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Haleigh Church, Suffolk
To free me from domestic strife
Death called at my house but he spoke to my wife.
Susan, wife of David Pattison, lies here, October 19th, 1706
Stop, reader, and if not in a hurry, shed a tear.


BEATTY At Waikato on 11th July 1845, from wounds received 
at the assault on  the pah of Heke,  the rebel chief, Edward 
Beatty  Esq, Lieut., HM’s 99th Regt, second  son of D Beatty 
Esq of Heathfield,  Co.Wexford, Ireland. This gallant young
 officer was highly esteemed  and is most deeply regretted 
 by his brother officers.

BROWN At Tauranga, on Sunday 14th September 1845 in 
the fourteenth year of  his age, Alfred Marsh, only son of the 
Ven Archdeacon BROWN [NZ’er 4 Oct 1845]

CLARKE At Kaitaia on 27 Nov 1845, aged 28 yrs, Jane, 
eldest daughter of Mr James Brown,  Princes Street, Edinburgh, 
w/o Mr K S Clarke of Glendhure, Sutherlandshire, North Britain.

CLEGHORN On 24th June 1845, Janet, wife of Mr 
Thomas Cleghorn of the Tamaki, a truly  excellent lady of 
most unaffected exemplary piety. [NZ’er 28 June 1845]

DUDLEY On 20th Nov 1845, at the residence of the Bishop
of New Zealand, Elizabeth, wife  of the Rev William Charles 
Dudley. [NZ’er 27 Nov 1845]

MITFORD On 16 ?Aug 1845, at Clontarf, Dublin, Bertram 
Mitford Esq LLD [NZ’er 30  Aug 1845]

MORRIS On Friday 19 November 1845, Joseph Morris, 
Surgeon, late of the firm of Conway  & Morris, aged 35 years. 
[NZ’er 27 Nov 1845]

SKEVINGTON On Sunday evening, 22 Nov 1845, the Rev 
John Skevington, Wesleyan  Minister.
 [Arr. NZ 1841 - NZ’er 27 Nov 1845]

WHITE On Tuesday, 14th October 1845, at her son in law’s 
house, Mr Commissary Spain,  at the Tamaki, North Auckland, 
New Zealand, Dame Anne White, relict of Sir Henry White, 
formerly of Portsmouth, Hampshire, Knight. [NZ’er 18 Oct 
1845]  Lady White, at an advanced  period of her life,
 accompanied Mr Spain and his family in the Prince Rupert 
on their voyage  to NZ which vessel was wrecked at the Cape 
of Good Hope, when this lady showed the greatest  coolness 
and resignation amidst the most appalling dangers. During
 her residence in NZ she  was always first to combat and smile
 at the many inconveniences that must, of necessity, consistently 
occur in all new countries. She passed almost imperceptibly
 from life to death  at the advanced age of 78 years. The whole 
state of her well spent life was to  assist and do good unto 
her fellow creatures.


APPLEYARD On Sunday 12th July 1846 at his residence,
 Auckland, Henry William Appleyard Esq, youngest son 
of the late Richard Langley Appleyard of Lincoln’s Inn 
and Montague Street,  Russell Square, London.
 [NZ’er 18 July 1846]

BOURNE On the 8th September 1846 at the residence of
 his relative, Mr Conry, Solicitor, Master  William Bourne, 
aged 14 years, only son of Mr William Bourne, Engineer, 
formerly of Sydney.  [NZ’er 12 Sept 1846]

CRETNAY Yesterday morning, Friday 20 February 1846, 
at her residence, Queen Street, after  a lingering illness, 
Margaret the beloved wife of Mr H R Cretnay, aged 30 years.
 [NZ’er 21 Feb 1846]

FALWASSER On Saturday 24th January 1846, Mr Henry 
Falwasser, late Editor of the ‘Auckland Times’ 
[NZ’er 31 Jan 1846]

HALLAMORE On Sunday 22 February 1846, Samuel
 Williams, only son of Mr T C  Hallamore, aged 5 months. 
[NZ’er 7 March 1846]

LANE On his passage from Australia to England on the
18th July 1846, Lt Dennys Lane of  HM Ship North Star, 
aged 31 years. [NZ'er 17 April 1847]

WILSON On 4th March 1846 at Vavau in the Friendly 
Islands, after an illness of several months, Rev Francis 
Wilson, Wesleyan Missionary. [NZ’er 13 June 1846]

WOON At Official Bay, John Fletcher, infant son of 
Rev W Woon, Wesleyan Minister, aged  4 weeks 6 days.
 [NZ’er 28 March 1846]


BLACKETT On the 23rd August 1847, at St George’s 
Bay, Auckland, Maria, wife of John  Blackett Esq, in 
the 33rd year of her age. [NZ'er 25 Aug 1847]

BUSBY At Bay of Islands, on the 16th February 1847,
 Agnes, youngest child of James &  Agnes Busby, aged 
4 years. [NZ'er 27 Feb 1847]

CHURCHILL At Kaitotehe on Monday 11 October 1847, 
of disease of the heart, Benjamin, only son of Mr B Ashwell, 
Church Missionary, aged 9 years. [NZ'er 6 Nov 1837]

GOODMAN NOPS On their passage to England in the 
Driver, steamer, J G Nops Esq, late master of HMS Racecourse
, on 11th February 1847, also Mr Goodman, Carpenter of the said
 ship, on 5th March 1847.

LANGFORD On Monday 8th February 1847 at Albert 
Cottage, Louisa, daughter of Mr J  A Langford, aged 4 months.
 [NZ'er 30 Jan 1847]

MILLER Mr Frederick Miller, late of Wakatumutumu, 
Catechist in connection with the  Wesleyan Mission, who 
departed this life on 8th December 1847 aged 29 years. 
He died  happily, experiencing the allusions of that faith 
which when living he diligently endeavoured  to promote,
 leaving a wife and four children to deplore their loss. 
[NZ'er 22 Jan 1848]

MORGAN On Monday evening, 21st June 1847, at Kaitotehe,
 Waikato River, Alfred Henry,  infant son of Mr J Morgan, 
Otawhao, aged 2 months. [NZ'er 26 June 1847]

NOPS On their passage to England in the Driver, steamer, 
J G Nops Esq, late master of  HMS Racecourse, on 11th 
February 1847, also Mr GOODMAN, Carpenter of the
 said ship,  on 5th March 1847.

PILKINGTON On Friday, the 10th September 1847, 
Mr Pilkington, late Barrack Sergeant at Auckland. 
His remains were interred with military honours on 
Sunday last. [NZ'er 15 Sept  1947]

RUSSELL On Thursday 4 November 1847 at Auckland,
 Mary, wife of Thomas F Russel,  builder, after a lingering 
illness, aged 36 years. [NZ'er 63rd Regt Nov 1847]

SPICER On the 10th September 1847, at General Hospital, 
Sydney, after a long and painful  illness which he bore with 
Christian fortitude, Mr Thomas Spicer, late of New Zealand. 
[NZ'er 9 Oct 1847]

STARRAT On Thursday morning 25th March 1847, 
at the Royal Hotel, Asst Surgeon Starrat,  HM Steamship 
Inflexible. [NZ'er 27 Mar 1847]

WALKER At Albert-street, Auckland, on 25th 
August 1847, Jane Wilson, aged 27 years,  wife 
of John Walker Esq, and fifth daughter of William 
Wilson Esq, of Campbellfield, Lanarkshire and 
Woodlands, Argyle, Scotland. [NZ'er 28 Aug 1847]


ASHER On Wednesday 21 June 1848, at his parents
 residence, Shortland-street, Benjamin,  only child of 
Asher and Hannah ASHER, aged 15 months.

COLMAN At sea aboard the ‘St George’, 26th May
 1848, William Avery Colman Esq, late of Sydney,
 aged 35 yrs. [NZ'er 1 Nov 1848]

DUNBRICK On 17 June 1848, at Mokau, Archibald 
William Dunbrick, in his 29th year.  [NZ'er 19 July 1848]

FORD On Wednesday 4 October 1848, at 8 o’clock a.m.,
 in Queen Street, of scarlet fever, Ellen Charlotte, eldest 
daughter of Samuel & Martha Ford, aged 4 years.
 [NZ'er 7 Oct 1848]

FORD On Saturday 7 October 1848, at 5 o’clock p.m.,
 of croup combined with scarlet fever, Alfred Randall,
 youngest son of Samuel & Martha Ford, aged 2 years. 
‘Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven’. [NZ'er 11 Oct 1848]

FORD At his father’s residence, Queen-street, on the 
night of Thursday 12th October 1848,  of scarlet fever, 
John Wilcox Ford, aged 12 years, eldest son of Dr S H
 & Martha Ford. [NZ'er  14 Oct 1848]

FORD At the Tamaki, on Wednesday 1st November 1848,
 at 1 a.m., Samuel Ford, fourth  son of Dr & Mrs Ford, aged 
63rd Regt years. [NZ'er 4 Nov 1848]

GORRIE On Thursday 21st September 1848, of water 
in the chest, Margaret Johnston,  fourth daughter of William 
Gorrie, Shortland-street, aged 6 years. [NZ'er 23 Sept 1848]

GRAY On Tuesday morning 26th November 1848, Mary 
Anne Gray, aged 12 years, youngest  daughter of the late 
Mr W Gray, Armagh, Ireland, and step-daughter of Mr Thos. 
Clark,  Chancery-street. [NZ'er 29 Nov 1848]

HAY On Monday 18th September 1848, after a short 
but painful illness, in the 30th year of  his age, Lt A 
M’Leod Hay, 58th Regt, eldest son of the late Col Hay 
of Westerton, Morayshire.  This officer served with his 
Regiment during the operations in the north and south
 of New   Zealand and died universally lamented by his 
brother officers. [NZ'er 20 Sep 1848]

HUNT At Vewa, Feejee, on 4th October 1848, the lady 
of John Hunt, Wesleyan Missionary,  Feejee District, 
aged 36 yrs. [NZ'er 7 Feb 1849]

JACKSON On Friday morning, 28th July 1848, at
 his residence, Auckland, John Jackson  Esq, MD, 
Col.Surgeon and Coroner of this District, aged 54
 years. Much lamented by the  inhabitants.
 [NZ'er 29 July 1848]

KENNY On Friday 22nd September 1848, at St 
George’s Bay, Catherine Frances, infant  daughter 
of Capt Kenny, Staff Officer of the Pensioners, aged
 two months. [NZ'er 27 Sept  1848]

LANGFORD On Monday 19th June 1848, Sarah Ann, 
eldest daughter of J A Langford, aged  8 yrs. 
[NZ'er 21 June 1848]

LANGFORD On Sunday 16th July 1848, Harriet, daughter 
of Mr J A Langford, aged 5 years.  [NZ'er 19 July 1848

LANGFORD On 19th July 1848, Edward Richard, 
son of J A Langford, aged 3 years.  [NZ'er 22 July 1848]

LILLEWALL On Sunday 3 September 1848, John
 Walter, infant son of Capt Lillewall,  aged 9 months. 
[NZ'er 9 Sept 1848]

MARTIN On 10th September 1848 at Berbice, British 
Guiana, of which province he was a Stipendiary Magistrate,
 S M D Martin Esq, formerly a member of the Legislative Council 
to New Zealand. [NZ'er 21 April 1849]

MEARS On the 8th June 1848, the infant son of Mr A 
Mears, Shortland-street. [NZ'er 14  June 1848]

REAY At Waiapu, East Cape, Friday 31st March 1848, 
the Rev Charles L Reay, MA [NZ'er  19 April 1848]

WHYTLAW At Penang in February 1848, John Whytlaw 
Esq, formerly of this Colony. [NZ'er  11 Oct 1848]

YOUNG On Monday 20th March 1848, Frederick 
Winter, youngest son of William Young Esq  of HM 
Customs, aged 3yrs 7mths.


ARNEY At sea, on 11th March 1849, on board the ship
 Kelso, Cecil Augusta, only child of  Major C A Arney, 58th Regt. 
[NZ'er 27 Oct 1849]

ATKINS At his residence, Parnell near Auckland, on 
Wednesday 25th April 1849, after ten  days suffering 
from acute dysentery, Thoms Ringrose Atkyns Esq., JP, 
Inspector of Armed  Police, in the 39th year of his age. 
Capt Atkyns was married to Susanna Augusta, third  
daughter of the late Col. Green of Kilmainham Castle
in the County of Tipperary and has left his widow with 
four young children to lament their loss. 
[NZ'er 28 April 1849]

BUCKMAN On Wednesday 26th December 1849, after 
a long and painful illness, Joanna,  wife of Mr Thomas
 Woodward Buckman, of Wyndham-street. 
[NZ'er 29 Dec 1849]

EDGELEY On Saturday 9th June 1849, after a short
 illness, Mr John Edgeley of the Epsom- road, aged 35 yrs.
 [NZ'er 13 June 1849]

GILCHRIST At Sydney on Thursday evening 1st November 
1849, Mary Gilchrist, the beloved wife of Capt Jasper Creagh,
 late 86th Regt and daughter of Samuel Auchinleck Esq of 
Antigua, West Indies. [NZ'er 1 Dec 1849]

LIGAR On Saturday 21st April 1849, Mary Charlotte, 
second daughter of C W Ligar Esq.,  Surveyor-General,
 aged 5 yrs. [NZ'er 25 April 1849]

LIGAR On Tuesday evening, 24th April 1849, Charles
 Edward, eldest son of C W Ligar Esq., Surveyor-General,
 aged 11 yrs. [NZ'er 28 April 1849]

MARTIN On 10th September 1848 at Berbice, British 
Guiana, of which province he was a  Stipendiary Magistrate, 
S M D Martin Esq, formerly a member of the Legislative 
Council to  New Zealand. [NZ'er 21 April 1849]

MAUNSELL On 27th February 1849 at Waikato 
Heads, the son of the Rev R Maunsell,  aged 1 year. 
[NZ'er 7 March 1849]

M’DONALD On 22nd July 1949 at his residence in
 Fore-street, Mr William M’Donald

PANTON On Wednesday evening 13th December 1849, 
after a long and painful illness, Agnes Hoyes, aged 15
 months, second daughter of Rev Geo. Panton, Free 
Presbyterian  Church, Auckland. [NZ'er 16 Feb 1850]

PREECE Suddenly, at the Mission Station, Ahikereru, 
27th August 1849, Charles Thomas, sixth son of Mr J 
Preece, aged 1 yr 10 mths. [NZ'er 27 Oct 1849]

SCOTT On 4th January 1849, Mr Archibald Scott, 
aged 32 yrs. [NZ'er 10 Jan 1849]

SHARP At his residence in Mechanics Bay, on 2nd February
 1849, Mr Archibald Sharp,  ship-builder, aged 48 yrs.
 [NZ'er 3 Feb 1849]

TURTON On 21st October 1849 at the Mission House, 
New Plymouth, Susanna, the wife  of the Rev M Manson 
Turton, leaving four sons with their bereaved father to
 lament her  loss. Pious and useful in life, she was peaceful
 and happy in death, leaving the fairest assurance behind 
that she is now triumphant in glory. [We understand that
  a sermon to improve this dispensation of Providence will 
be preached in the Wesleyan Chapel in this  town on Sunday
 evening next by the Rev Thomas Buddle. - Ed.] [NZ'er 7 Nov 1849]

WALLACE At the Tamaki, on 16th May 1849, Robert,
 fourth son of Mr Archd. Wallace, Blacksmith of the same
 place. [NZ'er 19 May 1849]


ADAMSON At the Tamaki, on 29th March 1850, Mrs Adamson,
 the wife of Mr Adamson, within ten minutes of her 45th year.
 [NZ'er 30 March 1850

BRIDGES At the Parsonage, Onehunga, on Wednesday 18th 
September 1850, Mary Anne, youngest child of the Rev A G 
Bridges, aged four & a half months. [NZ'er 21 Sept 1850]

CONRY At his residence, Lower Queen-street, Auckland, 
Thomas Edward Conry Esq, Solicitor,  aged ?39 yrs. 
[NZ'er 17 April 1850]

DENNY At Queen’s, of apoplexy, on 4th June 1850, Major 
Denny, 19th Regt of Foot, commanded  Light Company 
of the 58th Regt during the native dissipations at the 
Bay of Islands. [NZ'er 28  Dec 1850]

