexander                      MILLER, William
MOTION, William                            NATHAN, David
PALMER, James                              PHILLIPS, Phillip A
PHILSON, T M, MD                        RATTRAY, William
RIDINGS, Richard                            RUSSELL, Henry
RUST, J & J                                        SALMON, John
SHEDDAN, R                                    SMITH, J A
STITCHBURY, Charles              TATTERSALL, William
TURNER, William                            WALKER, James
WARDELL, Edward                        WATT, J H
WAYTE, Edward                                WOODHAM, F B


The New Zealander 2nd April 1856
Return of Applicants for Special Occupation Land, in the Waiuku Block,
 northern portion, VI

Name Acres

AITKEN, Alexander 400                 BASKIVAL, W 150
BENT, R 222                                      BONIFACE, G H 125
BOYDE ?BOYLE, T 100                   BUCHANAN, J 264
CAMEL, D 40                                    CAMPBELL, J E 280
COGAN, P 85   
                          CRISPE, A E 500
CRISPE, C E 274                              CRISPE, E M H 274
CRISPE, J 274                                   CRISPE, Jane 274
CRISPE, M T 274                              CRISPE, P 274
DICKSON, R 55                                 DOWNEY, J 100
EGAN, D 494                                     GALLAGHER, K 100
GILLINGHAM, S 94                        HEATH, J 180
HEATH, M 180                                HEATH, P 180
HOGAN, J 150                                   HOWITT, G 90
KEOGHAN, P 200                            LE BRONG, C 200
LUCK, D F 335                                 LUSK, R 400
MACKAY, J 500                                MAHON, H W 400
McDONALD, T 42                            McMANUS, H 50
McNOTT, T 337                                MILLAR, S 150
MINCHEN, M 150                           NAUGHTON, T 150
OLDHAM, Henry 280                      PAINTER, John 350
PALMER, J 49                                  PARSONS, George 350
PERCY & KENNEDY 100               TIERNEY, M 100
TURNER, W 150                               TWEEDALE, J 100
VICKERS, C B 500                           VICKERS, F J 500
VICKERS, J, Jnr 300                        VICKERS, S 500
WALKER, Wm 250                           WALTER, G 160
WHITAKER, F 130                           WOODHOUSE, J 485
YOUNG, J 500                                      YOUNG, J 500
YOUNG, W J 500


Return showing the successful Applicants for Special Occupation Land, 
in the northern portion of the Waiuku Block.

Name Lot Sec. A R P

D H LUSK 7 - 333 1 0                        LUSK, Robert 8 A B C & E 285 2 32
BONIFACE, T 8 D 111 0 0              WALKER, W 9 - 250 0 0
PARSONS, George 10 A 55 1 0        HOGAN, John 10 B 46 1 24
PARSONS, George 10 C 46 1 8        HOGAN, John 10 D 73 2 32
YOUNG, W J 10A E 42 `2 0               PARSONS, George 10 F 43 0 32
CRISPE, Mary Jane 10 G 43 2 0     MACKY, James 11 - 263 2 0
VICKERS, C B 12 - 233 2 32            WOODHOUSE, John 13 - 250 3 24
OLDHAM, Henry 14 A B C & D 279 1 32


Return of Applicants for Special Occupation Land in the Waiuku Block, 
Southern Portion, showing number of acres applied for.

