With grateful thanks to Derek Moon, of Kerikeri.


(1) In loving Memory of Henry, Dearly Beloved Husband of Annie
EDWARDS who died 1-11-1906 aged 75 years. "Deeply Regretted."

(3) In loving Memory of Edward Thurso?? EDMONDS who died
14-11-1920 aged 63. "Thy Will be Done."

(4) In Loving Memory of Arthur EDMONDS who died June 20th.
1914, aged 88 years. "At Rest in Peace."

(5) In Loving Memory of Leo, Dearly Beloved son of William & Kate
CRULLER who Departed this Life on NZ Amokura, March 3rd. 1916,
aged 16 years 8 days. "Sleep my Darling and Take Thy Rest, On Thy
Loving Saviourís Breast. We loved you Les but Jesus Loved You Best,
So Sleep my Darling and Take Thy Rest".

(6) In Loving Memory of James Milne BOYD, Beloved Husband of Lucy
BOYD who died 25-9-1920 aged 72 years. "At Rest".

(7) Crimean Veteran Sergeant R. BRADSHAW. 17th. Lancers.

(8) In Fond and Loving Memory of Richard HUETT, Dearly Beloved
Husband of Evelyn DALTON. Died 31-3-1913 aged 30 years. "At Rest.
Loved by All Who Knew Him".

(9) Ko te John TAPU . Hori KEMARA. O Te Hapua O Ngatirehia
I mate Ki te ti  Te 26 o Aperira 1878  90 ona tau Ko te whaka Milligan ?
o nga rangatira o Ngapuhi.

(10) In Loving memory of Kate Flora, Beloved Wife of Robert Samuel
CLEAVE. Died 11-10-1958 aged 82 years. "Peace Perfect Peace."

(11) In Loving Memory of Robert Samuel CLEAVE died April 25th. 1932 
aged 73 years.

(?) In Loving Memory of Robert Fuller CLEAVE Beloved Husband of
Amelia. Father of Robert Terence and Winsome. Died 4-3-1982. "At Rest."

(12) In Loving Memory of Samuel CLEAVE died May 20th.1906.
Aged 76 Years.

(13 Robert Terance CLEAVE born 20-1-28. Died 8-12-1981. Devoted in 
Marriage with Laurel Dawn. Loved Parents of Evan & Bronwyn. "Matt.
11. 25. 30 28 20. 2 Cor. 13 13-14".

In Fond Memory of Mary CLEAVE died 13-9-1892 aged 33 years. Also 
Loveday Aileen CLEAVE. Died 3rd. March 1889 aged 3 months and 
Arney CLEAVE died 22 Sept. 1892 aged 3 weeks. "Oh Death where is 
Thy sting. Oh Grave where is Thy victory."

In Loving Memory of James Arney CLEAVE died 27th. July 1941 aged 
73 years. "A noble character left behind."

In Memory of Maria Williams KEMP. Died 21 Jan. 1880 aged 65 years.
And Alfred Ernest KEMP died 11-12-1887 aged 19 years. "Rest in Peace".

In Loving Memory of James KEMP who died May 3rd. 1899 aged 75. 
"For ever with the Lord".

Sacred to the Memory of Charlotte KEMP. The Beloved wife of James 
KEMP Sen., who departed this life the 22nd day of June in the Year of
Our Lord 1860 aged 70 years. Resident in New Zealand 41 Years. "I
know that my Redeemer Livith".

In Loving Memory of Sophia, Wife of the late James KEMP. Passed away 
26th April 1915 aged 85 years. "Ever Rest in Heart and Spirit".

In Loving Memory of Alan KEMP who died 16-5-1890 aged 1 year. "Suffer 
little Children to Come Unto me".

In Loving Memory of Charlotte KEMP 30-12-43 aged 83 years. "Peace. She 
is not Dead nor does she Sleep. She has awakened from the Dream of Life".

In Loving Memory of Gertrude Matilda KEMP, youngest daughter of James 
& Sophia born 19th. Jan. 1870. Died 5th. Nov. 1951. "He that Believeth in 
Me, Hath Everlasting Life."