MARLOW At Kilkenny on Monday 10th June 1850, after
 a very short illness, much regretted,  the lady of Major Marlow, 
Commanding Royal Engineers, Kilkenny District. 
[NZ'er 19 Oct 1850]

MARTIN At sea on board the Sir Edward Paget, on 10th 
December 1850, Mrs Janet Martin, late  of Wigtonshire, 
Galloway, Scotland, aged 54 years. [NZ'er 21 Dec 1850]

MATSON At Brookside on Sunday 17th March 1850, 
after a painful illness, Isabel, beloved wife  of Major Matson
 and only daughter of Baron de Thierry, aged 22 yrs,
 most sincerely lamented.  [NZ'er 20 March 1850]

O’CONNELL At Wellington on 18th August 1850, after 
a short illness, in his 56th year, Capt  Richard O’Connell, 
HM 65th Regt of Foot. Native of Ennis, Ireland. Served
  in the 42nd Regt  during the Peninsular War and was
  severely wounded at the taking of Badajoz. He arrived in 
New Zealand 1846 and took part in the operations against 
Rangihaeta in the Horowiki Valley.  He was buried with 
Military Honours, Col Gold officiating. [NZ'er 21 Sept 1850]

SPENCER At the Church Mission Station, Tararua, on 
26th July 1850, Celestine Alma, aged  6 months, youngest 
daughter of Rev S M Spencer. [NZ'er 21 Aug 1850]

TATTERSALL On Monday morning, aged 41 yrs, at
 his residence Shortland-street, Mr William  Tattersall, 
formerly of Manchester. His remains were yesterday 
followed to the burying-ground by a large number of
 his townsmen who appreciated his worth.
 [NZ'er 10 April 1850]

TUCKER On Monday 26th August 1850, at his residence,
 Woodland Villa, nr Auckland, Henry Tucker Esq., Purser
 in the Royal Navy, aged 57 yrs. [NZ'er 28 Aug 1850]

VERNON At Manukau, on 4th June 1850, William
George Vernon, aged 28 yrs, son of late Capt William 
Vernon, Ayrshire, Scotland. [NZ'er 8 June 1850]


BENT At the Benevolent Asylum, Sydney, on 26th
 August 1851, Mr Andrew Bent, printer, aged 
55 years, formerly of Van Diemen’s Land. 
[NZ’er 20 Sept 1851]

BERREY On Monday last, 6th January 1851, at Fort-
street, Mr Christopher Berrey, aged 51 yrs.  
[NZ’er 8 January 1851]

BOVAIRD On Friday last at the residence of her 
parents, Wakefield-street, Susanna Jane, daughter 
of Mr William Bovaird, aged 5 years. 
[NZ’er 22 Feb 1851]

BROOKS On Friday 3rd inst., at the Colonial Hospital,
 Mr James Brooks, late of Hobart Town, aged 25 years.
 [NZ’er 8 Oct 1851]

BENT At the Benevolent Asylum, Sydney, on 26th 
August 1851, Mr Andrew Bent, printer,  aged 55 years,
 formerly of Van Diemen’s Land. [NZ’er 20 Sept 1851]

BERREY On Monday last, 6th January 1851, at Fort
-street, Mr Christopher Berrey, aged  51 yrs. 
[NZ’er 8 January 1851]

BOVAIRD On Friday last at the residence of her parents, 
Wakefield-street, Susanna Jane, daughter of Mr William
 Bovaird, aged 5 years. [NZ’er 22 Feb 1851]

BROOKS On Friday 3rd inst., at the Colonial Hospital,
 Mr James Brooks, late of Hobart Town, aged 25 years. 
[NZ’er 8 Oct 1851]

CHERRY On the 24th November 1851. At Waikato Heads, 
Susan Cherry, wife of Rev Robert  Maunsell. [NZ’er 1 Nov 1851]

DICKSON On Monday 6th October 1851, at Onehunga 
near Auckland, by a fall from his  horse, Charles Dickson 
Esq., son of the late Major General Sir Jeremiah Dickson, KCB. 
[NZ’er 11 Oct 1851]

DUNNELL On Monday evening last, at his residence, Queen-
street, Mr Frederick Charles  Dunnell, aged 38 years. 
[NZ’er 12 February 1851]

FAIRBURN At Tamaki Grove (the residence of her 
brother, Mr F C Lewis) on the 11th inst.,  Matilda Jane, 
wife of Mr John Fairburn, Otahuhu. [NZ’er 13 Dec 1851]

GEDDES At Epsom near Auckland, by a fall from his 
horse, Alexander Geddes Esq., of  Waihihi late of 
Kincardinshire, Scotland, aged 39 years. Presbyterian 
Burying Ground.  [NZ’er 30 April 1851]

GREGORY Died at Auckland on the 26th March 1851 
after a long illness, Henry Mark, eldest  son of Mark 
Gregory Esq of London and Hornsey, in the County 
of Middlesex, aged 26 years.  [NZ’er 29 March 1851]

LYND At his residence Chapel-street, on Wednesday 
evening, the 24th September 1851,  aged 53 years, 
Lieut Robert Lynd, Barrack Master, of Auckland. 
[NZ’er 27 Sept 1851]

MEURANT On Saturday November 1st 1851 at his
 residence, Parnell, Auckland, Mr Edward Meurant, 
aged 49 years. [NZ’er 5 Nov 1851]

OSBORNE On his passage from Manila to Liverpool, 
Mr Edward Osborne, master of the ship Reliance.
 [NZ’er 30 August 1851]

OSBORNE On the 10th September 1851 at his residence 
in Fort-street, after a long and  painful  illness, Mr Thomas
 C Osborne, aged 34 years. [NZ’er 13 Sept 1851]

PARKER On Friday last, 10th January 1851, Hariett, 
daughter of Mr W Parker, Freeman’s  Bay, aged 16 months. 
[NZ’er 11 January 1851]

PAUL At Wellington on 15th July, aged 53 years, 
Thomas Paul Esq., late Quarter Master of  HM 65th 
Regt. [NZ’er 27 August 1851]

PEACOCKE In Princes-street on 16th July 1851, of the
 croup, Ellen Louisa, youngest  daughter  of Mrs E A 
Peacocke, aged 2 years. [NZ’er 19th July 1851]

QUIGGAN On Tuesday last, 16th December 1851, at the 
residence of his stepson Mr George  Hunter, Queen-street, 
Thomas Quiggan aged 63 years, a subscribing member 
of the IOOFMU  for 24 yrs before leaving England. 
[NZ’er 17 Dec 1851]

ROBERTSON On the 6th May 1851, at the residence of 
his son in law Mr Taylor, Freeman’s  Bay, Mr Walter
 Robertson, of Auckland, Architect, aged 48 years, after
 a sudden illness of only 30 hours. [NZ’er 7 May 1851]


BAILEY On Monday the 26th April 1852, after a protracted    
 illness, Mr George Bailey, Queen- street and late of Hobart 
Town, aged 34 years. IOOFMU. [NZ’er 28 April 1852]

BOLTON At Wahapu on 24th May 1852, five days after
 her confinement of a stillborn child,  Elizabeth Jane, the 
beloved wife of Colour Serjeant William Bolton, 58th Regt.,
 aged 18 years.  [NZ’er 29 May 1852]

BOURNE On 7th November 1852, at her residence Bourke-
street, Wooloomooloo, after a short  but painful illness aged 
25 years, Agnes, beloved wife of William Soole Jnr and eldest
 daughter  of the late Walter Robertson of Auckland.

BOYLAN On 2nd February 1852, Maria Louisa, infant 
daughter of Mr & Mrs Boylan. [NZ’er 4 Feb 1852]

BULLER At Wesley College on 15th September 1852,
 James Martin, eldest son of Rev James  Buller, Kaipara, 
aged 16. [NZ’er 18 Sept 1852]

CLIFTON At Auckland on 26th May 1852, Serjeant 
Major William Clifton, 58th Regt. SM Clifton  has 
been upwards of 12 years in the Regiment and served
 at Ruapekapeka and in the campaign in  the North
 of New Zealand with credit to himself. His death is 
deeply lamented by the officers and  the whole of his 
Regiment. [NZ’er 29 May 1852]

CONNELL On Friday 20th August 1852, infant daughter
 of W Connell Esq., aged 7 days. [NZ’er 21 August 1852]

CONWAY On 16th September 1852, at his residence West 
Queen-street, Mr John Conway. [NZ’er 18 Sept 1852]

FITZROY In London on 9th April 1852, Mary Henrietta,
 wife of Capt Robert Fitzroy, R.N., formerly Governor of 
New Zealand. [NZ’er 7 August 1852]

FORD At Russell, Bay of Islands, on Monday 6th September 
1852, Maria Christiana, beloved daughter of Samuel and 
Martha FORD. [NZ’er 15 Sept 1852]

GALWAY At Hobart Town on 9th August 1852, Mr Edward 
Joseph Galway, Compositor, aged 6 years. The deceased was 
for many years employed at the ‘Monitor’ Office, Sydney and
 at the  ‘Courier’ Office, Hobart Town. He has left a wife and
four children to lament their loss. [NZ’er25 Sept 1852]

GRAHAME At the Glebe, Sydney, on 31st October 1852,
 John Grahame Esq, aged 35 yrs.  [NZ’er 10 Nov 1852]

HAMILTON At the Colonial Hospital, yesterday, Alexander 
Hamilton, blacksmith, late of  Auckland. 
[NZ’er 31 March 1852]

HAMILTON On 14th October 1852, Elizabeth, beloved 
wife of Mr Francis Hamilton, late  residence Wahu. 
[NZ’er 16 Oct 1852]

INCHES At Remuera on Sunday morning, Mr James Nairne 
Inches, a member of a respectable  family in Perthshire and
 an old colonist here. His illness was very short as he was in 
town at  the Sabbath School Festival on Thursday and attended
 the religious services at the Scotch  Church on that morning
 and during the hours of recreation in the Government Domain.
 He  was taken ill on that night but seemed better on Saturday;
 next morning, however, he became worse and was soon no more. 
[NZ’er 4 Feb 1852]

IRELAND On the 14th January 1852, of enlargement of the
 liver and heart, at her residence in  Shortland-street, Mrs
 Ireland, the wife of Mr John Ireland of Auckland. The 
deceased was the  daughter of Capt Macdonnell, 64th 
Regt and grand-niece of the Right Hon. Henry Flood, 
Speaker in the Irish House of Commons. [NZ’er 17 Jan 1852]

LEIGH On Wednesday 3rd November 1852 after a 
short illness, Eliza Leigh, third daughter of Mr Francis 
White, aged 15 years. [NZ’er 6 Nov 1852]

LOCHEAD On Tuesday 10th August 1852, at her residence, 
Wakefield-street, Elizabeth Lochead,  widow of the late James
 Lochead. [NZ’er 10 August 1852]

MACKENZIE On Monday 1st November 1852, Mr William 
Mackenzie, Druggist, Shortland- street, aged 48 years. Mr
 Mackenzie was a native of Scotland but an old, respected
 and  industrious colonist and generally esteemed by his 
friends and acquaintances. Although he  had been for some 
time in delicate health, his death was almost sudden as on 
the previous day  he had been able to attend services at his 
usual place of worship, the Scotch Church. He had acquired, 
it is said, considerable property but he has died intestate and
 has left no relatives in this neighbourhood or nearer than 
Adelaide where we believe his sister resides. The funeral 
will move from the residence of Mr Alexander Dingwall, 
West Queen-street, this afternoon  at 3 o’clock. 
[NZ’er 3 Nov 1852]

MEARNS At sea, in May 1852, aged 25, Mr William A Mearns, 
Commander of the Jane, only  son of Mr A Mearns, Montrose, 
Forfarshire. [NZ’er 8 Sept 1852]

M’VAY At his residence Freemans Bay, on Wednesday 1st 
December 1852, Mr John M’Vay,  aged 39 years.
 [NZ’er 4 Dec 1852]

PALMER On 18th November 1852 at Kawhia, in the 17th
 year of her age, Matilda Selina, second daughter of Mr Palmer,
 Parnell, Auckland. [NZ’er 11 Dec 1852]

PLUMMER On 28th August 1852, Charles John, infant son 
of William Plummer Esq.  [NZ’er 1 Sept 1852]

REES On Friday morning, 17th September 1852, at his residence,
 Queen-street, Mr Robert  Rees, aged 51 years. [NZ’er 18 Sept 1852]

RUTHERFORD At Remuera on Sunday 31st October 1852, 
Robert, eldest son of James Rutherford,  aged 8 years. 
[NZ’er 3 Nov 1852]

SOOLE On 7th November 1852 at her residence Bourke
-street, Wooloomooloo, after a short  but painful illness, 
aged 25 years, Agnes, beloved wife of William Soole Jnr
 and eldest daughter  of the late Walter Robertson of Auckland. 
[NZ’er 18 Dec 1852]

SPEIRS At her residence, Chapel-street, on Saturday 22nd 
May 1852, after a short illness of  three weeks, Mary Speirs, 
wife of John Commons, aged 24 years. 
[NZ’er 26 May 1852 & 29 May  1852]

STOKES At Wellington on Sunday 1 August 1852 at Te Aro,
 after a protracted illness, Margaret,  the beloved wife of 
Robert Stokes Esq., proprietor of the ‘Wellington Spectator’. 
[NZ’er 8 Sept 1852]

BELL At Sydney on 6th March 1853 of Tubercular Consumption, 
in the 33rd year of her age, Mrs John Bell, late of Auckland 
and Tamaki.The regret with which this announcement will  
be received by those to whom Mrs Bell was personally known 
will be shared in, to no inconsiderable  extent, by the wider
 circle of lovers of music who appreciated the excellence of 
her very superior  performances on the pianoforte and 
harmonium at public concerts in this town. Mr Bell, in 
writing to us the fact of her death, addes ‘she ever retained 
a lively gratitude for the reception she met with in Auckland’. 
[NZ’er 26 March 1853]

BRIDGENS At Auckland on Thursday 6th October 1853, at 
his residence, Charges Bridgens Esq., Assistant Commissary 
General, aged 58 yrs. [NZ’er 8 Oct 1853]

BUCKHAM On Saturday 17th September 1853, in the 53rd 
year of his age, after a short illness, Mr Thomas Woodward
 Buckham, for many years a respected inhabitant of Auckland. 
The funeral will take place this day at 3 o’clock precisely in
 the Church of England burial ground. [NZ’er 21 Sept 1853]

CHAMPION On the afternoon of 10th March 1853 at his 
residence, Melville-street, Hobart Town, in the 26th year of 
his age, Mr William Champion Jnr, after an illness of 14 days. 
His loss will be sincerely felt by relatives and friends by whom 
he was universally esteemed. He has left a young wife and infant
 child. [NZ’er 11 May 1853]

CHAMPION On Sunday morning 13th March 1853, the infant 
daughter (aged 10 days) of Mr William Champion Jnr whose 
decease is noted above. [NZ’er 11 May 1853]

CHURTON On Wednesday 26th January 1853, at his residence 
Little Sutton, in the 56th year of his age, Rev John Frederick 
Churton, LL.B., Colonial Chaplain and Minister of St Pauls. 
[NZ’er   29 Jan 1853]

COATES At Spanish Town, Jamaica, on 28th July 1853, 
Rev Henry Coates, late of Worcersor  (sic) College, Oxford,
 aged 23 yrs. [NZ’er 4 Feb 1854]

CRAIG At Auckland on Thursday 26th May 1853, Jessie 
Craig, aged 1 yr 4 mths, third daughter  of Thomas Craig, 
Carpenter. [NZ’er 28 May 1853]

DAVIS On the 4th September 1853 of pulmonary apoplexy, 
Alfred, infant son of Charles Davis, Queen-street, aged 8 
months. [NZ’er 7 Sept 1853]

DECK At Wellington on the 21st October 1853, aged 5 weeks, 
Emma Charlotte Rosanna, infant daughter of Capt Deck, 
Commander, Government brig. [NZ’er 26 Nov 1853]

DENT In London, on 28th November 1853, Lancelot Dent
 Esq of the firm of Messrs Dent & Co., Hong Kong. (This 
gentleman was owner of the Northfleet, recently here). 
[NZ’er 15 March 1854] 