Name Acres

ALLEN, M 98                                        ALLWRIGHT, H 166
ANDRAWARTHA, Jno 500                APPLETON, G 50
BALNEAVIS, H C 572                        BARRIBALL, C 192
BARRIBALL, J 192                             BISCHOFF, E T 200
BISCHOFF, E 500                               BOVAIRD, W 100
BOWDEN, E 83                                     BOYT, W 40
BROWNING, S 500                               CAMPBELL, Alex’r 370
CHAMBERLAIN, H 461                     CHERRY?, T 400
CLEARY, J 73                                CODLIN, G 187
CRAIG, R 337                                        DANVERS, A F 370
DANVERS, B D 870                              DEARNESS, J 370
DORE, Edmund 50                                EARLE, E 100
ENGLAND, A 200                                 ENGLAND, C 60
ENGLAND, J 180                                  ENGLAND, J 200
ENGLAND, J, Jnr 100                          FLYNN, W H 150
FLYNN, W J 150                                    FUSSELL, A C 458
FUSSELL, E 458                                   FUSSELL, J C 458
FUSSELL, J 458                                    FUSSELL, S Jnr 458
FUSSELL, S 458                                    GALLERY, T 50
GEARON, H 150                                    GEARON, W C 500
GIVIRITA?, F 100                                GOODRUM, Henry 40
GORDON, J Alex 500                            GORDON, W 500
GRAHAM, D 450                                   GRAHAM, J 500
GRIFFITH, W 433                                GUTHRIE, J P 458
HADFIELD, G H 354                            HAIR, C B 168
HARDINGTON, Hy 485                        HAULTAIN, J N 500
HICKEY, T 73                                         HIGGINS, W 68
HODGE, E 267                                       HODGE, S 267
HOLWAY, J 121                                     HORNE, R 350
HOSKING, C F 466                               HOSKING, Caleb 466
HULL, J 121                                            LEAHY, J 10
LECKIE, John 3671/2                          LECKIE, W 1911
LYNCH, T 180                                        MAY, Joseph 300
McGAURAN, M 415                       McGAURAN, T F Jnr 415
McGAURAN, T F 415                           McKENNA, C 50
McMASTERS, W 83                              MEARS, Abraham 368
MEARS, Wm 373                                    MONK, W H 483
O’RAFFERTY, C P 500                        PILCHER, Wm 100
SMART, J 368                                         STACKPOLE, G 100
STACKPOLE, R 100                              STRATFORD, S J 492
SUTCLIFFE, J 100                                TAPRELL, W 500
TRICK, c 466                                           WALCH, James 100
WALTERS, Anne 200                            WALTERS, D 200
WALTERS, E 220                                   WALTERS, E 433
WALTERS, J Jnr 433                            WALTERS, J 220
WALTERS, V 200                                  WALTERS, W 433
WILLIAMS, Ed 100                               WILLIAMS, W 40
WILLIAMSON, T 436                            WILSON, J 6?
YOUNG, F 870


Return showing the successful applicants for Special Occupation Land, 
in the Southern portion of the Waiuku Block.

Name Lot Sec. A R P

HIGGINS, Wm 47 72 3 36                        CRAIG, Robert 47a 45 0 0
HAY, James 48 A 45 0 0                            ENGLAND, Asenath 48 B 42 0 20
ORMSBY, A S 48 C 54 0 0                        WILSON, James 48 D 52 2 16

FUSSELL, Ellen 48 E 239 0 0                GORDON, Wm 48 F 43 2 0
ENGLAND, Joseph 48 G 47 1 4              WALTERS, Eliza 49 239 0 0
WALTERS, Emma 50 A 40 0 0               BROWNING, Ellen 50 B 40 0 0
WALTERS, Emma 51 A 48 3 16            GORDON, Jas Alex. 51 B 57 2 32
ANDREWARTHA, Jno 51 C 60 0 0       O’ROUKE, G M 52 A 51 0 0
CODLIN, George 52 B 67 0 0                  HADFIELD, G H 52 C 100 0 0
BROWNING, Ellen 53 - 96 0 32              BROWNING, Ellen 54 A 74 0 0
BROWNING, Sam’l 5? B 74 2 0              MAY, Joseph 55 - 133 0 0
MAY, Joseph 56 - 168 3 24                        BISCHOFF, C F 57 A 41 1 0
ORMSBY, A S 57 B 41 0 20                      BALNEAVIS, H G 57 C 41 0 20
MEARS, Wm 57 D 57 2 0                          FUSSELL, Ann C 58 A 51 2 10
FUSSELL, Ellen 58 B 57 0 2                    FUSSELL, Sarah Jr 58 C 42 0 0
TAYLOR, Henry 58 D 41 0 0                    CRAIG, R 59 - 96 1 0
CRAIG, R 64 - ?80 2 52                            CRAIG, R 65 - 82 2 15

The New Zealander 26th July 1854

Auckland, 17th July 1854

A VACANCY having occurred in the Representation of the City of Auckland 
in the House of Representatives in the General Assembly, We the Undersigned 
Electors request that you will allow yourself to be nominated to represent the 
interests of the City in that House and we promise to use our best exertions to 
secure your return.

