BY EDWARD EARLE VAILLE.               


ADAMS, Sam Music business 34

ASHTON, Mr. Issued tokens 27

BINNEY, G.W. Auctioneer 31

BISS, S.B. Chief Postmaster at Auckland 09

BLACK, Sandy Carpenter & Builder 32

BOWDEN "Skipper" Hansom Cab owner 22

BRACKENRIG, Mr. YMCA manager in Auckland 10

BRETT, Sir Henry Service to Choral Society 35

BRIGHAM, J.M. Town Clerk 30

BRUCE, Rev David Lecturer 44

BUCHANAN, John Grocery business 31

CASEY, Mr. Night cart operator 23

CASSELS, Mr. Cook at Canning's St Mungo Cafe 28

CHEESEMAN, Mr. Lecturer 44

CLARK, Arch Drapery business 30

CLARK, Archibald First Mayor of Auckland 07

CLAPCOTT, Miss Restauranteur in lower Queen St. 28

CLEAVE, Arthur Publisher of the ABC guide 09

COOMBES, Samuel Clothier who issued tokens 27

COOPER, Sir Theophilus Lawyer 29

COSTLEY, Edward Bequest to Public Library 35

COTTER, Thomas Lawyer 29

COWIE, Archbishop 30

DEVORE, A.E.T. Mayor 1887 - opened the Public Library 35

DIGNAN, P. Aldernman of first Auckland City Council 1851 07

DINGWALL, Sandy Carpenter & Builder 32

EAGLETON, Randolph Tonsorial Artist 31

FAULDER, Mr. Night cart operator 23

FENTON, Judge Owner of a Strad violin 34

FERGUSON, Sir Charles Governor General 33

FIGUERO, Emmanuel Alias Don BUCK - a Spaniard 29

FLEMING, Matthew Made first bank deposit 19/6/1847 27

FOWLDS, George Drapery business 30

FRASER & TINE Iron Founders 31

GARLICK & CRANWELL Furniture Dealers 31

GIBBS, Sir Abraham Owner of yacht "Spray" 32

GOODFELLOW, William In Agriculture 31

GOODFELLOW, Wm. Lived Otahuhu 08

GRAHAM, George An employer & friend of the Maoris 32

GRAHAM, Robert Superintendent of Auckland Province 1862-5 32

GRAHAM, William Smellie of Graham's Land in Fort Street 32

GRESHAM, Mr. Auckland Coroner 48

GREY, Sir George Governor 18

GREY, Sir George Governor 30

GUNSON, Sir James Mayor 30

GUNSON, Sir James Opened Old Colonist's Museum 1916 35

GWYNNE, Mrs. Hotelier at Frankton in 1877 09

HALL, William arrived Bay of Islands 1814 11

HAMER, W.H. Engineer of Harbour Board 30

HANNAFORDS Matrimonial Agency 31

HANSARD, Mr. Lecturer 44

HESKETH, Edwin Lawyer 29

HEWIN, F. Grocery business 31

HITCHCOCK, Miss Restauranteur in Lower Queen St. 28

HORTON, Harry Owner of yacht "Tawera" 32

KENDALL, Thomas arrive Bay of Islands 1814 11

KENNEDY, A. First Postmaster of Auckland 1848 26

KENT, Bartholomew President of Chamber of Commerce 26

LEECH, John Picture Framer 31

LUSHINGTON, Mr. Owner of yacht "Muritai" 32

MacGREGOR, Malcolm Lawyer specialising in Marine Law 29

MacKECHNIE, Charlotte H Widow of E.A. MacKechnie 34

MacKECHNIE, E.A. Solicitor died in 1901 34

MacKELVIE, J.T. Gift to Public Library 35

MARSHALL, Sandy Carpenter & Builder 32

MARTIN, Josiah Headmaster of school in Choral Hall, Symonds St 43

MASEFIELD, Reginald Owner of yacht "Thetis" 32

MASEFIELDS Iron Founders 31

MASON, Peter Headmaster of school in Upper Pitt St 43

MASON, W. Alderman of first Auckland City Council 1851 07

McLACHLAN, J.M. Born on board "Brilliant" - bequeathed Waitakere 05

McVEAGH, R. Lawyer specialising in case law 29

MITCHELSON, Sir Ewin Mayor in 1901 34

MONTEFIORE, J.I. Store Owner December 1846 27

MORRIN, T & S Ironmonger 30

MUNRO, Judge 20

MYERS, Sir Arthur Mayor of Auckland 17

NEAL & Close Grocery business 31

NEALE, Dr. E.P. Secretary Chamber of Commerce in 1926 26

NERHEENY, Mr. Chairman of Auckland Branch of Liberal Federation 40

O'NEILL, J. Aldernman of first Auckland City Council 1851 07

O'RORKE, Sir Maurice Chairman of University College 43

OWEN, Dr. Hugh Dentist qualified in USA 29

PARR, Sir James Mayor 30

PAYTON, E.W. Member of The Society of Arts 34

PHILIPS, P.A. Elected Mayor in 1869 21

PHILSON, Dr. Medical Practitioner 29

PLUMLEY, Mr. Dentist in Hobson Street 29

POND, J.A. Chemist 31

PORTER, E. Ironmonger 30

POWDITCH, W. Aldernman of first Auckland City Council 1851 07

PYCROFT, Mr. Headmaster of Church of England Grammar School 43

REYNOLDS, Richmond In Agriculture 31

RICE, Vincent Secretary of Board of Education 30

RICHARDSON, Billy Prohibitionist 40

ROLLET, Frederick Carr Agricultural Editor of "Weekly News" 51

RUSSELL, Thomas Lawyer in "Whitaker & Russell" 30

SHACKELFORD, J.W. Hatter & Mercer 21

SHALDERS, R.B. Baptist Church leader & YMCA sponsor 10

SHAW, Frederick Gift to Public Library 35

SHAW, Henry Gift to Public Library 35

SMEETON, H.M. Grocery business 31

SMITH, Mague Ironmonger who issued tokens 27

SPRAGG, Wesley In Agriculture 31

SPURGEON, Rev Thomas Pastor of Baptist Tabernacle 41

STONE, C.B. first owner of "Matangi" yacht 32

STONE, C.B. First white boy born in Auckland 30

SWALLOW, Martin Music Teacher 34

TIBBS, J.W. Headmaster of Grammar School 43

TONKS, Benjamin Auctioneer 31

TONKS, Benjamin Elected Mayor 1875 21

VAILE, George Arrived 1843 08

VAILE, S & J.R. Drapery business 30

VAILE, Samuel President of Chamber of Commerce in 1900 26

WENDELLS Taxidermist 08

WHYTEHEAD, Rev Bequest helped found St John's College 43

WILLIAMS, E.M. First Postmaster in 1840 44

WILLIAMS, Yvette Miss YWCA in Auckland 11

WILLIAMSON, Hon Jas. Grey Lynn owner 46

WILSON, Harry Later owner of "Matangi" yacht 32

WINDSOR, Mr. Dentist 29

WINKS & HALL Furniture Dealers 31

WISEMAN, John Later owner of "Matangi" yacht 32

YANDLES, Messrs Taxidermist 31

YOUNG, Alexander Dentist & later Minister of Health 29