ELLIOTT On 3rd June 1853, Harry Charles, son of Mr G E
Elliott, aged 3 years. [NZ’er 8 June 1853]

ELLIS On Thursday 27th January 1853, Margaret, beloved 
wife of Mr William Ellis, Shortland-street, aged 71 years. 
[NZ’er 29 Jan 1853]

GLAISTER On the 23rd February 1853, on board the ship 
Kate on her passage from Sydney to London, William Glaister 
Esq., aged 52 yrs, recently of Auckland. [NZ’er 6 August 1853]

GUILDING on 27th March 1853, Mrs Guilding, after a long and
 painful illness, to the deep regret of her sorrowful family.
 [NZ’er 30 March 1853]

HEPBURN On Wednesday 27th July 1853, Duncan Hepburn, 
sawyer, aged 43 years. [NZ’er 30 July 1853]

HOGAN On Tuesday 12th April 1853 at the Garrison Hospital 
after a lingering illness, Cpl John Hogan of the Royal Sappers 
& Miners, deeply lamented by his relatives who are settlers to
 Auckland and by his comrades of the Company to which he
 belonged.  [NZ’er 16 April 1853]

HORSLEY At Auckland, New Zealand, on Monday 28th March 
1853, of dysentery, in the 61st year of her age, at the house of her 
son in law, Mr W Rattray, Mrs Dorothy Horsley, of Newcastle 
upon Tyne. [NZ’er 2 April 1853]

HUGHES On Monday 13th June 1853, Frederick William, 
second son of Mr S E Hughes, aged  2 yrs 2 mths. Residence,
 Wakefield-street. [NZ’er 15 June 1853]

JOSEPH On Saturday 12th March 1853, after a short illness, 
at the residence of his brother,  George-street, Sydney, Mr Israel 
Joseph (formerly of the firm of Joseph & Nathan, Auckland).  
Deeply regretted by a numerous circle of relatives and friends. 
This announcement will be received with regret by not a few 
in Auckland. Mr Joseph was one of the first settlers here and
 took part in the early business transacgtions of the place; and
 even since he left it he has always manifested a warm interest 
in the welfare of the settlement. Mr Joseph had lately been residing 
at Melbourne  but his health failed there and he was on his way
 to Auckland for the benefit of its climate when he was seized at 
Sydney with the attack which proved fatal. [NZ’er 9 April 1853]

KELLS On Tuesday 26th July 1853, at the residence of her 
father, Mr B Lewis, Howick, after a  long illness, Amelia, 
wife of Mr G Kells, aged 30 years.[NZ’er 30 July 1853]

KISSLING On 12th April 1853 at St Stephens School, 
Auckland, after a few hours illness, Gustavus Alfred,
 youngest son of Rev G A Kissling. [NZ’er 16 April 1853]

MAGEE On Saturday 18th June 1853, by a fall from his 
horse on Tamaki Rd James MAGEE of Pukake, aged 51 years. 
Particulars of this melancholy occurrence will be found in the 
account  of the Coroner’s Inquest on the body which we publish
 elsewhere. Mr Magee was one of the earliest colonists of New 
Zealand, having come to the Bay of Islands with the first settlers 
and  his sudden death by so [unfortunate] an accident, will long 
be deeply lamented by his family and  numerous friends. Funeral
 to leave the Royal George, Newmarket. [NZ’er 22 June 1853]

MARAIA On 17th May 1853, near Mt Eden, Mrs Pere Perry
 Maraia, aged 23 years. [NZ’er 25 May 1853]

McDONNELL On Sunday 4th April 1853, at Te Horeke, 
Hokianga, Anna, the beloved wife  of Capt McDonnell, RN,
 to the deep loss of a sorrowing family. [NZ’er 16 April 1853]

McELWAINE At her residence, Killna, Co.Louth, Ireland, on
 the 8th July 1853, Mary, wife of Mr Richard McElwaine and 
mother of Mr George McElwaine, Governor of Auckland Gaol. 
[NZ’er 3rd Dec 1853]

McINTOSH Drowned in the Waikato River on the 15th September 
1853, William McINTOSH,  Carpenter to the Waikato Heads
 Institution, his brother Alexander and his eldest son. 
[NZ’er  5 Oct 1853]

MATTHEWS At Auckland on the 13th October 1853, aged
 3 yrs 2 mths, Harriet, daughter of  E I Matthews Esq., R E 
Department. [NZ’er 15 Oct 1853]

McNAIR On Thursday 13th January 1853, Janet McNair, 
aged 27 years. Funeral from the  residence of Mr Alexander 
Dingwall, West Queen-street.

MATHIAS On June 18, 1864 at his residence, Riccarton, 
Canterbury, the Venerable Archdeacon Mathias.

MOORE At Hobart-town, on 24th November 1853, Hannah, 
wife of Mr John Moore, printer,  formerly of Auckland.
 [NZ’er 24 Dec 1853]

MORGAN At the Church Mission House, Otawhao, on
Sunday the 17th July 1853 of Influenza, Samuel, aged 
24 yrs, and on Thursday, 21st July 1853, Edward aged 
13 yrs 11mths, youngest and eldest sons of the Rev John 
Morgan. [NZ’er 3 August 1853]

NINNIS On 28th April 1853 at Onehunga, Jessie, youngest 
daughter of Capt & Mrs Ninnis, aged  7 months. 
[NZ’er 30 April 1853]

PARKER On 1st January 1853, at Remuera, after a short
 illness, Mr Edward Parker, aged 51 years.  [NZ’er 2 Feb 1853]

PEACOCK At Sydney on the 2nd November 1853, of 
consumption, Isabella, beloved wife of Capt E A Peacock
 of the brig Victoria Packet after a lingering illness 
which she bore with exemplary  patience, leav ing two
 children to deplore their irreparable loss. Mrs Peacock
 was among the first  settlers at Wellington. [NZ’er 23 Nov 1853]

PRATT On March 1st, 1853, at Islington, aged 80, Elizabeth, 
relict of the late Rev Josiah Pratt, Vicar of St Stephens,
 Coleman-street. [NZ’er 10 Aug 1853]

RATHBONE At the Caledonia Hotel, Fort-street, on 
Sunday 20th February 1853, Mr Basil Rathboen, late 
of Liverpool, in the 25th year of his age.
 [NZ’er 23 Feb 1853]

SHALDERS In February 1853 at Worstead, Norfolk, 
England, Phoebe Shalders, the much loved mother of R B 
Shalders, Storekeeper, Queen-street, Auckland.
 [NZ’er 22 June 1853]

SMITHSON At his residence, Wyndham-street, on Sunday 
1st May 1853, William Smithson, aged 60 years.
 [NZ’er 4 May 1853]

SOMERVILLE On Tuesday the 8th November 1853,
aged 2 yrs 3 mths, James Elliott Somerville, youngest
 son of Mr Thomas Somerville, Shortland-street. 
[NZ’er 9 Nov 1853]

VAILE On 16th January 1853 at 1.30 a.m., in the 55th 
year of her age, after a painful and protracted illness, 
Sarah the beloved wife of Mr George Vaile, at his 
residence Wellesley-street. [NZ’er 19 Jan 1853]

WALKER At Auckland on Saturday 1st October 
1853, Mr Cooper Walker, printer, formerly of 
Strabane, Ireland, aged 52 yrs. [NZ’er 8 Oct 1853]

WILSON At Belfast on the morning of 27th May 1853, 
Mr W S Wilson, Auctioneer, aged 36 years. The deceased 
was a native of Van Diemen’s Land and formerly merchant 
and agent for the Church Mission Station, Korareraka, New 
Zealand. [NZ’er 20 July 1853]

WOOD On 28th December 1853, Henry Robinson, infant 
son of Mr S A Wood. [NZ’er 31 Dec 1853.   


CLEGHORN At Honolulu, suddenly, on 24th September 1854, 
Thomas Cleghorn Esq, native of  Scotland, late of Auckland,
 New Zealander. [Obit. Follows - NZ’er 7 Jan 1854]

CLIFFORD At York, on 31st January 1854, George L Clifford
 Esq, aged 75 yrs, youngest son of Hon. Thomas Clifford, late
 of Tixall in the County of Stafford. R.I.P.[NZ’er 1 July 1854]

COATES At Spanish Town, Jamaica, on 28th July 1853, Rev 
Henry Coates, late of Worcersor 
(sic) College, Oxford, aged 23 yrs. [NZ’er 4 Feb 1854]

COATES At his residence, Eden Crescent, on Saturday
 evening, 1st July 1854, in his 39th year, James Coates Esq, 
Clerk of the House of Representatives and for many years 
a well known and  efficient officer of the Colonial Government. 
[NZ’er 5 July 1854]

COCKRAFT At Auckland on 28th June 1854, Anne La Trobe, 
beloved wife of Major Cockraft, 58th Regt, aged 46 yrs.
 [NZ’er 1 July 1854]

DECK At Cambridge, aged 61, Mr Isaiah Deck, FGS, FRS. 
Universally regretted by a numerous circle of relatives and friends.
 [NZ’er 8 July 1854] Mr Deck was the father of Mr P A Deck, late 
Commander of the Government Brig Victoria and now Sergeant
 at Arms of the House of  Representatives - Obit. Followed]

DENT In London, on 28th November 1853, Lancelot Dent
 Esq of the firm of Messrs Dent & Co., Hong Kong. (This 
gentleman was owner of the Northfleet, recently here).
 [NZ’er 15 March 1854]

DOUGLASS On Saturday last, 28th October 1854, of 
paralysis of the heart, Margaret, wife of Mr Thomas 
Douglass, aged 27 yrs. [NZ’er 1 Nov 1854]

FENNELL On the 26th July 1854, James Bromley, only 
child of Mr Arthur Fennell, aged 2 yrs. Funeral from the 
residence of the Ranger, Government Domain. 
[NZ’er 29 July 1854]

FIELDING At the residence of her father, Louisa Charlotte, 
second daughter of Joseph Fielding, Confectioner, Shortland
street, on Friday 29th September 1854, aged 12 years.
 [NZ’er 30 Sept 1854]

GEORGE On Saturday 6th May 1854, after a long 
and painful illness, Mary Ann Wilson, wife of Mr James 
George, baker of this city, aged 37 years. [NZ’er 10 May 1854]

GRACE On Sunday last, 11th June 1854, at Ivy Cottage, 
Parnell, Agnes Lavinia Grace, aged 2 yrs, daughter of Rev 
G S Grace, after a long and painful illness.
 [NZ’er 14 June 1854]

HUGHES On Thursday 21st September 1854, at 10 o’clock,
 at the residence of his father in law Mr William Gorrie, Pitt-
street, Auckland, Mr William Hughes, Merchant, aged 36 yrs. 
(Obit. Followed) [NZ’er 23 Sept 1854]

JONES At the residence of her father, Railway House, Queen-
street, on 25th December 1854, Emma Vaile, third daughter 
of Mr Alfred Jones, aged 5 yrs. [NZ’er 27 Dec 1854]

JOSLIN On Thursday night, Charles Edward, aged 2yrs 9mths,

MARTIN On 10th September 1848 at Berbice, British 
Guiana, of which province he was a  Stipendiary Magistrate, 
S M D Martin Esq, formerly a member of the Legislative Council to 
New Zealand. [NZ'er 21 April 1849] the son of Charles Joslin,
 Shortland-street NZ’er 29 July 1854]

KAWITI On 5th May 1854, the old Chief Kawiti, one of the 
leading opponents to the Government in the late war in the
 North in 1845. Two years since he embraced Christianity 
and was baptised  by the name Tekuki. Prior to the forsaking 
of his heathen ways, he paid a visit to the tribes around who
 had been influenced by him, to enjoin them to live in peace 
with Europeans. He frequently  said, though he disregarded 
the guns of the soldiers and the Governor, he was subdued by 
the sword of God. The old man was infirm but his death was 
hastened by the measles. [NZ’er 27 May 1854]

KELLY At Remuera, on the 4th October 1854, Alice, fifth 
daughter of Robert Kelly Esq, Registrar of Deeds, aged 
3yrs 4mths. [NZ’er 7 Oct 1854]

KING On Saturday 6th May 1854, Mr King of Tepuna, 
Bay of Islands, full of years and full of  faith, in the 67th 
year of his age and the 40th of his sojourn in New Zealand.
 [Followed by Obit. - NZ’er 27 May 1854]

LEVIN On the 2nd August 1854, at his residence, Sydney,
Capt F A Levin, late Master of the Norman Hargreaves. Much 
lamented by his family. [NZ’er 9 Sept 1854]

LLOYD On Wednesday the 3rd May 1854, Mary, second 
daughter of Mr Henry Lloyd, aged 16 years. [NZ’er 6 May 1854]

LUSH On the 15th September 1854, at Howick, Alfred,
 second son of Rev Vicesimus Lush, aged 2 yrs 6mths.
[NZ’er 20 Sept 1854]

LUSH At Howick, on 23rd September 1854, Mary Eliza,
 third daughter of Rev Vic. Lush, in her 8th year, and on the 
25th September 1854, Charlotte Sarah, second daughter
 of the above, aged 10 yrs. [NZ’er 30 Sept 1854]

MACKY On Friday evening, 9th June 1854, Josiah, 
youngest son of Mr James Macky, Queen-street, aged
 4 yrs 1mth. [NZ’er 10 June 1854]

MARSHALL At Wellington, NZ, on Friday 20th September
1854, Mary Frederica, beloved wife of Capt J Marshall, Paymaster
 of the 65th Regt., aged 28 yrs. [NZ’er 8 Nov 1854]

M’CAUL On Thursday, 27th April 1854, Ellen Laing,
 wife of Walter M’Caul, Tailor, High-street. 
[NZ’er 29 April 1854]

MILLER On Thursday, 27th April 1854, Mr G R H Miller, 
late Wesleyan Missionary, in the Feegee Island, aged 46 years.
 [NZ’er 29 April 1854]

ORMSBY At Onehunga Lodge, on 13th March 1854, of 
whooping cough, Louisa Maria, infant daughter of G O Ormsby 
Esq, aged 21 months. [NZ’er 18 March 1854]

PARTINGTON On Saturday 23rd September 1854, William, 
third son of Charles E Partington, Symonds-street, aged 4 yrs.
 [NZ’er 27 Sept 1854]

PARTINGTON On Sunday the 15th October 1854, Thomas,
 fifth son of Charles F Partington, aged 1 yr 8mths.
 [NZ’er 18 Oct 1854]

PARTINGTON On Sunday 22nd October 1854, at Symonds-
street, Henry, fourth son of C F Partington, aged 3 yrs.
 [NZ’er 25 Oct 1854]

RICHARDSON On Friday morning, 5th May 1854, Louisa,
 aged 2yrs 6mths, youngest daughter of J Richardson, Printer, 
Wyndham-street. [NZ’er 6 May 1854]

ROBINSON Mary Ann, youngest daughter of Mr Charles Robinson 
of Albert-street, aged 3 months. [NZ’er 21 Nov 1854]

ROUT On Wednesday the 4th January 1854, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Mr John Rout, High-street,  aged 21 years. 
[NZ’er 7 Jan 1854]

SIMMS On Wednesday 6th December 1854, at Auckland, 
Eliza, wife of Mr James Simms, of  this city. [NZ’er 9 Dec 1854]

SKEEN On Friday the 15th September 1854, aged 33 yrs, 
Catherine, beloved wife of Mr Robert  Skeen. [NZ’er 18 Sept 1854]

SMALE At her residence, Parnell, on 14th June 1854, Emma,
 relict of the late Mr David Smale,  aged 34 years [?54 yrs] 
[NZ’er 17 June 1854]

SMITH On Saturday 9th December 1854, aged 32 yrs, J 
Dalrymple Smith, of Auckland, only son of Mr Alexander 
Smith, Dundee. “His life and death was that of the righteous”.

