A Search for Remittance men                 

By Nell Hartley.Published by Arrow Press Ltd 1993.

The following list of names has been transcribed from the above book with                                
                                 the kind  permission of the author.

The abbreviation "RM" has been used to identify those persons known to
                             have been remittance men.

Transcribed at Auckland New Zealand by Ted Wildy. September 10, 1993

NAMES                        REMARKS.                   PAGE NO.

------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------

ABBOTT R.L. Bridgebuilder &Friend of James Forsyth 143

ALLEN Capt Ernest F Married Maria Miller-Meredith 163

ALLEN Ernest (Joe) grt grandson of Capt Houghton 162

ALLEN Ernest F. Father of Joe. Born 1867 Forsyth Is. 162

ALLEN Ernest Tanumafili died March 1989 in his 90th year. 165

ALLEY W. The Harris's were his sharemilkers 140

ALLISON E.S.(Bill) Friend of Alan HAYTON 135

ASHWORTH Edward Friend of Dr Hamilton. Left NZ 1844 070-74

BAILEY John Joseph 1861-1941 Librarian of Auckland Star 179

BALL Ivy nee Shepherd Had a birthday card painter by Sinnett 145

BARBER Laurie "No Easy Riches" 068

BARKER Mary Anne Lady "Station Amusements in New Zealand" 009

BARNETT "Sweep" Of the Waitakeres West Auckland 150

BARRINGTON J.M. "Maori Schools Changing Society" 1974 115

BENNET Francis "Tairua" 146

BENNY Mabel Wife of Len Buchanan 139

BIRCH Harry Joined his brother in NZ 169

BIRCH Ned RM from London in c 1860 168

BLACK Niel Rich grazier of Glenormiston Station 043

BLAKE Rev. A. Of Halcombe 112

BOLDREWOOD R.D.F. Author "Robbery under Arms" 048

BRIDGES Jane Proposed to by A.L.Gordon 1853 041

BRITTAN W.C. Picked cricket side 052

BROWN John Deserter from 57th Regiment 130

BROWN Sarah Prostitute and socialite 156

BUCHANAN Barlow & Len Of Wires Plateau 1914- 139

BUCKWORTH Charles s/o Rev T.E. of Worcs -marr Maraea 010, 131

BUCKWORTH Charles s/o Chas and Emily arr NZ 1839 127

BUCKWORTH Everard Farmer in Katikati 131

BUCKWORTH John s/o Chas and Emily 127

BUCKWOTH John Alderman of London knighted in 1687 131

BURDON R.M. "New Zealand Notables" 1950 097

BURNETT T.D. Of Mount Cook Station 050

BUTTLE George Missionary at Te Kopua 074-5

CAIN Emily Married Tom Hall 170

CAMERON Hugh A young man on Dunalister run 050

CARLETON Hugh Bay of Island MP. 089

CAVERHILL Mr Of Motunau Station 030

CHAPMAN Anne Wife of Rev Chapman 128

CHAPMAN Rev Thomas Boarding school at Te Ngae 128

CHESEMAN Mr Owned canning factory in Blenheim 158

CLARE William Grandfather of Nicholas Mahs 022

CLARK George C.M.S. Missionary in 1840 100

CLARKE Marcus "For the term of his natural life" 048

CLENDON J.R. Bay of Islands Magistrate 1846 095,104

CLIMIE Mrs Nellie Founder Paeroa & Dist Historical Soc. 011

CLYMONT W.G. Historian 057

COCHRANE Robert Owned Gun Store at Hokianga 104

COE Emma Aunt of Maria ALLEN 163

COE Jonas American Consul in Samoa 163

COOK Frederick Thames publican 062

COOPER Mr. Ashworth tutored his five sons. 071

CORBETT Roger 3rd owner of Mimiwhangata Station 166

CORBETT William Friend of William Harrod in Okato 161

COTTERELL S.J. Explored mountain in Nelson 029

COTTON Daniel Friend of Ned BIrch 169