In Loving Memory of Julia Adela BLACK, died 28th. Sept. 1956 aged 69 Years. 
"At Rest."

In Loving Memory of Gerald BLACK. Beloved husband of Julia. Died 25th. 
Nov. 1961. Aged 70 years. "Beloved by All".

In Loving Memory of Charlotte Mary, Beloved second daughter of the Late John 
& Ethel BLACK. Born 29th. April 1893. Died 17th. Oct. 1965. "Beloved by All".

In Memory of William SKUDDER. Died 23rd. July 1944, aged 83 and his Wife 
Agnes, died 17th. May 1955 aged 85, also their Daughter Evelyn Mina, died 1916 
aged 3.

In Loving Memory of Ronald Neil SKUDDER. Born 13-11-1910. Died 11-6-1987. 
"Fondly Remembered by Wife & Family."

In Loving Memory of Thomas Charles SKUDDER. Born 2-11-1895. Died 24-9-1982, 
and his Wife Eva Jane SKUDDER. Born 23-5-1897, Died 14-5-1982. "United in Life. 
Reunited in Eternity".

William George SKUDDER, eldest Son of Agnes & William. Loved Husband of 
Hazel Caroline. Born 24-6-1887. Died 12-5-1984 in his 97th. year.
" Memories". "Together Forever. R.I.P. Shirley Edith nee SKUDDER".

Kennett FREETH.  23-2-1926 26-4-1928  27-2-1985 25-8-1985

Harold James SKUDDER. Died 14th. January 1994.

In Loving memory of Captain Henry EASTGATE. New Zealand Rifle Brigade. 
7th. Aug. 1944. "Well Done Though Good and Faithful Servant".

C.K 1860.

In Loving Memory of Dory KEMP (nee MAY). Passed Away 10th. Aug.
1970 aged 78. Alfred Ernest KEMP Passed Away 23-11-74 aged 86. "At
Rest Together."

In Loving Memory of Frances Gertrude ALLPETON, died Dec. 14th. 1976 aged 
82 years. Dearly Loved Wife of Alfred James APPLETON, died Sept. 4th. 1963 
at Buxton, England. "At Rest".


(100) E&G MAPLES

(97) In Loving Memory of Constance McINNESS, Beloved Wife of Vernan 
McINNESS. Died 3-11-68 aged 59 years.

(93) In Memory of Gladys Ann LUKE 1897-1981. Beloved Wife of Eric LUKE. 
"Now at rest".

In Loving Memory of Eric Manley LUKE 1894-1987. Beloved Husband of Gladys 
LUKE. "Now at Rest".

(91) Lavinia Jane LYNESS, of Liburn, N. Ireland. 1873-1968. Dearly Beloved Sister 
of James R. LYNESS & Grace H. McGregor MacDONALD. Beloved Auntie Vince 
of her Cherished Nieces and Nephews.

(89) Duncan McGregor MacDONALD of Scotland. 1876- 1968. Dearly Loved by 
his Wife Grace HAYCROFT and his son, Duncan LYNESS. "He was a Very Perfit 
Gentil Knight, Loved by All his Kith and Kin".

(88) Edith Marion LYNESS, 1887 - 1965. Dearly Loved Wife of James Rankin LYNESS 
and Loved Mother of Tony, Elspeth, Jean, David & Helen. "Served Through Love".
Our Loved Daughter. Edith Jean Patricia 1914-1974.

(87) James Rankin LYNESS. 1878-1955 of Trentsin, China & Kerikeri.
"To Live in the Hearts of Those we leave behind is Not to Die".

(86) In Loving Memory of Emma EMANUEL, Beloved Wife of Captain EMANUEL. 
Mother of Myra & Alfred. Born Newcastle, NSW 14-2-72. Died Kerikeri 12-2-68 aged 95 years.

(85) In Loving Memory Of Captain Alfred Edward EMANUEL, Beloved Husband of 
Emma and Father of Myra, Rae & Alfred. Born Liverpool England 31-12-71. Died 
Kerikeri 22-6-52. "Sadly Missed."

(84) In Loving Memory of Alica BARCLAY. Born 4-9-1879. Died 21-6-75.