SNODGRASS On Thursday the 18th May 1854, Catherine Berry, 
youngest daught of David and Mary Snodgrass of Queen-street, 
aged 13 months. [NZ’er 20 May 1854]

STEWART On Friday 5th May 1854, of measles, Charles 
Malcolm, only child of Mr & Mrs Charles  Stewart, aged 
10 months. [NZ’er 10 May 1854]

SWINBOURN On Monday morning, 27th March 1854, at 
the residence of his father, Albert-street, of consumption, 
Alfred, fifth son of Mr William Swinbourn of this city, in 
his 26th year. [NZ’er 29 March 1854]

THOMAS On the 5th May 1854 at Clifton, Elizabeth Ann, 
relict of the late Rev Sir John Godfrey Thomas, Bart., of Bodiam,
 Sussex, aged 67 yrs. [NZ’er 8 Nov 1854]

TURNER At sea, on the evening of 16th January 1854, aged 
29 years, after a lingering illness, Mr Thomas Turner of the Union 
Bank of Australia, eldest son of the Rev Nathaniel Turner of 
Paddington. Deeply lamented by his afflicted family and a 
numerous circle of friends. Sydney Herald Jan 21st. [NZ’er 15 Feb 1854]

WILLIAMS On Sunday 22nd January 1854 at Penrose, Tamaki, 
Nancy, beloved wife of William  Williams Esq, aged 42 years. 
Panmure Cemetery. [NZ’er 25 Jan 1854]

YOUNG On Thursday 2nd March 1854, Arthur, twin son of 
William Young Esq, aged 13 months.  [NZ’er 4 March 1854]


ALLOM On 28th September 1855 of consumption, Mr 
William Carey Allom, late of Melbourne,  aged 29 years. 
[NZ’er 3 Oct 1855]

BACOT At Howick on Saturday 9th June 1855 of dysentery, 
John Leslie Bacot, aged 5 yrs 6 mths,  only son of Staff Surgeon 
Bacot. [NZ’er 13 June 1855]

BOURNE At his residence, on Sunday evening, on 2nd December
 1855, William Bourne, in the 57th year of his age. 
[NZ’er 3 Dec 1855]

BRAITHWAITE On the 9th April 1855, at her residence 
near Auckland, Britannia, the beloved wife of Assistant 
Commissary Braithwaite. [NZ’er 11 April 1855]

BROWN On the night of the 12th November 1855, at St 
Stephen’s School, Auckland, Charlotte, the beloved wife 
of Alfred N Brown, Archdeacon of Tauranga, aged 59 yrs. 
Interred St Stephens burial ground. [NZ’er 14 Nov 1855]

BURTT At Windsor, Berkshire, on 4th February 1855, 
Francis Burtt Esq., aged 85 yrs. [NZ’er 2 June 1855]

CAMPBELL On Tuesday 24th April 1855, in Wellesley-street, 
Auckland, Isabella, wife of William Campbell, aged 40 years.
 [NZ’er 25th April 1855]

CANTY On Wednesday 11th April 1855, at the residence of 
her son, Mr Thomas Canty, Mrs Mary Canty, aged 80 yrs.
 [NZ’er 21 April 1855]

CHAPMAN On Sunday 9th December 1855 at Maketu, Bay 
of Islands, Anne, beloved wife of Rev  Thomas Chapman.
 [NZ’er 19 Dec 1855]

CLENDON On Saturday 11th August 1855, at Russell, Bay 
of Islands, of apoplexy, Sarah Isabella, aged 49 yrs, the wife 
of James Reddy Clendon Esq., Resident Magistrate. Her death 
is universally and sincerely regretted for her well known charity 
and disinterested benevolence have rendered her, for years, a 
beloved benefactress of the poor, the sick and the afflicted.
 Requiescat in pace.  [NZ’er 18 August 1855]

CORNISH On 20th September 1855, Mary Wynn, second 
and beloved daughter of Sidney H Cornish.
 [NZ’er 22 Sept 1855]

CREW At Howick on 31st July 1855, Joseph, only son of 
Mr Joseph Ralph Crew, aged 3 yrs. [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

GILFILLAN On 18th April 1855, William Davies, infant 
son of J A Gilfillan, aged 7 months. [NZ’er 21st April 1855]

DUNN At his residience, Wakefield-street, on Monday evening 
30th July 1855, Mr Tim Dunn, Blacksmith, aged 40 yrs.

DUNN At Auckl,and on Friday morning [3 Aug 1855] the 
widow of the late Timothy Dunn, aged 20 yrs.
 [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

EVANS On Sunday 22nd April 1855, Caroline, wife of Mr 
Robert Evans, Publican of Russell, Bay of Islands. 
[NZ’er 9 May 1855]

GELLINGHAM Suddenly on 4th February 1855, of a disease 
of the heart, at the Isle of Wight, in his 73rd year, David 
Gellingham of Canfield House, Shaftesbury, Dorset and 
of Gedshill Park, Isle of Wight. [NZ’er 13 June 1855]

GEORGE On Saturday 13th October 1855, at his residence,
 Royal Hotel, Onehunga, Mr Edward George, an early and 
much respected colonist of Auckland. [NZ’er 20 Oct 1855]

GILFILLAN At Sydney on 14th July 1855, John, infant son 
of Robert Gilfillan, aged 7 mths. [NZ’er 28 July 1855]

GOLDSWORTHY On Sunday 27th May 1855, at the 
residence of her son in law Mr William Dunne, Shortland-
street, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Mr John Goldsworthy
 of this city, aged 40 years. [NZ’er 30 May 1855]

GRAHAME On 16th April 1855, William Smellie, infant
 son of William Smellie Grahame, aged 5 months. (J Halyday,
 Undertaker) [NZ’er 18 April 1855]

GUNDRY On Thursday 20th December 1855, at his residence 
Albert-street, Mr William Richardson Gundry, in his 42nd year.
 [NZ’er 22 Dec 1855]

HANLEY On 7th May 1855, at Bay of Islands, Mr H E Hanley, 
Merchant, aged 38 yrs. [NZ’er 16 May 1855]

HOLT On 9th March 1855 at his residence, Wedderburn 
House, Yorkshire, Thomas Holt Esq., aged 75 yrs. 
[NZ’er 7 July 1855]

HULME At Auckland on Tuesday 21st August 1855, in 
the 68th year of his age, Lt Col Hulme, late of HM 96th 
Regt., Postmaster and Manager of the Bank of Issue. The
 deceased officer at  one time commanded the troops in
 New Zealand. His death is lamented by a large circle of 
friends by whom he was beloved and respected. 
[NZ’er 22 August 1855]

JOLLIFFE At Landguard House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, 
on 18th November 1854, Col. William Jolliffe, RM.
 [NZ’er 14 March 1855]

JONES At the residence of her father on Sunday 18th May 
1855, Emily Elizabeth, third daughter of Phillip and Sophia 
Jones. [NZ’er 16 May 1855]

LEWIS In Auckland on 5th May 1855, Jane, wife of 
Mr B Lewis, Howick, aged 58 yrs. [NZ’er 9 May 1855]

LUNDON On Sunday 19th August 1855, at his residence, 
Queen-street, after a short illness, Mr David Lundon Snr,
 in the 52nd year of his age. [NZ’er 22 August 1855]

LYTH At the Wesleyan College, after a short but severe
 attack of diarrhoea, Eliza, daughter of  Rev R B Lyth, 
aged 9 years. [NZ’er 7 March 1855]

MANEARY On Monday 21st May 1855, at the North 
Shore, Mr John Maneary, aged 66 years,  formerly of Co. 
Armagh, Ireland, and for many years a respected settler 
at Auckland. Funeral will leave Wynyard-pier at Noon this 
day. [NZ’er 23 May 1855]

MAUNDRELL At Lyttelton on 1st March 1855, at the 
residence of her brother Major Hornbrook, Elizabeth 
Constantia, widow of the late Capt C F S Maundrell 
of the barque Norman Morrison. [NZ’er 1 April 1855]

McKAY On 17th August 1855, at the North Shore, of 
rheumatic fever, the wife of Mr Alexander McKay, aged
36 yrs. [NZ’er 22 August 1855]

MONAGHAN Died, on Sunday 18th February 1855, at 
Mt Albert, Mr Patrick Monaghan, aged  36 yrs. He leaves 
a wife and seven children to deplore his loss. [NZ’er 21 Feb 1855]

NATHAN On Thursday 5th July 1855, Miriam, youngest daughter
 of David & Rosetta Nathan, of this city, aged 2 yrs 6 mths.
 [NZ’er 11 July 1855]

PARTINGTON On Friday 24th August 1855, at his residence, 
Queen-street, George Partington, aged 63 yrs, after a long and 
painful illness. [NZ’er 25 August 1855]

PELICHET By an accidental shot from a gun, at Ahuriri,
 on 18th June last [1855] Charles Harris Louis Pelichet Esq.,
 late Surveyor in the service of the New Zealand Company
 and the Government. His death is much regretted by all who 
were acquainted with him. [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

NICHOLL On Sunday 2nd December 1855 at Maxwell’s 
Station, of consumption, Mr William Nicholl, late of Fifeshire,
 Scotland, aged 28 yrs. [NZ’er 5 Dec 1855]

PHILLIPS On 13th April 1855, of consumption, at the 
residence of his brother P A Phillips, Shortland-street, 
John, youngest son of Mr S E Phillips, of Brighton, Sussex, 
 England, aged 21 yrs. [NZ’er 13 April 1855]

POTTER On Tuesday 26th March 1855, at Epsom, Mary, 
the wife of Mr William Potter. [NZ’er  28 March 1855]

PURCHAS On Tuesday 17th April 1855 by drowning, 
Arthur Guyon, the beloved only son of the  Rev A G Purchas, 
Minister of St Peter’s Church, Oneh7unga, aged 8 yrs 3 mths. 
[NZ’er 21 April 1855]

RUSSELL On 27th June 1855 at his residence, Hokianga, 
George Frederick Russell Esq., aged 46 yrs. 
[NZ’er 18 July 1855]

RUST At Waitangei, Wangarei, on Saturday 27th January 
1855, in his 23rd year, Joseph Hare  Rust, junior partner of 
the firm J & J Rust, of this City. [NZ’er 3 Feb 1855}

SOMERVILLE On 25th May 1855, Thomas James,
 youngest son of Thomas Somerville, aged  15 months.
 Residence Wynyard-street. [NZ’er 26 May 1855]

TAYLOR At his residence, Fernside, on 25th January 
1855, Theophilus Edward Taylor, Chief Clerk and
 Warehousekeeper of HM Customs, Auckland, NZ.
 [NZ’er 27 Jan 1855]

THATCHER On 24th February 1855, at St Matthews 
Parsonage, Auckland, Robert Eton Thatcher, aged 12 months.
 [NZ’er 24 Feb 1855]

WEBB On 21st December 1854, (after giving birth
 to a daughter on the 6th) at her residence, Miller’s
 Point, Sydney, the beloved wife of H R Webb Esq, 
and second daughter of E Vaile Esq, MCC for this 
City. [NZ’er 27 Jan 1855]

WELCH At Otahuhu on Monday 17th December 1855, 
of palpitation, Mary, the beloved wife of James Henry 
Welch, aged 34 years. [NZ’er 22 Dec 1855]

WILD On 21st April 1855, at Onehunga, Marian Stuart, 
only child of William Stuart Wild, aged 7 months. 
[NZ’er 28 April 1855]

WILLIAMS At Horotutu, Bay of Islands, on Tuesday 27th 
November 1855, Maria Jane, the beloved only child of Henry 
& Jane E Williams, aged 5 yrs 4 mths. She is not dead but sleepeth.
 [NZ’er 3 Dec 1855]

WILSON At Auckland on Thursday 1st February 1855, Mr 
John Ralph Wilson, Book-binder, aged 48 yrs. [NZ’er 3 Feb 1855]


BOLGER On the 27th March 1856 at the residence of 
Mr George Duke, Auckland, Elizabeth  wife of Capt Edward 
Bolger of the Bay of Islands. [NZ'er 29 March 1856]

BUTT At her residence, Albert-street, on Wednesday 5th November 
1856, Anne, Beloved wife of Mr John Butt. [NZ'er 8 Nov 1856]

CAMPBELL On the 21st August 1856 at High-street, Auckland, 
Daniel Campbell, late of Paisley, aged 45 yrs. He was one of our 
oldest colonists, having arrived by the  Duchess of Argylle in 1842.
 [NZ'er 23 Aug 1856]

COLLARD At Waterloo Quadrant on 6th July 1856, the infant
 daughter, and on 7th July1856, Mary Jane [next line indecipherable] 
COLLARD, of Her Majesty’s Customs. [NZ'er 9 July 1856]

CONROY On Monday 1st September 1856, at Harbour 
View Hotel, Chapel-street,John Conroy, aged 33 yrs. 
[NZ'er 3 Sept 1856]

CORBETT On 1st December 1855, of cholera, on board 
HMS St Jean de Acre (sic) at Constantinople, John Augustine 
Corbett Esq., MD, aged 34 yrs. [NZ'er 10 May 1856]

DAVIES On Monday 21st July 1856, William Davies
 Esq., MD, Provincial Surgeon,Aged 52 yrs.
 [NZ'er 23 July 1856]

DERROM On 11th November 1856 at his residence, 
Victoria-street, Mr John Derrom, aged 31 yrs. 
[NZ'er 12 Nov 1856]

de THIERRY At Ivy Cottage near Auckland, on 
Wednesday 19th March 1856, after a long and lingering 
illness, Emily, wife of Baron de Thierry, aged 65 years. 
[NZ'er 22 March 1856]

ELLIS On 3rd June 1856, after a lingering illness at 
the Windsor Castle, Parnell, George Ellis, aged 50 yrs. 
[NZ'er 7 June 1856]

FENTON At sea on 11th June 1856, on his passage to 
England on board the African steamship Ethiope, Abraham
 Boyd Fenton Esq., Queen’s Advocate, Bathurst. Mr Fenton 
was a very amiable and promising young man, much and 
deservedly loved by those who were related to or intimate 
with him. [NZ'er 18 Oct 1856] 

FIELDING On 5th August 1856 at the Steam Mill 
Flour Store, Shortland-crescent,Catherine, wife of 
Joseph Fielding, aged 42 yrs. [NZ'er 6 Aug 1856]

FINLAY On 2nd October 1856, Jane, youngest daughter 
of Thomas Finlay, Mount Maringi, Panmure, aged 9 yrs. 
[NZ'er 4 Oct 1856]

GARLAND At Whanganui on 13th February 1856, at 
the house of her son in law, Rev WWoon, Mrs Garland, 
aged 73 [?75] lately of Brixton, London and formerly 
of Truro, Cornwall. [NZ'er 8 March 1856]

GILLINGHAM On Thursday morning 6th November 
1856, Mr Robert Gillingham. [NZ'er 8  Nov. 1856 

GRAHAM At Manukau on 6th November 1856, Mrs 
Mary Graham, mother of Mr William Graham, late of 
Adelaide, formerly of Renfrewshire, Scotland, aged 76 yrs. 
[NZ'er 12 Nov 1856]

HADLOW Yesterday evening, Tuesday 2nd September 
1856, at Shortland-street, AnneAlice, wife of Mr Henry 
Hadlow, aged 61 yrs. [NZ'er 3 Sept 1856]

HALL At Otahuhu on Sunday 9th March, Thomas, son 
of John Hall, aged 14 months. [NZ'er 12 March 1856]

HASLAM At Albert Barracks, on 23rd January 1856, 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Sergeant Patrick Haslam,
 58th Regt, at the age of 9 months. [NZ'er 30 Jan 1856]

HENRY On Monday morning, 19th May 1856, Eliza,
 the wife of Mr John Henry, aged63 years. Late residence
 West Queen-street. [NZ'er 21 May 1856]

HILL On 11th July 1856, Emily Margaret, infant daughter
 of Mr C H J Hill. [NZ'er 12 July 1856]

JARVIS On 9th January 1856 at his residence, Circus-road,
 St John’s Wood, JohnJarvis Esq, aged 76 yrs, and of Bridge, 
Canterbury. [NZ'er 28 May 1856]

LAMACH On Monday 1st September 1856, William, infant
 son of James Lamach,[LARNACH?] aged 3 months 26 days.
[NZ'er 3 Sep 1856]

LAW At his residence, Barrack-street, on 6th March 1856, 
after a long and painful Illness, borne with patience and 
Christian fortitude, Mr John Hague Law, aged 29 yrs. 
[NZ'er 12 March 1856]

MACDONALD At Howick, on Monday night, 10th March 
1856, aged 56 yrs, from disease ofthe heart, Capt Alexander 
Macdonald, Staff Officer of Pensioners.
 [NZ'er 12 March 1856]