CUFF Edwin & Kate Parents of Ada 119

CUMMING Ian & Alan "History of State Education in NZ"1978 115

DANCER Philip Recluse and bushman 138-141

DASHWOOD Edward Abercomby. RM son of Edwin Dare Dashwood 027

DASHWOOD Lady Roberta Picture 012

DAVIES Capt G. Master of vessel "Stanley" 123

DAVIN Dan NZ author 049

de Thierry Charles Eccentric 083

DESPARD Colonel Commanded British troops at Nene's Hill 087

DIAMOND Jack Historian of Auckland 010,153

DIGBY John Uncle of Wm. with 8 children in 1863 160

DIGBY William Left Harrod's Londom for NZ in 1863 160

DIHARS Louis Frenchman in Thames since 1843 062,63

DILKE Charles Wentworth Writer in 1860's 015

DILLON Hon Constantine Secretary to Gov. Grey 033

DOUBLEDAY Major Father of Harry PEARSON 175

DOUGHERTY Sally Wife of Capt Daniel DOUGHTERY 174

DOWNES Chris Neighbour of the Buchanans 139

DRURY Capt RN Master of survey ship HMS "Pandora" 128

EARLE Augustus Writer and artist 083

EDGAR Judge Heard case by Maraea for a pension 132

EDWARDS Edwin Writer of ballads 065

FARQHARSON-JONES Dr Baptist Minister West Auckland 150

FARRELL Ken In 1985 remembered Frank Gaiter 157

FEATHERSTONHAUGH Cuth. Friend of A.L.Gordon 043

FERRAL Mrs Robert Of Parkhurst - named Parakai 076

FERRALL Robert Son in law of Dr Hamilton 076

FIGUERO Randoff Sanfrisco Alias Don Buck died 5/8/1917 age 47 153

FINDLAY J.F. "W.F.Howlett Pioneer Botanist" 1981 115

FISHER Daisy Dau of George & Mary 126

FISHER George Married Mary HUTCHINSON 122

FISHER George John RM - born Yorkshire 060-67

FISHER Jessie Dau of George & Mary 126

FLUDE A.G. "Don Buck's Camp" 1974 156

FORFAR Wilhelmina d/o Wm & Fanny 035

FORSYTH James RM died near Ohiwa Hotel B.O.P. 1896 142

FORTH De Lancy Jockey in AUS 043

FRANCIS N.L. Premier of Victoria in 1861 082

FRASER Captain Resident Magistrate - Mackaytown 061

FROST Lucy "No Place for Nervous Lady" 1984 115

FULLOON Elizabeth Brother of James 129

FULLOON Emily Maraea Marr Chas BUCKWORTH 127

FULLOON Emily Mareae Marr Robt Raine as 2nd husband 127

FULLOON Hemi Jas Fran. Son of John Fulloon 128

FULLOON James At age 13 interpreter to Capt Drury RN 128

FULLOON James Killed 22 July 1865 aged 24 130

FULLOON John & Eliza. arr per "Brothers" 1824. John d at sea 127

GAITER Frank RM of Nelson Province died early 1930s 157,160

GITTOS Murray B. "Mana at Mangungu" 1982 097

GODLEY Arthur Young son of Charlotte 052

GODLEY Charlotte Of Wellington 1849 031,051

GODLEY John Robert Founder of Canterbury 015

GORDON Adam Lindsay RM - born 1833 011,039

GORDON Annie d/o of A.L.Gordon - died infancy 046

GORDON James Friend of Kirkwood who stole "Stanley" 124

GRANT Captain Master of "The Mary" arr Nelson 1849 029

GREENWAY John Hamlin 2nd owner of Mimiwhangata Station 166

GREENWOOD Sarah Artist painter of Grove Farm - Nelson 032

GURR Irene Of Palmerston North 010

HADEN Mrs Ladies Seminary in Auckland 130

HADFIELD Octavius Anglican Missionary 100

HAGGIT Charles RM of Nelson Province 157

HALL Tom 3rd son of T.W.HALL of Sth Canterbury 170

HALL Tom Tried for murdering his wife 169-171

HAMILTON Dr William arr NZ October 1842 - died 1901 070-77

HANMER Mr Entered partnership with WORTLEY 052

HARDIMAN Anne R. Dau of Capt H. marr Ralph Watkins 102