[The paper in parts is very hard to read]

ALLEN, Edward                                    ARCHIBALD, D
ARTHUR, David                                    ASHER
AUGUSTUS, Edward                            BACON, William
BARCHARD, Alfred                             BEESON, George
BELL, John                                             BELLAMY, John
BENNETT, John                                   BENNETT, Robert
BLAGROVE, Valentine J                    BLAKELEY, George
BOLOUS, John                                       BOLTON, John
BOND, James                                         BOWDEN, James
BOYD, George                                        BRIGHTON, William
BRODIE, Walter                                    BROWN, John
BUCKLEY, David                                   BURNAND, Isaac

BURNS, William                                    BURRAS, Richard
BUTCHER, William                             CALLAN, Phillip
CAMPBELL, Daniel                            CAMPBELL, D
CAMPBELL, John                                CAMPBELL, Robert
CAMPBELL, Wm                                  CARLING, John
CARSON, James                                    CARTER, Jas
CAVENAGH, James                             CHAPMAN, James
CHAPPELL, Charles                            CHRISTOPHER,
COE, Daniel                                            COLLETT, Peter
COMBES, Walter                                   COMMONS, John
CONNER, John                                        CONNER, Owen
CONNER, Robert                                    COOK, Alfred
COOMBES, J                                            COOPER, William
COOPER, William H                              COURTENAY
COYLE, Daniel                                         CREWE, Joseph Ralph
CROMWELL, Alex.                                CROSBIE, D
DALDY, Wm C                                          DALLISTON, J J R
DAVIS, Edward                                        DAY, Henry
De THIERRY, George                              DEAN, Thomas
DENNETT, Wm                                        DERROM, John
DICKENSON, George                             DINGWALL, Kenneth
DOAKIN, Christopher                             DONOVAN, Eugene
DORAN, William                                      DOUGLAS, Thomas
DOYLE, Thomas                                        DUNN, Timothy
EDMONDS, Samuel                                  ELLIS, H
ELLIS, William                                         ENGLAND, Joseph
EVERETT, Edward                                 FEILDER, Wm
FENNELL, Arthur                                    FIELDING, Joseph
FINLAY, John                                            FINLAY, Thomas
FINLAYSON, John                                    FINLAYSON, R
FISHWICK, Edward                                FLEMING, Mathew
FOORD, Fredk                                          FOWLER, John
GAVIN, Thomas                                        GEORGE
GILLINGHAM, Robt                                GORRIE, Wm
GRAHAM, David                                       GRANGE, Alex.
GREEN, William                                       GRIGG, Richard
GRUNDY, John                                           HALLAMORE, Thos C
HAMMOND, James                                   HAMPTON, Charles
HANAGAN                                                   HANNKEN, Frederick
HARGRAVES                                              HARP. James                    
HARRINGTON, John                                 HARRIS, C A
HARROLD, T William                               HART, George
HAWKES, Henry                                       
HECTOR, Henry                                         HENDERSON, James
HENDERSON, Wm                                     HODGE, A
HOOKER, John                                           HOOP, John
HOPKINS, Charles                                     HOPKINS, William
HOWIE, Robert                                           HUGHES, Stephen E
HUNT, Robert                                              IRELAND, William
IRVINE, Edward                                         JAMES, Alfred
JARVIE, Jamieson                                      JEFFERY, John
JEFFERY, John                                          JERRARD, John C
JOHNSON, James                                        JOHNSON, Thomas
JONES, Alfred                                              JONES, Edwin
JONES, Thomas                                           JOSLIN, Charles
KEATES, Joseph                                         KEESING, Ralph
KEIGHTLEY, Thos                                     KELLOR, James
KELLY, Andrew                                           KELLY, James
KEMP, Richard                                           KIBBLEWHITE, Wm
KING, Major                                                 LANDERS, John
LAURENCE, George                                  LAURIE, James
LAURIE, Matthew                                      LAURIE, Robert
LAWSON, James                                         LESLIE, Robert
LEVY, Philip                                                LEVY, S H
LEWINGTON, W James                            LITTLEWOOD, Hy
LOCKWOOD, Daniel                                 LONDERGAN, Thos
LOWSON                                                      LUNDON, David
LYLE, Robert                                               MacFARLANE, Wm
MACKEY, Hugh                                         MacLEOD, John
MACREADY, Thomas                               MADDEN, Charles
MAHONEY, James                                     MAKEPEACE
MALCOLM, John                                       MARSH, George
MARSHALL, William                               MARSHALL, Wm
MARTIN, Alexander S                              MATTHEWS, John
McARTHUR, Peter                                    McCALLUM, David
McCARTHY, John                                      McCAUL, Walter
McCONNELL, Thomas                             McCONNICHY, John
McDONALD, B                                            McDONALD, Donald
McDONALD, Wm                                       McGECHIE, John