McINTOSH At her residence, Bay-street, Wooloomooloo,
 on 13th September 1856,Francoise, relict of the late Charles 
McIntosh Esq., Barrack Master and late Of the 73rd Regt.,
aged 64 yrs. [NZ'er 18 Oct 1856]

McKELVEY On Friday 10th October 1856, at his residence 
Wellesley-street, after a fewdays illness, Mr Alex. McKelvey.
 [NZ'er 11 Oct 1856]

MEARNS Accidentally drowned on 8th October 1855 off 
Nargen, whilst dischargingStores into HMS Duke of Wellington,
 Mr Alexander Mearns, the Commander of the Jessie, of Montrose.
 [NZ'er 22 March 1856]

MILLS On Friday morning, 4th January 1856, at his 
residence in Parnell, Mr JamesMills, Carter, in his 46th year. 
[NZ'er 5 Jan 1856]

MONK On 19th October 1856, William Henry, infant son 
of William Henry and Mary Monk, aged 7 months. 
[NZ'er 22 Oct 1856]

MORISON On 12th March 1856 in the Military 
Hospital from a wound on the headreceived at the 
battle of Inkermann, Gunner Neil Morison of the
 Royal Artillery. [NZ'er 15 March 1856] 

MURDOCH At his residence, Onehunga, on Monday
 morning, 29th September 1856, Mr John Murdoch
 formerly of the 1st Battalion, Scotch Fusilier Guard, 
aged 54 yrs. The deceased fulfilled his term of service
 in the Enrolled Pensioner Corps in this province and 
was highly respected by his fellow Pensioners and by 
all who knew him as a citizen. He was an intelligent 
and thoughtful man and by his industry has been enabled
 to leave his widow and family comfortably provided for. 
[NZ'er 1 Oct 1856]

NICOL On Tuesday 2nd September 1856, at Freemans 
Bay, of dropsy, after a longand painful illness which she
 bore with Christian fortitude, Mrs Nicol, wife

of William Nicol, in the 47th year of her age. Much 
 regretted by her friends and acquaintances. 
[NZ'er 6 Sept 1856]

O’BRIEN At his residence, Eden Hill, Kyber Pass-road, 
Tuesday afternoon, 22ndApril 1856, in the 73rd year of 
his age, Mr Andrew O’Brien, one of the Earliest settlers 
of New Zealand. May he rest in Peace. Amen. The friends
 of the late Mr Andrew O’Brien are respectfully informed
 that his funeral will leave his late residence, Eden Hill, 
Kyber Pass-road, at 2 o’clock and St Patrick’s Cathedral 
at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of  Thursday 24th April 1856.
 James Halyday, Undertaker. [NZ'er 23 April 1856]

PEEK On the 11th February 1856, Mary Patey, daughter 
of William Patey Peek,aged 8 months. [NZ'er 13 Feb 1856]

POWDITCH At Moreton Bay, in May 1856, W G W 
Powditch Esq., of Hunter’s River NSW,only son of W 
Powditch of Auckland, aged 29 yrs. [NZ'er 2 July 1856]

RAMPLING On Wednesday morning, 4th June 1856, at
 his residence Wyndham-street,after a long and painful 
illness, James Rampling, in the 80th year of his age.
[NZ'er 11 June 1856]

SHALDERS In August 1856, Mr J Shalders of Worstead, 
Norfolk, the late father of R B Shalders, Queen-street. 
[NZ'er 15 Nov 1856]

SKINNER On 23rd April 1856, William Skinner of 
Russell, storekeeper, aged 43 yrs.[NZ'er 21 May 1856]

TURNER On Thursday 4th September 1856 at East 
Tamaki, William Turner Esq, Snr, aged 69 yrs.
 [NZ'er 6 Sept 1856]

VAILE At her residence, Claydon Farm, Gloucestershire, 
on 5th September 1855Emma, the beloved wife of Henry 
Purser Vaile Esq, who also sunk under his painful 
bereavement and expired on the 19th November 
1855 following, in the 47th year of his age. 
[NZ'er 12 April 1856]

VICKERS On Thursday 24th July 1856, Harriet, wife 
 of Samuel Vickers Esq, Epsom- Road, late of New Plymouth.
 [NZ'er 26 July 1856]

WOLLASTON At the Parsonage, Albany, King George’s 
Sound, on 3rd May 1856, the Venerable John Ramsden 
Wollaston, MA, Archdeacon of WesternAustralia, at 
65 yrs. [NZ'er 2 July 1856]

YOUNG On the 26th April 1856 at St George’s Bay,
 the infant daughter of William Young Esq., aged 8 
months. [NZ'er 30 April 1856]


A SAILOR. It is requested as a favour by Capt Hardwick 
and Capt E L Curry, that as many of their friends as can 
make it convenient, should follow the remains of a young 
sailor belonging to the James Maury, whaler, who was 
unfortunately drowned on Saturday evening last off Queen-
street wharf and whose body was found this day - he being
 a very steady and trustworthy young man and much respected 
by all who knew him. The funeral will leave Mr Palmer’s at 
the Masons Home Inn, Wednesday (this day) the 4th February 
1857 at 4 o’clock p.m.  Auckland, New Zealand, 3 March 1857 
[NZ'er 4 March 1857]

BALNEAVIS At Malta on 16th July 1857, Lt Col Henry
 Balneavis, CMG & KH, 65th Regt,Aged 77 years.
 [NZ'er 10 Oct 1857] [Obit. In newspaper]

BATES At her residence, Chancery-street, Catherine, 
wife of Edwin Bates, aged37 years. [NZ'er 10 Oct 1857]

BEARD Yesterday [6 May 1857] at 4 o’clock a.m., 
Mr Joseph Beard, Surgeon-Dentistof this city. He
 arrived in New Zealand in 1841, his intelligence 
and consistent will as a Christian rendered him a 
valuable member of society and obtained for him
 the respectand esteem of many friends. The funeral 
will proceed from his late residence in West Queen-
street at 3 o’clock this afternoon. [NZ'er 6 May 1857]

BOYD At her late residence, Victoria-street, on 1st 
March 1857, in the 31st year of her age, after a long 
and lingering illness which she bore with exemplary 
meekness and Christian resignation, Elizabeth, the 
beloved wife of Mr George Boyd. 
[NZ'er 4 March 1857]

BRIGHTON At Waterloo Quadrant on 4th September 
1857, John George, aged 4 yrs 10 Months, son of Mr 
William Brighton, Store-keeper, Shortland-street.
 [NZ'er 5 Sept 1857]

BRUCE On Saturday 20th June 1857, at the residence 
of her son, Parnell, MrsJames Bruce, aged 74 yrs. 
[NZ'er 24 June 1857]

BUCHANAN On 25th July 1857 at New Brighton, 
Cheshire, aged 66 yrs, Mary, wife of Benjamin 
Buchanan Esq and mother of Mr James Buchanan 
of this city. [NZ'er 11 Nov 1857]

BULLER On Thursday 19th February 1857, Mrs 
Janefer Buller (mother of Rev James Buller  of 
Wellington) aged 67 years. Funeral will leave the 
residence of Mr Buller, Queen-street, tomorrow 
Sunday at 3 o’clock. [NZ'er 21 Feb 1857]

BUTTLE At Waipa on 8th March 1857, Jane, 
wife of Rev George Buttle, Wesleyan Missionary. 
Deeply lamented by a numerous family and a large
 circle of friends and relatives. [NZ'er 14 March 1857]

BYRCHMORE On 10th September 1857, Mrs 
Frances Byrchmore, aged 67 yrs. 
[NZ'er12 Sept1857]

CHRISTOPHER On 22nd February 1857 of apoplexy 
while on a visit at Wymondley near 
Otahuhu, Mr William
 Christopher, aged 58 years, of Auckland.
 [NZ'er 4 March 1857]

CLARE At the residence of Rev T Norrie, Drury, on 30th 
October 1857, Jessie, Beloved wife of William Clare Esq, 
Hunua. [NZ'er 4 Nov 1857]

CULPAN On 8th July 1857, Mr William Culpan of Halifax, 
Yorkshire, aged 70 yrs. [NZ'er 11 July 1857]

GRUT On Thursday 21st July 1857 on the North 
Shore, Emily Collings Grut, aged 6 years 4 months, 
only daughter of Collings de Jersy Grut Esq.
 [NZ'er 25 July 1857]

HANSARD On the night of 1-2nd April 1857 at Evanwood, 
Grafton Road, Jane, the beloved wife of Robert William 
Hansard, aged 42 years. [NZ'er 5 April 1857]

HARKINS At his residence, Shortland-street, on 
Monday 3rd August 1857, Mr William Harkins, 
aged 49 years, after a long and painful illness 
which he bore with Christian fortitude. 
[NZ'er 5 Aug 1857]

HENRY On Sunday 15th February 1857, Mr John 
Henry Jr, aged 32 years. [NZ'er 21 Feb 1857]

 IRVING On 28th February 1857, Henry Irving, native 
of Philadelphia, US. He  wasAccidentally drowned when 
going on board the Sedulous, cutter. [NZ'er 4 March 1857]

JOHNSTONE At Kawhia, at a very advanced age, William
 Johnstone, for many years acarpenter in connection with
 the Wesleyan Mission. [NZ'er 7 Oct 1857]

LITTLEWOOD At Russell on 22nd August 1857, Henry 
Littlewood Esq, Solicitor, of a son. [NZ'er 9 Sept 1857] ??

LORD On 6th July 1857 at Hyderabad, Scinde, Rowena 
Russell, eldest daughter of J Russell Esq, Rose Bank, 
Epsom, Auckland, wife of Lt Charles Lord, HEICS.
 [NZ'er 25 Nov 1857]

MAIR On 16th July 1857, at his residence, Deveron, 
Wangarie, Gilbert Mair Esq, Of apoplexy, aged 57 years. 
[NZ'er 22 July 1857]

MASON On 3rd April 1857 at Wahapu, Bay of Islands, 
David Mason, a late resident of that place, universally 
respected, aged 47 years. He was a native of Glasgow. 
[NZ'er 15 April 1857]

McCALL Drowned at sea on Friday 19th July 1847, 
Mr James McCall, late Master of The  schooner Osprey 
and formerly Mate of the Wonga Wonga.
 [NZ'er 22 July 1857]

McEVOY On 22nd July 1857, Mr Alexander McEvoy, 
late of Phillipstown House,Dundale, Co.Louth, Ireland, 
aged 60 yrs. [NZ'er 1 Aug 1857]

MILLS On 27th May 1857 at her residence, Parnell, 
Mrs Ann Mills, aged 44 years, Widow of the late John 
Isaac Mills, deeply regretted by a numerous circleof friends. 
[NZ'er 30 May 1857]

MORGAN On Friday 23rd October 1857 at the residence 
of his brother, Wellesley-Street, Mr Luther Morgan, aged
 27 yrs. [NZ'er 24 Oct 1857]

OSBORN On 30th July 1857 at Mount-street, Auckland, 
Latham Osborn Esq, ofPapakura, aged 27 years, son of 
the late J C Osborn Esq, of Margate, Kent.[NZ'er 1 Aug 1857]

PARKER At Upper Queen-street, on 25th September 1857,
 of croop (sic), Robert,youngest son of Mr William Parker, 
aged 3 yrs 6 mths. [NZ'er 26 Sept 1857]

PILKINGTON On Thursday 20th August 1857, William 
James Pilkington, aged 24 years. Funeral will leave his 
residence opposite Gibralter Rock, West Queen-street.
 [NZ'er 22 Aug 1857]

RICHARDSON At Drogheda, on 14th July 1857, 
Ellen, relict of the late F Richardson Esq and 
Daughter of the late Major Baylis, Deputy Assistant 
Adjutant General, in Ireland. [NZ'er 11 Nov 1857]

RUSSEL On 13th November 1857, Emily, daughter 
of Thomas Russel Esq, aged 1 yr 7 mths.NZ'er 21 Nov 1857]

SALMON At Eden Cottage, Grafton Road, on Thursday
 5th November 1857, Alice, beloved wife of John Salmon 
Esq, aged 33 yrs. [NZ'er 7 Nov 1857]

SELBY On 2nd June 1857, John Selby, aged 25 years, 
son of David Selby Esq, ofKennington, Surry (sic). 
[NZ'er 6 June 1857]

SIMPSON On 22nd December 1857, Mrs Simpson, 
aged 79 years. The deceasedarrived in Auckland in
1851 and for five years had been afflicted with blindness.
 [NZ'er 26 Dec 1857]

SLADE On 31st October 1857, William, son of James
 Slade, Edward-street, aged 1 year. [NZ'er 4 Nov 1857]

SMITH On 13th March 1857 at the residence of his 
son in law, Timothy Gibbs, Albert-street, Mr John 
Smith, Bricklayer, aged 66 years.
 [NZ'er 14 March 1857]

STAFF On 5th June 1857, Alicia, wife of Ensign Staff,
 58th Regt, aged 28 years. Residence Wakefield-street. 
[NZ'er 6 June 1857]

STAFFORD At Auckland on Saturday 18th April 
1857, aged 29 yrs, Emily Charlotte, thewife of E W 
Stafford Esq, Colonial Secretary of New Zealand.
 [NZ'er 22 April 1857]

SUTHERLAND At Bindale, Easter Ross, on 21st
 April 1857, Margaret Sutherland, wife ofAndrew 
Chisholm Esq. [NZ'er 25 July 1857]

SYMONDS At Hunston, Onehunga, on 16th October
 1857, John Jermyn, infant son of John Jermyn Symonds 
Esq, aged 7 months. [NZ'er 21 Oct 1857]

TUTTY At his residence, White Hart Hotel, Queen-street, 
on Saturday 13th June 1857 Aged 45 years, John Tutty,
 son of the late John Tutty of Battle, Sussex, England. [
NZ'er 17 June 1857]

WEBSTER At Vincent-street, on Saturday 11th July 1857,
 John Webster, third son ofMr C A Harris, aged 5 years 7 
months. [NZ'er 15 July 1857]

WHITAKER At Auckland on the evening of 9th July 
1857, Mary Helen, aged 14 months, Youngest daughter 
of Frederick Whitaker Esq. [NZ'er 11 July 1857]

WILLIAMS On Wednesday morning, 24th June 1857, at 
his residence, Onehunga, Capt John Jury Williams, after
 a severe illness, aged 57 years. [NZ'er 27 June 1857


 On 4th December 1858 at his residence .............. Waiuku, in the 50th ye
ar of his age, John .......wartha Esq, formerly of Marazion, Cornwall.
[NZ'er  1858]

ANDREWS On Friday 11th June 1858 at his residence, Princes-street, Henry
John Andrews, only son of Henry Andrews, Master, RN, Plymouth, Devon, aged
53 yrs.  The deceased was formerly Surgeon to the Provincial Hospital and
for the last three years Surgeon to the Royal Fountain of Friendship Lodge
IOOFMU and Coroner for the City of Auckland.  [NZ'er 12 June 1858]

ARCHIBALD On Friday 14th March 1858, at the residence of her father,
Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr David Archibald, aged 11 yrs 6 mths.  [NZ'er
15 May 1858]

BAYLIS At Kingston, Jamaica, on 15th September 1857, Lieut Robert Baylis,
2nd West India Regt (formerly of H M 99th Regt), third son of the late Capt
T H Baylis, 17th Regt.  [NZ'er 6 Feb 1858]

BOWER On his arrival at Plymouth, May 13th 1858, after a protracted voyage,
D.A.C.G. Rupert B Bower, late of the Commissariat Department, Melbourne.
[NZ'er 25 Aug 1858]

BREWER On 5th December 1858, after a long and painful illness, Frances
Hannah, the beloved wife of ?............ Brewer, Auckland, aged 47 years.
[NZ'er 8 Dec 1858]

BUCHANAN On 31st May 1858, Agnes, second daughter of Dr Buchanan, 
aged 21 yrs.  [NZ'er 5 June 1858]

BURNS On Sunday, 22nd August 1858, at Tamaki, Sarah Annie, daughter of Mr
David Burns, Schoolmaster, aged 5 years.  The funeral will pass Newmarket at
about 1 pm.  [NZ'er 25 Aug 1858]