(83) In Loving Memory of Arthur Edward WHITE, died 1-10-51 aged 81years. Also 
his Loving Wife Mary Jane. Died 9-12-26 aged 49 years.

(2nd Row)

(80) In Loving Memory of Eleanor Margaret, Daughter of Bob and Margaret NEWMAN. 
D. 21-9-64, aged 11 days.

(79) In Loving Memory of Susan ROLFE. Died 4-11-61

(76) In Loving Memory of Marian Florence Ledingham KENNEDY. Born 1-11-1892 
New Zealand, 23-4-1932. Died 10-3-78. "In Peace". In Loving Memory of Ernest Elliott 
KENNEDY M.C. Major Indian Army. Born 21-7-1891. Died 13-5-1974. "At Rest".

(75) In Loving Memory of Ivy Gladys CUMMINGS. D. 7-5-1959 aged 65 Years. Beloved 
Wife of William George CUMMINGS. D. 8-4-1975 aged 89.

(?) In Memory of Bernie Allen ARMSTRONG Passed Away 2-8-1968, aged 83. "At Rest".

(73) In Loving Memory of Alfred James SANDERS. D. 17-4-1956 aged 73 years. Also 
his Wife Mary Ann 7-1-1891 - 6-3-75.

(72) In Memory of Mary SMITH. Died 17-5-1990.

(71) Thomas Gootley WILKES. D. 12-8-1955 aged 60 years and his Wife Irene Elza 
WILKES, who D. 15-9-72 aged 72 years.

(70) The Glory of God. In Loving Memory of John Malcolm COOKSEY.

Passed Away 7-9-1980 aged 82 years. R.S.A. WW1, and his Wife Nancy Mary, 
D. 23-12-84 aged 77.

And Their Grandaughter Sharon Ann ORMSBY loved Daughter of Dennis and 
Ann 2-6-60 - 12-7-89. "And Take the Hidden Path that runs West of the Moon and 
East of the Sun."

(69) 1973. Alan C. EAMES. 87 Years.

(68) Elspeth Grace EMANUEL of Tientsin and Kerikeri. Beloved Wife of Bus. Loved 
Mother of Rea, Evelyn and Graeme. 9-3-11 29-7-89. "And the Greatest of These is Love".

(67) Alfred Rae EMANUEL "Bus", of Shanghai and Kerikeri. Beloved Husband of 
Elspeth and Loved Father of Rae, Evelyn and Graeme. 9-6-05 - 21-7-86. "Into Thine 
Everlasting Arms".

(66) In Loving memory of Dorothy Ellen LAWSON. D. 28-7-58 Aged 69 years.

(65) Herbert Percy RITCHIE, Born London 6-1-1887. D 2-4-1960, and his Gracious 
lady Mabel (nee ASPINALL) born Lotipo 11-9-1892 Died 1-6-1982. Loving Parents of 
Herbert, Alan, Lorna and Hugh.

(64) Florence Pauline Beloved Wife of Alan Napier KENNEDY. D. 31-10-1951 aged 83 years.

(63) Allan Napier KENNEDY. 1875 - 1954.

3rd. Row.

(55) In Loving memory of Margaret Dorothy, Beloved Daughter of H.& M. WALKER. 
Died 21-2-37 aged 23. "Deeply Regretted."

(54) In Loving memory of Ivy MUNSEN. B. Sept. 29th. 1912. D. 22-5-1985. From "Fox 
Collage", Colchester to Purerua. "The Lord is My Shepherd".

(53) In Remembrance of Alistair Fraser HOWDEN, Loved Husband of Margaret. Died 
23-9-76 aged 63 years.

(49) In Loving Memory of Laurence Rastall WEST, Loved Husband of Barbara and 
Father of Ruth and Bruce. B. 8-8-1913. D. 20-6-90.

(47) N.H.HUME, 467013 2nd. N.Z.E.F. Sgt. NZ Infantry. D. 26-11-91
aged 84 years.

(46) In Loving Memory of Geoffrey Martyn RENNER, Loved Husband of Stella and 
Loved Father of Elizabeth, Susan and Richard. D. 5-12-85 aged
80 years.