HARDIMAN Capt Robert Marr Ihapere had dau Anne 102

HARDIMAN George Hotelier at Rawene, marr Susan Maning 088

HARPER G.E. Grandson of Maraea Buckworth 134

HARRIS Bertie & Gladys Sharemilkers for W. Alley 140

HARRIS Edgar s/o Wm. Henry & Ada pic 116

HARRIS Gwendolynn d/o Wm. Henry & Ada pic 116

HARRIS Herbert s/o Wm. Henry & Ada pic 116

HARRIS Ivo s/o Wm. Henry & Ada pic 116

HARRIS Penelope d/o Wm. Henry & Ada 113

HARRIS Percy s/o Wm. Henry & Ada died 1990 age 89 113,177

HARRIS William s/o Wm. Henry & Sophie - died age 12 112

HARRIS William Henry Marr Sophie NICHOLLS in Sydney 110-115

HARRIS William Henry RM founded Hauraki Plains College 110-115

HARRIS William Henry Arrived Lyttelton 1870's - died 1921 110-115

HARRIS Wm. Henry Second marriage to Ada CUFF 112

HAY William Delisle Author - "Brighter Britain" 015

HAYTON Alan Taranki amateur historian & physician 135

HERD Captain arr in "Providence" in 1822 103

HERRIES William M.P. for Bay of Plenty 132

HILL Richard S. "Policing the Colonial Frontiers" 057

HOBSON Eliza Widow of Gov Hobson 071

HOCKEN T.M. "Biographical intro to old New Zealand" 097

HOLMAN Henry Bought Mimiwhangata Station in 1840 166

HOUGHTON Capt Robert arr Wgton per Aurora in 1840 162

HOUSTON Margaret Nursed Capt CAIN and also Kitty 171

HOWELL Capt John Owner of station at Jacob's River 079

HOWLETT William F. RM, taught at Makaretu School 1883 011,106-110

HOWLETT William F. Born Torquay c1850 - botanist d 1936 011,106-110

HOWLETT-ROSS John "A memoir of the life of A.L.Gordon" 048

HUGHES Edward Miner in Thames 065

HUNTSMAN 'Sussy' Sweetheart of Nicolas Mahs 023

HUTCHINSON David Son of David & Grace 123

HUTCHINSON David Ship builder at Onehunga 122

HUTCHINSON Mary d/o David & Grace arr age 4 Feb 1860 122

IMPEY Lieut A. Explored mountain pass in Nelson 029

IRVINE Jean "Township of Rawene" 1976 115

ISDALE Alastair M. "Thames Goldfields Centenary" 1967 010

JOLLIE Edward Runholder 034

JONES Johnny Whaler and friend of HOWELL 080

JONES Robert C. s/o Dr Farguharson-Jones 151

JONES Theodore Lt of HMS Pandora 128

KEENE Florence "Mimiwhangata Station" 1978 172

KENDALL Henry Poet and friend of A.L.Gordon 047

KENDALL Thomas C.M.S. School at Rangihoua 103

KERR Alex In 1985 had memories of Chas. Haggit 157

KERR Thomas Lt of HMS Pandora 128

KIDDLE Margaret "Men of Yesterday" 048

KING Bill Bushman hired by Henry Young 034

KRAMER Leonie "Gordon, Adam Lindsay" 048

LANG J.D. Presbyterian Minister in NSW 1839 102

LAWSON Henry Poet 044

LEARMOUTH Bob Jockey in AUS 043

LEE Edward Runholder 034

LEE Jack Northern Historian 010,84

LOVETT Captain Owner of a whaling brig 080

LOW Peter Married Maggie Gordon 1873 048

LYTTLETON Lord Chairman of Canterbury Asn. 8/9/1849 015

MacKENZIE James Freebooter 050

MAHS James Son of Nicholas and Annie 024

MAHS Nicholas Wm Ernest RM - left England in 1877 - born 1846 020

MAIR William Friend of Jas Fulloon 129

MALING Peter Bromley "Samuel Butler at Mesopotamia" 1984 097

MANING Archibald Brother of Frederick E 083

MANING Frederick Edwd Irishman from Tasmania arr. pre 1840 083,101

MANING Frederick Edwd Born in Dublin, arr Hobart age 13 1824 083,84-91