CADMAN On 20th February 1858, Catherine, infant daughter of J Cadman, 
aged 7 months.  [NZ'er 24 Feb 1858]

CAMPBELL On 7th July 1858, at Christchurch, Lt Col James CAMPBELL, 
aged 71years. [NZ'er 31 July 1858]

CHAPELL On 27th April 1858, Mr Chas Chappell, aged 53 years.  Residence
Parnell.  [NZ'er 28 April 1858]

On 30th March 1858, William Joseph, aged 14 months, youngest son of H
Christopher, Grocer, West Queen-street.  [NZ'er 31 March 1858]

CHURTON At Mahurangi on 24th April 1858, Mary Charlotte, wife of Alexander
Knowles Churton Esq and eldest daughter of William Dyer Esq, HEIC Service,
Bengal Medial Establishment, aged 19 years.  [NZ'er 28 April 1858]

CRUMMER On Monday 4th October 1858, at Parnell, Thomas Crummer Esq, 
aged 44 years.  [NZ'er 6 Oct 1858]

CURTIS On 15th March 1858, Emily Margaret, only surviving child of Mr
Curtis, Surgeon, Auckland, aged 8 months.  [NZ'er 17 March 1858]

DAVIS On 21st April 1858, Mrs Rosannah Davis, widow of the late Mr Benjamin
Davis, aged 47 years.  [NZ'er 24 April 1858]

DAVIS On 31st May 1858 at the residence of Mr Dinnan, Ponsonby Road, Mr
Daniel Davis of the firm Dinnan & Davis of this city and Band Master of the
58th Regt, aged 33 yrs.  Funeral from St Patrick's Church.  [NZ'er 2 June

DAVIS On 23rd September 1858, Elizabeth Emma, daughter of Mr John Davis,
aged 4 yrs 6 months.  Funeral will leave from the residence, Albert-street.
[NZ'er  23 Sept 1858]

DOHERTY On 1st October 1857 at St Mary's Convent of Mercy, Patrick Street,
Cork (Ireland), Sister Rose Doherty, daughter of the late Nicholas Docherty
Esq, JP, Ballydruid (nr Cahir), County of Tipperary.  Deeply lamented by all
hr many friends to whom she had greatly endeared herself by her kind and
amiable disposition.  [NZ'er 3 Feb 1858]

ELLIS At Parnell, 11th August 1858, William Hargraves, infant son of Capt
William Ellis, aged 3 months.  [NZ'er 14 Aug 1858]

EVANS On Friday 12th November 1858, Catherine, youngest daughter 
of Robert Evans, aged 2yrs 7mths.  The funeral will leave from Chapel-street. 
[NZ'er 13 Nov 1858]

FLEETWOOD On Tuesday 31st August 1858 at her residence, Wakefield-street,
Caroline, wife of Mr John Fleetwood, in her 32nd year.  [NZ'er 4 Sept 1858]

GOURLEY On 10th May 1858, John Gourley, late of Cookstown, Ireland, aged 33
years. Residence Wellesley-street.  [NZ'er 12 May 1858]

GRAHAM On 11th December 1857 at Locherd Cottage near Glasgow, Robert Graham
Esq, aged 78 yrs.  [NZ'er 17 March 1858]

GRAHAME At Parnell on Monday 8th February 1858, Jessie, third daughter of
William S Grahame Esq, aged 7 yrs.  [NZ'er 10 Feb 1858]

HAMBLIN On 9th August 1858 at Waipuna, Tamaki, Elizabeth, wife of Rev James
Hamblin, aged 54 years.  [NZ'er 11 Aug 1858]

HAMLIN On 20th March 1858, at The Parsonage, Onehunga, Isabella C.E.D.,
infant daughter of Mr James Hamlin, aged 16 months.  [NZ'er 24 March 1858]

HART On the 7th December 1858, at his residence, Mount [?Street], John Hart,
aged 75 years.  [NZ'er 8 Dec 1858]

HASLUM At Albert Barracks on 5th May 1858, Harriet, eldest daughter of
Colour Sergeant Patrick Haslum, 58th Regt, aged 6 yrs 6 wks.  [NZ'er 8 May

HICKSON At his residence 'The Grove', Otahuhu, on Tuesday 16th March 1858,
Capt John Annersley Hickson (late Staff Officer of Pensioners), eldest son
of the late Richard Hickson Esq, Stamford Hall, Co. Cork.  [NZ'er 20 March

HODGE On Wednesday 29th September 1858, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of Andrew
Hodge, Blacksmith, High-street, aged ?45 years.  [NZ'er 2 Oct 1858]

JACKSON On 8th February 1858 at his residence, Green Hammerton, Yorkshire,
aged 53 years, Mr Samuel Jackson, formerly of Prov. Green, Yorkshire.
[NZ'er  15 May 1858]

JOHNSON On 12th November 1857 at Artillery Place, Finsbury, Mr Robert
Anthony Johnson, the last surviving son of Mr George Johnson of London, aged
39 yrs.  [NZ'er 6 March 1858]

JOHNSON On 13th February 1858 at Bourke-street, Sydney, NSW, William 
JohnsonEsq, JP, Gold Commissioner for the Western Districts, aged 31 yrs. 
 [NZ'er 7 April 1858]

JOHNSON At Auckland on 27th June 1858, James Johnson, aged 45 yrs.  
[NZ'er 30 June 1858]

KELLY At his residence, Onehunga, on Thursday 18th November 1858, Patrick
Kelly, aged 54 years.  [NZ'er 20 Nov 1858]

KINLOCH At Parnell on 18th June, Jane, beloved wife of William Kinloch.
[NZ'er 19 June 1858]

LASTON At Onehunga on 26th June 1858, Matilda Adeline, eldest daughter of
E.S.D.  Laston Esq, aged 1 yr 11 mths.   [NZ'er 30 June 1858]

LIVICK On 28th February 1858, Clara, daughter of Mr George Livick, aged 2
months.  [NZ'er 3 March 1858]

MABOLA On 18th March 1858 at the East Coast, Catherine Julia, infant
daughter of Neil Mabola Esq.  [NZ'er 15 May 1858]

MANERY On 19th September 1858 at Auckland Hospital, William Manery of
Papakura, aged 43 years.  [NZ'er 23 Sept 1858]

McEWAN On 27th September 1858, Margaret, beloved wife of William McEwan,
Draper, Shortland-street, corner of High-street, aged 36 years.  [NZ'er  29 Sept 1858]

McINTOSH At Parnell on 26th March 1858, Laura Rose, second daughter of C H
McIntosh Esq, aged 2 yrs 6 mths.  [NZ'er 3 April 1858]

McKAY On Monday 16th August 1858, at her residence, Margaret, wife of
Alexander McKay.  [NZ'er 18 Aug 1858]

MONK On 2nd November 1858, at Symonds Street, Mr W H Monk.  [NZ'er 4 Dec

MURRAY Of pulmonary consumption, on 23rd November 1858 at his residence, St
George's Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, Robert Arthur Murray Esq, formerly of
Halifax, Novia Scotia and of Moorgate-street, London, aged 32 years. [NZ'er
27 Nov 1858]

NESBITT On 17th June 1858 at her residence, Argyle Street, Sydney, in the
56th year of her age, Mary, relict of the late Mr John Nesbitt, formerly of
the 'Sydney Morning Herald' and mother of Mr George Nesbitt of this City.
[NZ'er 10 July 1858]

NUNNINGTON At Albert Barracks on 21st May 1858, William Joseph, only 
son of Sergeant Major William Nunnington, 58th Regt, aged 4 yrs 9 mths.  
[NZ'er 22 May 1858]

OLIVER On 2nd May 1858, William Oliver, North Shore, of consumption, 
aged 48 yrs. One of the early settlers.  [NZ'er 5 May 1858]

OSBORNE On Friday 24th December 1858, late residence Court Hotel,
Queen-street, Joseph Osborne, aged 56 years.  [NZ'er 25 Dec 1858]

O'REGAN In Bank Place, Limerick, aged 82 years, Mrs Bridget O'Regan, relict
of the late John O'Regan, Mathematician, and mother of Mr Michael O'Regan,
President of the Congregated Trades and mother in law of George Sellors,
lately surgeon in the 58th Regt.  A lady through life, much respected by her
friends and acquaintances and deeply and sincerely regretted.  [NZ'er 12
June 1858]

PARKER On 6th September 1858, Mary Ann Parker, wife of Serjeant David Parker
of the 58th Regt.  The funeral will leave from the Albert Barracks. [NZ'er 8
Sept 1858]

PLUMMER On Monday 27th December 1858, Sophia Sewel, wife of William Plummer,
Assistant Military Storekeeper and Barrack-master, aged 28 years.  [NZ'er
29 Dec1858]

RAY  On 21st January 1858, at the residence of Mr Tandy, Parnell, Edwin Ray,
aged 23 years.  [NZ'er 23 Jan 1858]

REYNOLDS At the Wharf Hotel at 10.30 p.m. on 24th August 1858, J B Reynolds
of the brig Missie.  [NZ'er 27 Aug 1858]

ROBINSON On 12th July 1858 at his residence, Barrack-street, Auckland, Mr
Joseph Robinson, Teacher, aged 52 years.  The deceased was one of the oldest
settlers in the Colony and was well known for his untiring efforts in the
cause of education and religious freedom.  [NZ'er 14 July 1858]

RUSSELL At Harbourview, Wakefield-street, on 20th April 1858, Ann Jane,
daughter of John Russell, Rose Bank, Epsom.  [NZ'er 21 April 1858]

SCOTT  At the Metropolitan Hotel, on 8th September 1858, John, eldest son of
Walter Scott, aged 36 years.  [NZ'er 11 Sept 1858]

SCOTT  On Monday 11th October 1858, Mary, second daughter of William Scott,
aged 8 years.  Funeral to leave from Mount-street.  [NZ'er 13 Oct 1858]

SCOTTER On Wednesday 15th December 1858 at her residence, Newmarket, of a
lingering illness borne with Christian fortitude, Hannah, the beloved wife
of Edward Scotter, in her 41st year.

SHERRETT On 5th August 1858, William Sherrett, aged 35 years.  Funeral will
leave the residence, Smale's Point.  [NZ'er 7 Aug 1858]

SPEEDY On ?13th July 1858 at The Grange, Te Wanakaha, Gore Essex Holcombe,
youngest son of Major Speedy, aged 20 months.  [NZ'er 17 July 1858]

STIRRAT At Aurora, Illinois, US, on 9th November 1857, Mr John Stirrat, late
of Auckland.  [NZ'er 17 March 1858]

TAYLOR  At Victoria Cottage, Albert-street, on 27th January 1858, Emily
Susan, only daughter of the late T E Taylor of H M Customs, aged 66 years.  
[NZ'er  30 Jan 1858]

TELFORD On 27th August 1858 at Port Macquarie, NSW, John Telford Esq, late
of Auckland.  [NZ'er 9 Oct 1858]

WARRINGTON At his residence, Mornington Villa, Otahuhu, on 19th December
1858,Augustus Warrington Esq, Surgeon, aged 31 years.  [NZ'er 22 Dec 1858]

WEMYSS At Wanganui on 5th July 1858, W Frederick Wemyss Esq, Lieut., H M
65th Regt, aged 26 yrs 8 mths.  Deeply regretted by his brother officers and
numerous friends.  [NZ'er 28 July 1858]

WOON  At his residence Wilson-street, Wanganui, on 22nd October 1858, Rev
William Woon, aged 54 years 9 mths.  He was a native of Truro, Cornwall and left
England in the year 1839 as a Wesleyan Missionary to the Friendly Islands
and New Zealand in which capacity he laboured faithfully and efficiently for
23 years.  [NZ'er 16 Oct 1858]

YOUNG On Thursday 11th February 1858, at St George's Bay, Charles Hubert,
infant son of William Young Esq, aged 5 months.  [NZ'er 13 Feb 1858]


ANNING On Thursday 3rd January 1859, Mr John Thomas Anning, accidentally
 drowned while bathing. [NZ'er 5 Feb 1859] 

ARMSTRONG On 12th October 1859, at his residence Princes-street, Frances 
Armstrong, aged 33 yrs.  [NZ'er 15 Oct 1859]

BAIRD At his residence, Fairview, Otahuhu, on 15th February 1859, Thomas Baird Esq, 
formerly of Londonderry, Ireland, aged 62 years.  [NZ'er 16 Feb 1859]
BAYLIS On 15th February 1859, drowned in the River Lachlan, NSW, John, youngest 
son of the late Capt Baylis, HM 17th Regt.  [NZ'er 4 May 1859]
BISS On 3rd October 1859, Martha, beloved wife of William Biss, aged 21 yrs.  
[NZ'er 5 Oct 1859]
BROWN On 3rd February 1859, Elizabeth L, beloved wife of Mr Stephen P Brown, 
aged 45 years.  [NZ'er 5 Feb 1859]  The funeral will leave the residence at Waterloo 
BUSBY At Victoria, Bay of Islands, on 5th November 1859, in consequence to the 
accidental discharge of a gun, four days before, in the 21st year of his age, George 
Alexander, third son of James Busby Esq.  [NZ'er 12 Nov 1859]
CLARK On Monday 27th June 1859, Sarah, beloved wife of John Frederick Clark 
of Cook-street,  aged 19 years.  [NZ'er 29 June 1859]
CONNELL At his residence, Kyber Pass Road, on Monday 22nd August 1859, 
William Connell  Esq, aged 53 yrs.  [NZ'er 24 Aug 1859]
COOKE At her residence, Victoria-street, Mary, beloved wife of Alexander 
Cooke, aged 75 yrs.  [NZ'er 28 Sept 1859]
DAVIS On Friday 11th March 1859 at the residence of Charles Davis Esq, 
Karangahape-road,  Louis Davis Esq, aged 27 yrs.  [NZ'er 12 March 1859]
DUCROS Drowned at the Tamaki Heads on 8th May 1859, William Harvey 
Ducros, aged 18 years.  [NZ'er 25 May 1859]
DUKE On 15th July 1859, at his residence, Eden Crescent, George Duke, 
aged 37 yrs.  [NZ'er 16 July 1859]
ELLIS On Wednesday 10th August 1859 at Freemans Bay, Henrietta Maria,
infant daughter of Mr H Ellis, aged 12 months.  [NZ'er 13 Aug 1859]
ELLIS At Bird Grove on 22nd August 1849, Georgina, infant daughter of 
Mr H Ellis, aged 12 months.  Funeral will leave from Freemans Bay. 
 [NZ'er 24 Aug 1859]
EWEN At Otahuhu on 3rd April 1859, aged 2 yrs, Emily, youngest daughter 
of Mr Chapman Ewen.  [NZ'er 6 April 1859]
FAIRBURN At his residence, Ravensbourne, on 10th January 1859, 
William Thomas Fairburn Esq, aged 64 yrs.  [NZ'er 12 Jan 1859]
FINLASON At Wellesley-street, 21st September 1859, Jessie, daughter 
of W R Finlason, Accountant, aged 5 yrs 4 mths.  [NZ'er 24 Sept 1859]
FISHER Found drowned at the island of Waiheki, Mr Dugald Fisher, 
late of Otahuhu.  [NZ'er 14 May 1859]
FITZGERALD At Shortland-street, Auckland, on Tuesday 5th April 1859, aged 
2 ½ yrs, Otho John, eldest son of John D Fitzgerald.  [NZ'er 9 April 1859]
FLEMING At his residence, Grey-street, on 22nd June 1859, Matthew Fleming, 
aged 62 yrs.  [NZ'er 25 June 1859]
GILBERD On 16th December 1859, Emma Jemima, daughter of J Gilberd, 
aged 2months.  [NZ'er 17 Dec 1859]
GIMBLE Found drowned at Brown’s Island, Clement Gimble, aged
 20 yrs 8 mths, second son of George Gimble.  The funeral will leave 
from Durham-street.  [NZ'er 16 April 1859]
GOLD On 14th September 1859, Emilius George Henslow, son of Col. Gold,
 Commanding  the Forces, aged 2 yrs 8 mths.  [NZ'er 21 Sept 1859]
GRAY At Wynstead near Otahuhu, on 7th April 1859, John Gray, Lieut Col, 
unattached,  late of HM 40th Regt, aged 60 yrs.  [NZ'er 9 April 1859]
GRAY  At his residence, West Queen-street, on Saturday 17th September 1859,
  John Gray Jr, late of Glasgow, Scotland, aged 28 yrs.  [NZ'er 21 Sept 1859]
GRIMLEY On 29th August 1859, James Grimley, aged 50 yrs.  Residence,
 Wyndham-street.  [NZ'er 31 Aug 1859]