(43) G.M. HOBDAY DSC. 1939-45 Lt. Cdr. Died 21-1-1988 aged 80 years. Helen M. 
HOBDAY Died 7-10-89 aged 80 years.

(42) In Loving Memory of Doris Vera LONGLEY. 1898 - 1981. "Blessed are the Pure 
in Heart".

(41) In Loving memory of Charles Edward Hubert WATSON. b. 13-1-1906. D. 15-8 1974. 
"At Rest".

In Loving Memory of Audrey Alica WATSON (nee BELL) Beloved Wife of Hubert. 
B. 4-1-1910. D. 27.7.1989. " At Rest".

4th. Row.

(40) Simon James DENNISTON-WOOD 1947 - 1991. Loved Younger son
of Charles & Melva DENNISTON-WOOD.
Charles DENNISTON-WOOD b.1913- d 10-5-93.

(39) Percival Henry Dalmain STRONGMAN. Died 31-5-1994.

(37) Cecil George CULVERWELL, B. 10-4-1904, Bristol, England. D. 13-11-1987. 
Husband of Gwendoline, Father of Joan, Mary, Hope & Judith.
(CULVERWELL) Much Loved Wife of Denis and Mother of Deborah, Penelope & 
Andrew. 6-3-1930 - 19-10-1993.

(36) Treasured Mother of Margaret Laura COOMBES. B. 14-7-1910. D. 7-2-1983. 
Loved Mother of Gabrielle JANACE.

(35) In Loving Memory of Gladys Cornelia Beuther? KEMPTHORNE. D. 13-6-72 
aged 82 years. Wife of Frederick Maurice and Loved Mother of Paul, Jocelyn, Maurice 
and Penelope. "In Peace".

(32) In Loving Memory of Mary Wolryche-WHITMORE. Died 6-4-1971 aged 82. Beloved 
Wife of Jack, Late Rongai, Bengal, Kenya, East Africa and Loving Mother of Gillian T
RAILL and Loved Granny of the TRAILL Family.

(31) SIMPSON. In Loving Memory of Sybil Mabel Lily 1896 - 1973. Dearly Loved Wife 
of Arthur John Tyrnier. Reg. 12/2114 Gallipoli Veteran 1891 - 1980. "That Whosoever 
Believeth in Him Should not Perish but have Eternal Life."

(30) Joseph Benjamin WALKER. D. 1-10-1978 aged 79 years. Miro Gertrude WALKER 
D. 28-9-91 aged 85 years.

(29) Maud Mary BATES D. 1-8-1981.

(27) In Loving Memory of Doris Evelyn DRIVER, Beloved Wife of Henry and Treasured 
Mother of Evelyn, Glenys & Neil. D. 5-9-84 aged 73 years.

(24) WOODWARD. Michael Guy. 1-11-70 - 23-5-85. Beloved son of Carolyn and Michael, 
Brother of Phillippa and Adele. "And Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him."


(18e) Doreen Austin Owhiti SANSOM. Died 27-2-1991.

(18c) In Loving Memory of Andrew Bertram STRONGMAN who was accidentally killed 
24-12-1913, aged 17Ĺ years. "Sleep Dear One, Sweet be Thy Rest. Dearly we Loved Thee, 
But God Loved Thee Best".

(18b) Treasured Memories of our Wee Darling Caroline. Dearly Loved Infant Daughter 
of C.& D. FISHER, aged 1 day.

(18a) Treasured Memories of Gladys Mary PRIOR, Dearly Beloved Wife of Edward. 
1913-1983. "All Things Bright and Beautiful".

(17) In Loving Memory of Reginald Tolver, the Beloved Husband of Grace M. WATERS, 
died 18-8-38 in his 59th. year. "At Rest". (Big grave.)

(16) In Memory of Snowdon Charles QUENAULT  Jersey 1923 - Kerikeri 1982. Husband 
of Beverley, Father of Stephonie, Russell & Aynsley.

(15) In Memory of Kate S J COOPER, Dearly Loved Mother of Ted, Lil & Joan. Born 
England 23-3-1882. D. 18-3-1982

(14) In Loving memory of Gillian Mary, Beloved Wife of William TRAILL. D. 27-10-1964 
aged 37 years.