MANING Frederick Edwd Arr Hokianga age 22. Died London 1883 083,84-91

MANING Hauraki Son of Frederick 089-90

MANING Henry Brother of Frederick E 083

MANING Maria Daughter of Frederick went to Hobart 088

MANNERING Tom Travelled with Henry Young 033

MANSON Celia Grandaughter of Sally DOUGHERTY 174

MANTELL Walter Crown Commissioner 081

MARKHAM Edward Author 9 months in NZ 083, 92-94

MARMON Jacky (John) "The White Cannibal". Born Sydney 1800 083,91-92

MARMON Jacky (John) Arr NZ age 17. Died Rawhia 1880 age 81 083,91-92

MARSH Richard Cover picture 011

MARTIN John Pilot on the Hokianga married several 091

MASTERS Alison "Teacher in North Akld-Waikto" 1984 115

MAUDSLEY Annie Wife of Nicholas Mahs & who died 1910 023,24

McCLOUGHLEN Mr. Storekeeper at Mackaytown 061

McCONOCHIE Alex In 1985 remembered Frank Gaiter 157

McDONNELL Lieut Thomas Settler at Horeke asst to James Busby 094

McGLASHEN Rana Historian 010

McKAY John RM arr 1850's - died Dunedin 079-82

McKENNY John NSW Weslyan District Committee 096

McKENZIE Capt F.W. Visited Young's station 034

McLAREN Ian F. Author of biography on A.L.Gordon 011

McLEAN Donald Minister of Lands 064

McLEAN Donald Minister of Native Affairs 103

McLEAN Sir Donald Land Purchase Dept 129

McLINTOCK A.H. "An Encylopaedia of New Zealand" 1966 115

McNEISH James "The MacKenzie Affair" 051

MIEVILLE F.L. Owner of Glenham Station 050

MITCHELL Capt W.M. Explored mountain in Nelson - d Madras 029

MITCHELSON Edwin Owner of timber mill 037

MOON Capt & Mrs Ran boarding house at Kawhia 076

MORGAN John Church Missionary Soc. 075

MOSSMAN James Met MacKenzie at Silver Stream Otago 056

MOUNT Lambton Partner with A.L.Gordon 046

MULLER Edward RM or Norwegian birth - lived to 70 144

MURDOCH brothers Farmers of Hikutaia 141

NATHAN David Auckland merchant 123

NELSON Olaf Owned Trading Store, W.Samoa 165

NELSON Rev. C.M. St Pauls Alkd, Married Chas BUCKWORTH 131

NEWELL Sub Inspector At Paeroa in charge of gold 062

NEWMAN Stanley Historian 056

NORTON Florence d/o Dr Fred Norton marr Edwin Dashwood 038

O'NEIL Currey "A.L.Gordon Favourites" 048

OLIVER Tom Horse trainer at Cheltenham 040

OSTLER Mrs Friend of Kitty CAIN 171

PARHAM W.T. "James Francis Fulloon" 010,134

PARK Maggie Married A.L.Gordon in 1862 044

PATERSON A.B.(Banjo) Poet 044

PATERSON Jessie Wood Head Teacher Goldfields School -1893 145

PAUL Janet "Artists of the Hobson Album" 078

PEARSON Harry Sawyer alias Doubleday, arr 1820's 052,94-97

PEARSON John & Joe Jockey in AUS 043

PEDERSEN 'Lame' Tramping friend of Howlett 109

PERSON Joseph Found Porter's Pass with Sidebottom 052

POLACK Joel Jewish Trader pre 1840 083

PRACY Syd. In 1985 remembered Frank Gaiter 157

PREECE Captain Magistrate at Waipukurau 108

PRENDERGAST Mr. Landlord of the Marine Hotel 047

PRINTZ George A whaler of Sydney - born Sydney 1827 079,081

RANDALL Christine Gr gr grandaughter of Dr Hamilton 069

REDWOOD Pascoe Author "A Group of Colonial Families" 011,068,134

REED A.H. "Story of Hawkes Bay" 1985 115

REYNOLDS Peggy re Sir Francis Dashwood Bart 010

RHODES George & Robert Of Parau Station employed Sidebottom 053

RIGG Richard RM and Doctor 021

ROBBIE Pru Curator Kaikohe Pioneer Village 011

ROBSON R.W. "Queen Emma" 1965 172