HAGAN On 12th December 1859 at his residence,Princes-street, George Hagan,
 aged 25 yrs.  [NZ'er 14 Dec 1859]
HART At San Francisco on 19th July 1859, in his 59th year, William Hart Esq, 
formerly of this city.  [NZ'er 26 Oct 1859]
HENDERSON On 3rd August 1859 at the residence of his brother, Hobson-street, 
William Henderson, Queen-street, Draper, aged 38 years.  [NZ'er 6 Aug 1859]
HEWLETT On Sunday 2nd October 1859 at Mangere, Theophilus Cecil Hewlett, 
in his 11th year.  [NZ'er 5 Oct 1859]
HILL At Sandhurst, Melbourne, on 30th December 1858, after a few days illness, Mr 
James Carlton Hill of Auckland, New Zealand, aged 61 years.  [NZ'er  26 Jan 1859]
HILL On 30th October 1859, at the Provincial Hospital, David Hill, aged 36 yrs.
 [NZ'er 2 Nov 1859]
HILLS On 23rd March 1859, George Henry, infant son of Mr Daniel Hills, a
ged 7 weeks.  Funeral will leave from the residence, Eden Crescent.  
[NZ'er 26 March 1859]
HOLMES On Saturday 25th June 1859, Eliza, beloved wife of Mr Thomas Holmes, 
aged 56 yrs.  [NZ'er 29 June 1859]
JAMES On 16th November 1859, at his residence, Onehunga, H N James.  [NZ'er  
23 Nov 1859]
JOHNSON On 26th December 1859, at his residence, Grey-street, Andrew Johnson, 
aged 57 yrs.  [NZ'er 26 Dec 1859]
JOHNSTON On Thursday 21st July 1859, Miss Margaret Johnston of Auckland.  
Funeral will leave from residence, Albert-street.  [NZ'er 23 July 1859]
KELLY On 25th February, 1859, at 6 a.m., at Mr Sheehan’s, the Governor
 Browne Hotel, Mr John Kelly, aged 47 years, late of Onehunga.  The funeral 
will take place on Sunday at 3 o’clock p.m.  The procession will move from 
the Governor Browne Hotel at 3 p.m. precisely.  [NZ'er 26 Feb 1859]
KING On 2nd January 1859 at Windsor, the wife of Capt John Duncan 
King, Military Knight, of Windsor and sister to the late Lord Chief Justice
 Tindal, aged 70 yrs.  [NZ'er 16 April 1859]
LAWRY On Wednesday 30th April 1859, in his 66th year, at his residence 
Parramatta, Rev Walter Lawry.  For upwards of 40 years a zealous and 
devoted Minister in the Wesleyan connection.  [NZ'er 4 May 1859]
LIDDELLS On 15th February 1859 at Queenscliff, Mary, wife of Mr 
James Liddells, aged 53 yrs.  [NZ'er 6 April 1859]
MACKY On Thursday 1st December 1859, Catherine Cochrane, aged 38 yrs, 
beloved wife of Thomas Macky, Merchant, of this city.  Residence, Hobson-street.  
[NZ'er 3 Dec 1859]
MACVICAR On Sunday 20th March 1859 of convulsions, Christina, infant 
daughter of Arch. Macvicar, Victoria-street.  [NZ'er 22 March 1859]
MADDISON Drowned near the Queen-street Wharf on 23rd July 1859, 
Thomas Maddison, aged 27 yrs.  A native of Norfolk, England.  Much 
regretted by all who knew him.  
[NZ'er 27 July 1859]
MARRETT Found drowned on the Tamaki Sandspit, John Marrett, 
aged 22 years, a native of Jersey.   [NZ'er 25 May 1859]
MARSHALL On Monday 6th June 1859, Mrs Isabella Marshall, late 
of Hobson-street, aged 75 yrs.   The funeral will leave from the Provincial 
Hospital, Auckland.  [NZ'er  8 June 1859]
MASTERS On 18th January 1859, Cecil Godfrey, second son of Henry J 
Masters Esq, aged 8 months.   [NZ'er 19 Jan 1859]
McCULLUM At his father’s residence, Barrack-street, William McCullum, 
1st Lieut,Volunteer Rifles, aged 37 yrs.  [NZ'er 30 Nov 1859]
McEWAN On 3rd January 1859, Robert, youngest son of Mr W McEwan, 
Draper,Shortland-street, aged 3 months.  [NZ'er 5 Jan 1859]
McLEAN On 20th February 1859, at sea on board the Columbian, Percy
 Westbrook, infant son of J D McLean of Westbrook, Darling Downs, aged 
50 weeks. [NZ'er 13 April 1859]
McLEAN On 7th June 1859, found drowned at Moutu Tapu, John McLean,
 Master Mariner, late of Auckland.  The funeral will leave from Official Bay. 
 [NZ'er  8 June 1859]
McMULLIN On Sunday 10th April 1859, at Otahuhu, Mr Neal McMullin, 
aged 62 yrs.  [NZ'er 13 April 1859]
McQUATERS On 28th October 1859, Mary Jane, beloved wife of John 
McQuaters, aged 41 yrs.   Residence, Wellington-street.  [NZ'er 29 Oct 1859]
MILNER Found drowned on the beach near Howick, on 20th May 1859, 
John Milner, aged 18 years.  [NZ'er 25 May 1859]
MITFORD At Russell on 24th May 1859, Emma Mary, wife of George
 M Mitford Esq, aged 30 yrs.  [NZ'er 4 June 1859]
MOFFITT On 25th April 1859 on board s.s. Prince Alfred, Frank Evelyn, 
infant son of Mr J L Moffitt,  aged 9 months.  [NZ'er 30 April 1859]
MORRIS On 25th December 1858 at her residence, Queen-street, Miss 
Esther Morris, aged 45 years.   [NZ'er 2 Feb 1859]
PALMER At her father’s residence, Eden Crescent, Official Bay, on 
Friday 18th November  1859, Jane, second daughter of Mr James 
Palmer, Royal Hotel, Auckland, aged 7 yrs.  [NZ'er 19 Nov 1859]
PEEK At Mr Hawkin’s, Official Bay, on Saturday 17th September 
1859, Henry Peek aged 30 yrs.  [NZ'er 19 Sept 1859]
PITTOCK On 8th January 1859, Henry Joseph, infant son of Charles 
Pittock, aged  20 days.  [NZ'er 12 Jan 1859] 

PITTOCK On 15th January 1859, George John, second infant son of 
Charles Pittock, Upper  Queen-street, aged 25 days.  [NZ'er 15 Jan 1859]
PLUMMER On the morning of 4th March 1859 at Auckland, aged 39
 years, William Plummer  Esq, Barrack-master and Asst Military Storekeeper.  
The funeral will leave from Albert Barracks,  4 p.m., this day (Saturday). 
 [NZ'er 4 March 1859]
QUE On 17th November 1859 at the residence of Mr Lewis, Shortland Crescent, 
William Que,  aged 35 yrs.  [NZ'er 19 Nov 1859]
REYNOLDS Suddenly on 19th July 1859 at Shorncliffe Camp, England, Brevet 
Major Henry  Reynolds of the 58th Regt., aged 54 yrs.  [NZ'er 22 Oct 1859]
ROBINSON On Friday 18th March 1859, Frederick, infant son of Mr C Robinson, 
Hobson-street.   [NZ'er 19 March 1859]
RULE On 30th January 1859, Mr John Rule, aged 38 years.  [NZ'er 2 Feb 1859]
RUSSELL At Russell on 21st September 1859, William Henry, infant son 
of John Russell, aged 5 weeks.  [NZ'er 5 Oct 1859]
SADLIER On 2nd December 1859 at his residence, Upper Queen-street, George
 Foster Sadlier Esq,  late Major in HM 47th Regt., aged 73 yrs. 
 [NZ'er 3 Dec 1859]
SCOTT At his residence on 10th September 1859, Walter Scott of the 
Metropolitan Hotel, Auckland, aged ?50/59 yrs.  [NZ'er 14 Sept 1859] 

SHEPHERD At Auckland on 20th July 1859, Alexander Shepherd Esq,
 late Colonial Treasurer,  aged 61 years.  [NZ'er 23 July 1859]  
(Obituary also printed in this issue)
SHORT On 25th June 1859 at Solihull, Yorkshire, England, Col. Robert Short, 
HEICS, aged  75 yrs.  [NZ'er 22 Oct 1859]
SHOVE On 20th December 1859, Henry, only son of Thomas Shove, Hobson-street.
 [NZ'er 21 Dec 1859]
SIMS On 26th May 1859, Eugene Robert, son of Frederick and Mary J Sims, aged 
2 yrs 5 mths.   [NZ'er 28 May 1859]
SINGER On Tuesday night [25th Jan 1859], at his father’s residence, Parnell, 
Herbert Harty Singer,  aged 18 months.  [NZ'er 29 Jan 1859]
SOMERVILLE On Thursday 29th September 1859, after a short illness, 
Martha, beloved wife  of Mark Somerville, aged 25 yrs.  Funeral will leave
 from the residence, Wakefield-street.   [NZ'er 1 Oct 1859]
ST AMOUR At Bombay on 7th April 1859, in the 50th year of his age, of 
smallpox, Capt Henry  St Amour, HEICS, youngest surviving brother of 
Mr Richard St Amour of this city.  [NZ'er 27 July 1859] 
STRESTER On 10th October 1859 at Nelson-street, Edward Phillip Strester,
 aged 21 yrs. [NZ'er 12 Oct 1859]
TAYLOR At West Tamaki, on 14th December 1859, Arthur Charles, youngest 
child of W I Taylor  Esq, gated 1 yr 8 mths.  [NZ'er 17 Dec 1859]
TRIMMER At Howick on Friday 21st October 1859, John Trimmer, 
aged 59 yrs.  [NZ'er  29 Oct 1859]
TUDEHOPE At Grey-street on 18th September 1859, Jane, only surviving
 daughter of Robert Tudehope,  aged 19 yrs.  [NZ'er 21 Sept 1859]
WADDLE On Tuesday, 20th September 1859, William John, only son
 of William R Waddle, Baker.   Funeral from the residence of Mrs Robertson, 
Albert-street. [NZ'er 21 Sept 1859]
WATROUS At the residence of S H Ford Esq, MD, on 28th April 1859,
 Frances E, wife of  Capt W Watrous of the barque Shepherdess of Mystic,
 Conn., United States of America.   [NZ'er 11 May 1859]
WEST At Russell, Bay of Islands, on 28th May 1859, of consumption, aged 34 yrs, 
George R West Esq,  Consul for the United States of America in New Zealand. 
 [NZ'er 8 June 1859]
WILKIE On 11th March 1859, at the residence of her father, Eden Crescent,
 Sarah, eldest  daughter of Mr A Wilkie, aged 6 yrs.  [NZ'er 12 March 1859]
YOUNG At Auckland on 2nd July 1859, Pryse C Young, aged 30 yrs, formerly 
of the Post Office  Department, Victoria, Australia.  [NZ'er 6 July 1859]