(13) Loving memory of Beresford Harry Huey EDKINS, Dearly Loved Husband of Alfreda. 
D. 8-3-1964 aged 87 years.

(12) In Loving Memory of Barbara Nancy APIATA, nee COATES. Loved Wife of Tangi. 
Died 6-5-1966 aged 20 years. In Loving Memory of Ivon COATES 1910 - 1989 and Barbara 
COATES 1913-1992.

(11) Ernest Coleridge DARNELL, aged 96 years.

(10) In Loving memory of John Groves HODDER Beloved Husband of Ethel Maud. D. 
19-7-1967 aged 80 years. Also Ethel Maud D. 19-7-1967 aged 80 years. Also Ethel Maud 
D. 8-11-1985 aged 91 years.

(9) In Loving Memory of Henry Thomas BATES, Dearly Loved Husband of Lillian 
Davina BATES. D. 30-5-1970 aged 91 yrs.

(8) Kitty, Loving Wife of Bill ARMSTRONG and Loving Mother of Nigel, Deidre, Kerry 
& Tim. 1914 - 1977.

(6) In Memory of William Albert HALL Born 6-7-67. Died 1-7-1938. "Ever Remembered".

(5) In Fondest Memory of William Murray, Darling Son of Freda & Joseph YENDELL. 
D. 17-5-1938 aged 8 years and 1 month. "At Rest".

(3) In Loving Memory of Eugene Victor PAGANINI, D. 12-3-1983 aged 58 years. Beloved 
Husband of Philippa.

(2) In Loving Memory of Amy Ethelinda HEWETT, Beloved Wife of the late James Duff 
HEWITT. D. 5-2-1968 aged 82 years.

(1) In Loving Memory of Henry William WHITE. D. 22-3-38 aged 33 years.


(Z) In Loving Memory of William James HAWKINS, O.B.E. Jan. 28th. 1883. June 19th. 
1965. "For All Eternity".

(Y) In Loving Memory of Amelia Gladys, Daughter of Edward Selby LITTLE. Born Kiu 
Kiang, China. July 31. 1890. Married Kuling, China Sept. 24th. 1912. Died Kerikeri NZ 
Oct. 26th. 1960. Beloved Wife of William James HAWKINS. "Romans 15 Verse 32".

(X) Edward Selby LITTLE, Beloved Husband of Caroline Amelia LITTLE, born at Kingsten, 
Dorset, Eng. on Sept. 17th. 1864, Settled in NZ in 1929, after 43 years in China. Died at 
Kingstonís Veterans on Feb. 2 1939.

Sheila DAVOUD, nee HAWKINS 1922-1991. Loved Mother of Alison, Jenny, Roddy, Gill and Mag.

(W) In Ever Loving Memory of Caroline A LITTLE. 14 Aug. 1947. "Proverbs 31. 28". Edward 
Selby LITTLE Jnr. 1877 - 1970. Jean LITTLE, His Wife. 1909 - 1976.

(V) In Loving Memory of Jemima Simpson, Beloved Wife of W. FULLER. Fell Asleep 1 Feb. 
1935 aged 59 years. "Forever With the Lord".

(U) Ida MEMBREY, D. 29-3-1987 (On Cross) In Loving memory of Ida MEMBREY 25-12-1892. 
29-2-1987. Loved Wife of Percy Edward (Durban. S.A) and Mother of Dorothy and Frankie. 
"A Faithfull Servant of the Lord".

(T) In Loving Memory of E.D.D. MILLER. Died 29-12-1936 aged 52 Years.

(S) In Loving Memory of Linda KNIGHT, Loved Wife of Henry. Loved Mother of Naomi, 
Bailey, Noel & Norma. D. 2-3-1935 aged 41 years. (On back of stone. In Loving Memory 
of Linda KNIGHT aged 40 years.)

(R) In Loving Memory of Christina E. Beloved Wife of W.G.TUBBS, Who Died 21st. March 
1933 aged 52 years. "Nearer My God to Thee".

(Q) In Loving Memory of William C (G?) TUBBS, Loving Husband of the Late Christina. 
D. 8-6-45 aged 79 years.