McGRIGOR, Donald                                  McGRIGOR, John
cINTOSH, James                                     McINTYRE, John
McKAY, Alex                                                McKAY, Angus
McKAY, D                                                     McKAY, D, Snr
McKAY, Donald                                           McKAY, Donald
McKAY, Frederick                                       McKAY, John
McKAY, Patrick                                           McKAY, R
McKAY, R                                                      McKAY, Robert
McKELVEY, A K                                          McKENZIE, Duncan
McKENZIE, H                                              McKENZIE, Hector
McKENZIE, William                                  McKERRAS, John
McLARNON, James A                                 McLEAN
McLEAN, B, Jr                                             McLEAN, D
McLEAN, D Snr                                            McLEAN, Donald
McLEANNAN, John                                    
McLENNAN, Duncan                                  McLEOD
McLEOD, Robert                                          McLEOD, Thomas
McMILLAN                                                    McPHERSON, Archibald
McSHANE, Daniel                                        McVAY, George
MILLER, Alex.                                              MILLER, William
MITEY, Isaac                                                 MOORES, W B
MORRISON, John                                         MOSES, Benjamin
MOTION, William                                         MULLIN, John
MUNRO, W                                                     MURPHY, ThomasNathan
NEALE, Henry                                               NEALE, William
NEALE, Wm H                                               NEILE, Joseph
NEWMAN                                                        NEWTON, T
NICCOL, Henry                                               NICOL, Wm
                                                          OLIVER, Aitchison
PALMER, James                                             PARAGEE, Angelo
PARKER, William                                          PARTINGTON, Charles F
PARTINGTON, Edward                                PHILIPS, Richard
PHILPOT, Charles   
                             PICKERING, James
PILKINGTON, W J                                         POLLOCK, James
POLOCK, Robert                                            PORTER, John
PULHAM, William                                        PURDY, William
RATTRAY, William   
                           RAWSON, John
READING, George                                        REGAN, John
REYNOLDS, George                                      RICE, John
RICE, M                                                           RICHARDSON, John
RIDINGS, Richard                                         RING, Charles
ROBERTSON, Alexander                             ROBINSON, George
ROBINSON, Joseph                                       ROSE, Wm
ROUT, John                                                     RUSSELL, David
RUSSELL, Hendry                                         RUSSELL, Thomas
                             SAYER, Edward
SCOTT, Walter                                               SHEDHAM, Robert
SHIELDS, John                                              SHORT, George
SIMPKINS, George   
                           SIMS, Alexander
SIMS, James                                                    SIMS, John A
SINCLAIR, A                                                  SKINNER, James
SMITH, George                                              SMITH, John
SMITH, Thomas                                            SMITH, Thos
SNODGRASS, David                                     SOMERVILLE, Henry
STEBER, Henry                                             STEWART, K
STIRRAT, John                                              STITCHBURY, Charles
STRANGE, Benjamin J                                STRONG, George
STUART, D                                                     SUTHERLAND, Donald
SWINBOURNE, William                             SYMS, Joseph
TAYLOR, Isaac                                               TAYLOR, James
TEAGUE, Samuel                                          TEKIN, Michael
THOMPSON, Robert                                     THORNE, William
TIMS, Martin                                                  TRAFFORD
TUCKER, Edward                                         TURNER, Benjamin E
VAILE, G E                                                     VAILE, George
VAILE, John Rippon                                     VAILE, Samuel
WALKER, Edward                                        WATT, J G
WAYTE, Edward                                            WEBB, Richard
WEBSTER, H                                                 WESTWOOD, James
WHITE, ? W                                                    WHITE, Francis
WHITE, William                                            WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS, Thomas J                                  WILLIAMS, Thomas J
WILLIAMSON, Thomas                               WILLSON, John Ralph
WOODS, John                                                  WRIGHT, Alexander
WRIGHT, Joseph                                            WRIGHT, Wm
YOUNG, David