1860 Deaths

ADAMSON At Mangawai, on 3rd December 1860, Thomas, eldest son of John 
Adamson, Waikari, Bay of Islands.  [NZ'er 19 Dec 1860]
ANDREWS On Thursday 16th August 1860, at her residence, Parnell, aged 51 yrs,
 Mrs Harriet Mary Brooking Andrews,  relict of the late Henry John Andrews, 
Surgeon and daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Brooking Dolling, Post Captain, 
RN, Newton Ferrars, Devonshire.  [NZ'er 18 Aug 1860]
ANDREWS On 23rd November 1860, John Andrews, aged 22 yrs, eldest son of  
J Andrews, Freemans Bay.  [NZ'er 24 Nov 1860]
ARMITAGE On 17th August 1860 at his residence, Birkby Lodge, Huddersfield, 
Yorks., Joseph Armitage Esq, aged 82 yrs, for nearly half a century a Deputy 
Lieutenant of the Counties of York and Lancaster.   [NZ'er 29 Oct 1860]
BEDGGOOD On 30th May 1860, J H Bedggood Esq, late MPC, Bay of Islands, 
at his residence, Waimate, aged 58 yrs.  His life and death were a witness of the 
power of Christian truth.  [NZ'er 13 June 1860]
BLACKBURN On Easter Tuesday, at St John’s College, William Sewallis Shirley 
Blackburn, aged 20 months.  [NZ'er 14 April 1860]
BLACKETT On 16th August 1860 at Fairlawn, St Georges Bay, Arthur Vere 
Blackett, second son of Mr J C Blackett, aged 3 yrs 3 mths.  [NZ'er 22 Aug 1860]
BLACKMORE On 28th December 1860, the infant daughter of Joseph Blackmore, 
Barrack-street.  [NZ'er 29 Dec 1860]
BOWLING On 29th November 1860 at Onehunga, Winefred Reed, infant 
daughter  of J Reed Bowling Esq, aged 5 weeks.  [NZ'er 1 Dec 1860]
BRADY On 7th January 1860, Ann, eldest and beloved daughter of P Brady, 
Panmure, aged 13 yrs.  [NZ'er 11 Jan 1860]
BRIGHAM On 25th September 1860, suddenly, at his residence Waterside, 
Derry, Mr David Brigham, Merchant.  [NZ'er 29 Dec 1860]
BROWN On 17th April 1860 at Claremount House, Auckland, New Zealand, 
Joseph Thomas Brown, aged 25 yrs.  Late passenger on board Nimroud (sic).  
[NZ'er 21 April 1860]
BROWN On 23rd April 1860, while at work near the Scotch Church, George 
James, third son of Mr James Brown of Papakura, aged 18 yrs.  The funeral 
will leave from the premises of Mr William Bruce, Parnell.  [NZ'er 25 April 1860]
BROWNING On 10th July 1860 at Albert-street, Louisa, third daughter of Samuel
 & Ellen Browning, aged 14 mths 25 days.  [NZ'er 11 July 1860]
CARMICHAEL On 6th September 1860 on board the ship Commodore Perry,
 between Melbourne & Auckland, Thomas Carmichael aged 2yrs 5mths; and 
on 18th November 1960 at Queen-street, Auckland, Mary, only surviving child 
of Capt James Carmichael, aged 13 mths.  [NZ'er 21 Nov 1860]
CHAMBERS At Wakefield-street, on 4th January 1860, deeply regretted
 by all who knew him, Mr Robert Chambers, aged 23, eldest son of Capt 
R Chambers of the ship Jura of Glasgow and lately Second Officer of 
that vessel.  [NZ'er 5 May 1860]
CHAPPELL At Parnell on 16th March 1860, Mary Chappell. 
 [NZ'er 21 March 1860]
CLARK On 2nd May 1860 at Onehunga, of convulsions, aged 10 months, 
Frederick William, infant son of J F Clark, Auckland.  [NZ'er 5 May 1860]
CONNOR On 13th September 1860, William Connor, aged 17 yrs.  The funeral
 will leave from his father’s residence, Albert-street.  [NZ'er 15 Sept 1860]
CRAPP On 17th September 1860, Samuel Crapp Esq, late of Plymouth, formerly 
of Washbourne, Devon, aged 63 years.  The funeral will leave Mr Williams’
 Homeopathic Institute, Albert-street.  [NZ'er 19 Sept 1860]
DAVIS On 13th February 1860 at the residence of her parents, Dora Rebecca, 
infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Chas. Davis.  [NZ'er 15 Feb 1860]
DAVIS On 22nd February 1860, Arthur Henry Davis, aged 5 months, son of 
Joseph Arthur Davis, at Manukau.  [NZ'er 25 Feb 1860]
DERHAR At the Wairoa, 8th August 1860, George Derhar, aged 34 yrs, from
 the bursting of a blood vessel during the night.  Inquest: Died a natural death.  
A native of Godmanchester.  [Cambridgeshire]  [NZ'er 18 Aug 1860]
DUGGAN At Onehunga, Tuesday 24th April 1860, after a few hours illness, Mary
 Ann Duggan, aged 17 yrs.  [NZ'er 28 April 1860]
DUKE On 8th January 1860, Mrs George Duke, aged 27 years.  [NZ'er 11 Jan 1860]
DUNNE On 11th June 1860, at the residence of James Gribble, Cabbage Tree 
Swamp, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Dunne, Matakana, aged 25 yrs.  
[NZ'er 13 June 1860]
EALES On Wednesday 22nd August 1860 at his residence, Victoria-street, Thomas 
Nicholson Stephenson Eales, aged 42, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends 
and acquaintances.  [NZ'er 25 Aug 1860]
EWEN On 24th October 1860, Walter, infant son of W Ewen of Shortland Crescent. 
 [NZ'er  27 Oct 1860]
FAIR On 14th August 1860, at the Governor Browne Hotel, Hobson-street,
 Auckland, Mr John Fair, aged 21 yrs, eldest son of the late Mr J Fair of the 
Wade.  [NZ'er 15 Aug 1860]
FARR On 7th September 1860, at Abercrombie-street, John Rogan, infant 
son of W Farr.  [NZ'er 8 Sept 1860]
FEMELL On 15th January 1860, Mary Elizabeth Fernell, youngest daughter of  
A Femell, aged 8 months.  [NZ'er 18 Feb 1860]
FLAVELL On 7th July 1860, Thomas, infant son of W Flavell, Waiuku, aged
 3 mths.  [NZ'er  1 Aug 1860]
GOFFE At the residence of his father, Victoria-street, on 27th April 1860, 
Addison Herbert Goffe, aged 10 months.  [NZ'er 28 April 1860]
GRATTEN At his residence on 20th January 1860, Alexander Gratten, aged 
53 yrs.  [NZ'er 21 Jan 1860]
GRIFFITHS On 14th June 1860 at Onehunga, the infant son of Alfred 
Benson Griffiths Esq, aged 15 days.  [NZ'er 16 June 1860]
HARGREAVES On 16th March 1860 at her residence, Steeple Cottage, 
Waimate, Harriet, the beloved wife of John Edwards Hargreaves Esq, 
aged 71 yrs.  Much regretted by all her family. [NZ'er 28 March 1860]
HENDRY On 12th October 1860, at Kyber Pass, Jane Hendry, eldest 
daughter of George Hendry.  [NZ'er 13 Oct 1860]
HOPKINS On 31st August 1860 at her father’s residence, Queen-street,
 Louisa Mary Hopkins, eldest daughter of Rev Joseph Hopkins, aged 16 yrs.  
[NZ'er 1 Sept 1860]
HUTCHINSON On 6th August 1860, aged 24 yrs, Isabella Wetzler, beloved 
wife of Alfred Hutchinson, Gray-street.  [NZ'er 8 Aug 1860]
JAMES On Friday 5th October 1860 at Auckland Provincial Hospital, Mr 
William James, formerly of Loughborough, Leics., aged 40 yrs.  Sydney & 
Maitland papers are respectfully requested to copy this announcement. 
 [NZ'er 13 Oct 1860]
JOHNSON At Russell, Bay of Islands, on 17th November 1860, after a long
 and painful illness which she bore with Christian fortitude, Elizabeth Sarah,
 wife of Mr William B Johnson, formerly of Gateshead, England.  
[NZ'er 24 Nov 1860]
KEESING On Wednesday 29th February 1860, Evaline, youngest daughter 
of Mr & Mrs Abraham Keesing, Eden Crescent, Official Bay. 
 [NZ'er 3 March 1860]
KEESING At his residence, Eden Crescent, Official Bay, on Sunday 19th 
August 1860, aged 31 years, Mr Abraham Keesing (of the firm A & R Keesing).  
He endured a long and painful illness which, as a true son of Israel, he bore
 with pious resignation; as a husband, father and friend, he strictly observed 
the principles of religion and humanity, affability and benevolence secured
 for him the affectionate love of his wife and friends who jointly with his bereaved 
family, will ever cherish his memory and deeply regret his loss.  May his soul 
rest in peace.  [NZ'er 22 Aug 1860]
KELLY On 1st April 1860 of Diptheria (sic), Walter John, only son of Capt 
Henry Kelly, Auckland, aged 1 yr 3 mths (or 8 mths).  [NZ'er 4 April 1860]
KELLY On 2nd November 1860 at his residence, Royal Oak Hotel, Onehunga, 
Edward Kelly, aged 59 yrs.  [NZ'er 3 Nov 1860]
KEMP At Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, on 22nd June 1860, after a short illness, 
aged 70 yrs, Charlotte, beloved wife of James Kemp, formerly of the Church 
Mission.  Deeply lamented by her sorrowing family and friends to whom she 
was greatly endeared.  One of the early bands of missionaries, she has been
 resident in New Zealand 41 years and remained devoted to the last to the 
Christian services in which she had been so long and faithfully engaged.  
[NZ'er 27 June 1860]
KING On 19th June 1860, George Wingfield King, youngest son of Joseph &
 Susan King of East Tamaki, aged 4 yrs 7 mths.  The funeral will leave from 
Mr Otto’s, Wyndham-street.  [NZ'er 20 June 1860]
KING At Tepune, Bay of Islands, on 13th December 1860, Mary Eliza, beloved
 wife of James King Esq, aged 19 yrs.  [NZ'er 19 Dec 1860]
KINGSLEY At his residence, Parnell, on 16th July 1860, aged 26 yrs, James 
William Kingsley Esq, formerly Lieutenant in Her Majesty’s 28th Regt with 
which he served in the Crimea and late of the 5th Fusiliers, son of the late 
Major Charles Kiingsley of Black Rock, Co. Dublin, Ireland, leaving a 
widow and child to mourn their loss.  Since Mr Kingsley’s residence in New
 Zealand he held a Lieutenant’s commission in the Auckland Militia. 
 [NZ'er 18 July 1860]
La FARGUE Drowned 26th October 1859, in  the wreck of the steamer
 Royal Charter, Walter Nugent La Fargue Esq, aged 32 yrs, third son of
 the late Mr W L F La Fargue, Northamptonshire, and nephew of Capt 
H B Adams, Recruiting Officer, Dublin.  [NZ'er  21 Jan 1860]
LAKE On 3rd August 1860, in his 32nd year, Alfred, second son of Robert
 Lake Esq, of Milton, Canterbury, Kent.  [NZ'er 27 Oct 1860]
LANDERS On 2nd August 1860, George William, aged 13 years, eldest 
son of John Landers, West Queen-street.  [NZ'er 4 Aug 1860]
LANFEAR On 9th March 1860 at his residence, Christian Malford, Wiltshire, 
William Lanfear Esq, aged 76.  [NZ'er 28 July 1860]
LANGSFORD On 15th October 1860, Margaret, infant daughter of 
Charles Langsford.  [NZ'er 20 Oct 1860]
LEECH At Taranaki on 7th September 1860, William Leech Esq, JP, Sub-
Treasurer and Collector of Customs, in his 63rd year.  [NZ'er 12 Sept 1860]
LINCOLN On 16th October 1860, Leavold (sic) William, infant son of R S Lincoln, 
Suffolk Dining Rooms, Queen-street. [NZ'er 17 Oct 1860]
LORIGAN At 9 a.m. on Tuesday 28th instant (August 1860) after a short
 but painful illness, Mr Patrick Lorigan of this city, aged 43 yrs.  Requiescat 
in pace.  The funeral will leave his late residence, Albert-street, tomorrow 
(Thursday) at 3 o’clock when his friends are invited to attend.  
[NZ'er 29 Aug 1860]
LORIGAN On Tuesday 4th September 1860, Mr William Lorigan, aged 27 years.  
The funeral will leave is late residence, Rockfield, tomorrow (Thursday) by 
way of Parnell at 1 o’clock when his friends are invited to attend. 
 [NZ'er 5 Sept 1860]
MacDONALD On 24th September 1860 at Parnell, Flora Maria, fifth 
daughter of the late Captain Alexander MacDonald, Staff Officer of 
Pensioners, aged 18 yrs.  [NZ'er 26 Sept 1860]
MACKESY On 6th October 1860, aged 31 yrs, Ernest R Mackesy Esq,
 late Capt H M 97th Regt.   [NZ'er 13 Oct 1860]
MAKEPEACE On Wednesday 20th June 1860 at her residence, Chancery
-street, Sarah, beloved wife of John Makepeace, aged 66 yrs. 
 [NZ'er 23 June 1860]
MALCOLM On 9th September 1860 at Typhena (sic), Great Barrier,
 Kate Barstow, daughter of Neil Malcolm Esq, aged 1 yr 6 wks.  [NZ'er 6 Oct 1860]
MARSHALL On 5th October 1860, Edward, third son of William Marshall, 
Princes-street, aged 4 yrs 6 mths.  The funeral will leave from the residence 
of Mrs Sansom, Wyndham-street. [NZ'er 6 Oct 1860]
McCOLL On 26th May 1860 at 12 Tarbett Street, Glasgow, James Archibald, 
only child of the late Capt James McColl, Auckland, New Zealand.  
[NZ'er 29 Aug 1860]
McFARLANE On 5th September 1860 at his residence, Princes-street, Mr 
John McFarlane, aged 44 yrs.  [NZ'er 8 Sept 1860]
McFARLANE In Honolulu on 9th June 1860, Mr Henry McFarlane aged 
39 yrs, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel.  He was a native of Scotland 
and had resided on these Islands 14 years.  He leaves a widow & 6 children.  
[NZ'er 20 Oct 1860]
McLEAN At Auckland on 11th April 1860, Mr Neil McLean, aged 27 yrs,
 late of Prince Edward Island, British North America.  [NZ'er 14 April 1860]
McLIVER On 25th June 1860 at her residence, Albert-street, Mrs Elizabeth 
McLiver, aged 91 yr. [NZ'er 27 June  1860]
McNAUGHTON On Friday (18th May 1860) at his residence, Wood-side,
 Donald McNaughton, after a short illness, aged 57 yrs.  [NZ'er 19 May 1860]
MENZIES On 30th August 1860, at Cook-street, Ann Gardiner, relict of the 
late Robert Robertson Menzies of Bannockburn, Scotland, in her 34th year. 
 [NZ'er 1 Sept 1860]
MEREDITH On Wednesday 14th March 1860 at Nelson-street, Michael de 
Montmorency, fourth son of Henry Price Meredith, Surgeon, aged 7 weeks.  
[NZ'er 17 March 1860]
MERRICK On 18th June 1860 at Auckland, John Merrick, son of Isaac 
Merrick of Waiuku, aged 13 yrs.  [NZ'er 20 June 1860]
MUIR At Parnell on 12th July 1860, Dalrymple, infant son of D Muir, 
Parnell.  [NZ'er 14 July 1860]
OWEN On Thursday 12th July 1860, Annabell Davis, beloved wife of George 
W Owen of this city, aged 33 yrs.  [NZ'er 14 July 1860]
POLGLASE On 9th March 1860 at Bau, Feejee, the Rev John Polglase,
 Wesleyan Missionary, in the 38th year of his age and tenth of his missionary
 ministry.  Dysentery, the scourge of European health in Feejee, laid the 
strong man low.  He was a judicious and faithful minister of Jesus Christ, 
his life an even issue of goodness and labouriousness and his end a full 
assurance of Christian hope.  He lies buried in the little island of Vewa 
by the side of the Rev John Hunt who fulfilled his noble ministry within 
the same short period of ten years and almost at the same age.  Mr Polglase
 will be remembered by many in Auckland, as united in marriage to Miss 
Fletcher, formerly of Wesley College, Auckland.  [NZ'er 2 May 1860]
ROBERTSON On Friday 12th October 1860, James, youngest son of P Robertson, 
aged 2 yrs 5 mths.   Funeral will leave from Queen-street.  [NZ'er 13 Oct 1860]
ROUT After a few hours illness on 30th December 1859, Martha, beloved
 wife of John Rout of the High-street, in her 50th year.  [NZ'er 4 Jan 1860]
SCHRODER On 22nd August 1860 at Mount Eden, Alfred Schroder, aged 33 yrs.  
[NZ'er 25 Aug 1860]
SENIOR On Monday (11th June 1860) William Joseph Senior, second son 
of Mr J Senior, aged 6 months.  [NZ'er 13 June 1860]
SHEEHAN On 9th May 1860 at her residence, Nelson-street, Anne, beloved 
wife of Daniel Sheehan, aged 35 yrs.  [NZ'er 12 May 1860]
SILVERTHORN On 6th March 1860 at his residence, Nelson-street, of cancer 
of the stomach, George Silverthorn of the Armed Police Force, Auckland, 
aged 41 yrs.  [NZ'er 10 March 1860]
SKELTON At the residence of Mr Dunning, High-street, Mr John Skelton 
late of Matakana, aged 65 yrs.  [NZ'er 9 June 1860]
SMALES At East Tamaki on 5th May 1860, Gideon Hewgill Smales, 
aged 11 yrs 6 mths, youngest son of Rev G Smales.  [NZ'er 9 May 1860]
SMART On 9th October 1860 at Epsom, Jessie, wife of Mr Thomas Smart.  
Funeral will leave from Bird Grove.  [NZ'er 10 Oct 1860]
SOUTHWELL At his residence, Wynyard Villa, Symonds-street, on 
Thursday  7th August 1860, Mr Charles Southwell, aged 46 yrs, after 
a severe and lingering illness.  [NZ'er 8 Aug 1860]
STEPHENSON On 14th August 1860, Mrs Jane Stephenson, wife of 
William Stephenson, Builder, Chapel-street.  [NZ'er 15 Aug 1860]
SWINBOURNE At Lichfield, 7th February 1860, aged 77, Colonel 
Swinbourne, late of 83rd Regt, father of Mrs Kelly, wife of the Registrar 
of Deeds.  This officer was present at all the great battles of the Duke, 
was three times wounded and received twelve clasps.  [NZ'er  9 May 1860]
TAUTARI On 5th August 1860 at Paihia, after three days illness, Fanny,
 beloved wife of Capt Tautari, departed this life firmly relying on her 
Saviour.  [NZ'er 15 Aug 1860]
TIZARD On 29th October 1860 at his residence, Parnell, in his 64th year, 
deeply lamented, Henry Tizard, formerly Senior Examiner, Audit Office, 
Somerset House, London (having served the public upward of 40 years 
in the office), Assistant Commissioner for Auditing the Parish Relief 
Accounts, Sub-Auditor to the British Museum and Private Secretary 
to the late Sir Robert Peel, Bart.  [NZ'er 27 Oct 1860]
TONKS On 8th January 1860, Arthur Lionel, infant son of Mr B Tonks.  
[NZ'er 11 Feb 1860]
VAILE On 11th July 1860 at his residence, Wellesley-street, after a short
 illness, George Vaile Esq, aged 68 yrs.  Deeply lamented by his family 
& friends.  [NZ'er 14 July 1860]
WALSH On 1st February 1860, Mr Charles Walsh.  [NZ'er 4 Feb 1860]
WILKINSON At Auckland on 22nd September 1860, after a long and 
painful illness which she bore with Christian fortitude, Alice, beloved 
wife of Thomas Wilkinson of New Plymouth, aged 42 yrs. 
 [NZ'er 29 Sept 1860]
WILLIAMS At Russell, Bay of Islands, on 12th November 1860, Hugh 
Williams, Master of the barque Rosetta of Liverpool, England, after a 
long and painful illness, aged 46. [NZ'er  24 Nov1860]
WILSON On 17th January 1860 at Fleetwood, Lancs., Christopher 
Moore Wilson Esq, of Poplar Lodge, Falwood, Treasurer of the County 
of Lancs.  and late of the 86th Foot, aged 46 yrs.  [NZ'er 2 May 1860]
WILSON On 22nd May 1860 after a short but painful illness, William 
Wilson, aged 15 yrs, second son of Mr John Wilson, Blacksmith, 
Chapel-street.  [NZ'er 23 May 1860]
WISHART On 3rd August 1860, William Aitken Wishart, Queen-street,
 late of Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 15 yrs.  [NZ'er 4 Aug 1860]
WRIGHT On 19th December 1860, Elizabeth, only daughter of John Wright, 
aged 2 yrs 11 mths.  [NZ'er 22 Dec 1860]

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