ROE Mathew Owned Timber mill at Kakamatua 149

ROEBUCK R.Fred. Friend of William Harrod in Okato 161

ROUGH Captain Harbourmaster at Auckland 071

RUSSELL Lt Col A.H. Inspector of Schools 103

RYE Maria A. Female Middle Class Emigration Society 099

SCOTT Tui "Harris Family History" 1985 115

SEAGER E.W. Police Sgt Arrested James MacKenzie at Lyttleton 054

SEYMOUR Pop Jockey in AUS 043

SHORTLAND Dr Protector of Aborigines in New Zealand 080

SIDEBOTTOM John H.Chas Captured James MacKenzie & d 1859 050-55

SIDEBOTTOM Rev Francis Of Halifax YKS father of John 051

SINCLAIR Keith "A History of New Zealand " 078

SINNETT E.J. RM lived Karangahape Gorge - artist 145

SLADEN D.B.W. "Adam Lindsay Gordon" 048

SOUTHEM Edward Friend of Nicholas Mahs 023

SOUTHGATE Bill 30 yrs a Glen Eden Milkman 151

STARNES Stephen Married Fanny Forfar 035

STENBERG A. Tramping friend of Howlett 109

STEPHEN Judge Sentenced MacKenzie to five years 055

STEVENS George Stepfather of HOWELL 081

STOCKDALE Edward Owner of Lake Hawden Station AUS 042

STYLES Thomas Settler died in brawl with Marmon 092

SUISTED Olive Dau of farmer of Tane, died 1922. 109-110

SUISTED Olive Aged 21 married Wm. F.Howlett 109

SUTTON Arthur "Pioneering at the Wires" 1975-84 146

TANCRED Sheriff Henry Owner of Malvern Hills Station 056

TATE Robert Partner of Tom Hall 171

TAYLOR Gerald Castrated by his father 135

THOMSON Charles Tramping friend of Howlett 109

THOMSON J.C. "Early Riverton & District" 082

TODD Mr. RM from Scotland died 1931 Whangarei 168

TURNER Nathaniel & Ann Their house burned August 1838 092

Van Der WOUDEN A. Museum curator Whakatane 011

VOLKNER Rev Karl German Lutheran minister - murdered 129

VON STURMER Spencer Magistrate at Hokianga 090,101

WALKER Charles Friend of Asdam L. Gordon 040

WALLIS James Weslyan 095

WARRINGTON Doris Now Mrs Clarke 167

WARRINGTON Ted Managed estate for Roger Corbett 1917 166

WATERS William Friend of F.E.Maning from Tasmania 085

WATKINS Ralph Fletcher Waitapu School 1872 101-105

WEBSTER John "Reminiscences of an Old Settler" 1908 097

WEBSTER John Settler friend of F.E.Maning 083

WEBSTER William Trader at Opononi 104

WELD Frederick Runholder 034

WELLS B. "The History of Taranaki" 1878 172

WESTGATE Errol Whakatane & Dist Historical Soc. 011

WHITE John Maori Scholar 083

WHITE Mr Crown prosecutor - friend of Mrs Ostle 171

WHITE Rev William Weslyan Missionary at Mangungu 094

WHITELEY John Weslyan at Raglan 095

WILDE W.H. Author "Australian writers & work" 046

WILLIAMS William Bishop of Waiapu 101

WILSON Alice Nurse to young Nicholas Mahs 021

WILSON Helen "My First 80 Years" 1950 172

WILSON Jemmy Jockey in AUS 043

WILSON Mick Married Ada HARRIS as 2nd husband 121

WILSON Philip "William Satchell" 1968 097

WILTON Shirley Niece of Maraea Buckworth 134

WINCHESTER Mrs Iris Researched the life of Dr Hamilton 069

WINTER Will Son in law of Ada HARRIS 121

WOODHOUSE A.E. "Geo Rhodes and his Brothers" 057

WOODHOUSE Mrs Airini South Island Historian 010,57

WOODS Julian Tenison Catholic Priest in Australia 042

WOON William Missionary 096

WORTLEY Hon Stuart s/o Lord Wharncliffe 051

YOUNG Henry Left Gravesend 1852 033

YOUNG Lady Hilton Sculptor of A.L.Gordon 048