7th. Row.

(P) In Loving memory of Walter FULLER, who Died 9th. Nov. Ď92., aged 78 years. In Loving 
Memory of Mary Ann FULLER who died 19th. Sept. 1928, aged 85 years.

(O) John Ewing Dixon ABBOTT, "Jack", Much Loved Husband of Jennie and Loved Father 
of John, Hamish & Christopher. 20th. May 1935 - 14th. July 1983 aged 48.

(M) Bridget Ann HART 17-11-69 - 22-7-84 Daughter of Anne and Bob, Sister of Todd, Simon, 
Christopher, Megan & Rachel. "So Dearly Loved. Infinite Time Without Beginning and in 
that End Hath been Given to Me".

(L) Little George. December 1932.

(K) In Loving Memory of Kerlo(?) KLINAC, Beloved Uncle of Walter KLINAC. Died 25-8-1927 
aged 55 Years. R.I.P. Also Joyce, Dearly Loved Wife of Kerlo KLINAC. D. 17-3-1954 aged 80 
Years. A Tribute from their Son, Mate.

(J) In Loving Memory of Our Little Son, Tony ZIVKOVICH aged 4 months. Died ? 1934.

(I) In Loving Memory of John T. HENDERSON, Beloved Husband of Emily. 1800 - 1932.

(H) In Loving Memory of John. Dearly Loved Son of Elizabeth and George RIDDELL. 
Accidentally Drowned at Kawhia, Jan. 18th. 1929. Aged 43. "Thy Will be Done".

(G) In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Georgina, wife of George RIDDELL. D. 5-1-33. 
"I Triumph Still If Thee Abide With Me".

(F) In Loving Memory of Alexander RIDDELL, Beloved Husband of Beatrice and Father 
of Peter and Dawn. D. 27th. July 1969 aged 65 years. "Ever Remembered".
 In Loving Memory of Anne MANSFIELD nee RIDDELL, Dearly Loved Mother of George, 
John, Constance.
In Loving Memory of Henry RIDDELL, Beloved Husband of Hope, Loved Father of Ross, 
Daria/Diana ? & Susan. 26-6-1905 - 24-3-1978. "At Rest".

(E) RIDDELL. In Loving Memory of Beatrice Eve RIDDELL, Beloved Wife of Alexander 
& Mother of Peter and Dawn. D. 3rd. July 1981, aged 72. "Ever Remembered."

(D) In Loving Memory of George, Dearly Loved Husband of Elizabeth Georgina RIDDELL. 
Died July 11th. 1927 aged 77 years. "To Live in the Hearts of Those we Love, is Not to Die".

9th. Row.

(C) In Loving Memory of Lillian Davinia, Dearly Loved Wife of Henry Thomas BATES and 
Loved Mother of Stanley and Eleanor, who Departed this Life 15-12-35.

(B) Sacred to the Memory of Marie KING, Died 19-9-25. "A Patient Sufferer at Rest".

(A) Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Marsdon BEDGOOD. Born 4-5-1837. Died 13-7-1925. 
"He Givith His Beloved Sleep".

(Plaque) In Loving Memory of Jocelyn (Dolly) Danby KEMPTHORNE. 1924-1995. "The Lord 
is My Shepherd".

In Loving Memory of Charles SPENCER 18-6-1912, 9-9-88. Myra 24-19-1918 4-10-1995. 
Dearly Loved Mother and Father of Yvonne, Miriam and Kenneth. "Safe in the Arms of Jesus."

Dorothy (Tommy) LUCY, nee HAWKINS. 1915 - 1996. Loved Mother of John and Diana.


(1) In Loving Memory of Allan THOMPSON. d. 10-8-1976. & Norma Vivien THOMPSON. 
d. 24-9-1975.

(2) In Loving memory of Alan Angus PARDOE 1907 - 1981 & Thomas Allan PARDOE
 d. 17-11-1982 aged 29 years.

(3) In Loving Memory of William Thomas GRAVESON.d. 9-8-78.

(4) In Loving Memory of Edward MURPHY. d. June 1949 aged 77. Husband of Edith Lucy 
MURPHY. d.Nov. 1966 aged 81. Mother of Edward Leslie MURPHY mm Dunkirk 1940, 
Royal Scots Fus. d. Sept. 1981 aged 76, Husband of Ada MURPHY d. Nov. 1981 aged 79. 
"Together in Godís Care".

(5) Janice RILEY. 1943-1981. Beloved Wife of Colin and Loving Mother of Scott, Jason and 
Natasha. " Gone But Not Forgotten."

(6) In Loving Memory of Paula Marie KENDALL 7-1-68 30-12-86. Daughter of Sheryl and the 
Late Robert.

(7) In Loving Memory of Robert Vivian KENDALL. 1941 - 1980.

(8) In Treasure Memory of Francis (Frankie) BORELAND.30-9-1918 20-8-1983. Beloved Wife 
of Keith and Precious Mother of Marjorie, Gillian, Wendy & Sandy. "My Spirit Rejoices in God 
my Saviour".

(9) In Memory of Geoffrey Arnott TURNER. 32st. May 1916 - 6th. Oct 1976


(11) In Memory of Robin Margaret GROSS 1942-1982. Loved Wife of Michael and Wonderful 
Mother of Julien, Kirsty, Nicholas & Martin.

(12) Betty BURTAN. 30-6-83. Remembered with Much Love.

(13) Samuel WHITTINGHAM Dear Husband of Laura 1904-1987. Laura WHITTINGTON, 
Dear Wife of Samuel 1906-1986.

(14) In Loving memory of Ron PERRY. d. 17-7-83 aged 42 years.

(15) In Memory of Sidney Peakman GOODSON 558919, 35th. Battalion, 3rd. Div. Loving 
Husband of Winifred and Father of Christopher. d. 21-8-84 aged 70 years. And Winifred 
GOODSON d. 20-3-95 aged 87 years.


(17) In Loving Memory of Henry Whitaker MARTIN. Husband of Nellie. Father of Elizabeth, 
Bruce & Alex. d. 7-1-85 aged 72.

(18) In Memory of Audrey NEEDHAM Dearly Loved of Doctor Peter NEEDHAM and Loving 
Mother of Penny, Cynthia and Christopher. b. Sunderland, Eng. 25-11-1922. d. Auckland 27-1-85. 
(Plaque says: "Audrey NEEDHAM 2110889 WAI 1939-45 d. 27-1-85 aged 62 years."


(20) " Blackie". In loving Memory of Sylvester Ralph BLACKWELL b. Waihi 6-9-1903. d. 
Kerikeri 22-5-1984.

(21) In Loving Memory of Doris Lillian SPRIGGS. Mother of Gillian & Andrew . d. 4-7-85 aged 
76 years.

(22) In Loving Memory of Emily May BROWN. d. 8th. June Ď85 aged 85. Willis Spencer BROWN 
d. 8-12-88 aged 86 years.

(23) Remembered Always. Marylin ROWSELL 1948 - 1986. Beloved Wife of Peter and Loving Mother 
of Keryn and Stephani.

(24) In Loving Memory of Jack Geary OATES. 22-11-1925 23-12-1987. Much Loved Husband of 
Barbara and Father of Sandra, Vicky and Donald. "The Peace of God Passeth all Understanding".

(25) In Loving Memory of Thomas Clifford SWALLOW. Beloved Husband of Rona. Loved Father 
of Christine & Lynne. (Plaque says: T.C.SWALLOW 40260 1939-45 Flight Sergeant RNZAF. d. 
30-4-1991 aged 74 years.

(26) In Memory of Eileen Balmar BUCKLETON, Wife of Robert, Mother of Judithann. 1908 - 1988.

(27) Edward James WARD. 2-6-1902. 28-6-1992. (Suffolk, U.K) Much Loved Husband of Jenny. 
"Blessed are the Pure in Heart".


(29) Ray Henry MARTIN, 31-8-30 1-1-89 Dearly Loved Husband of Lesley and Much Loved 
Father of Wayne and Karen.

(30) Gus and ? MAIDEN (No Plaque)

(31) In Loving Memory of Joanna Dale BOYD. b. Waihi 17-1-68. Died Spain 19-7-89 aged 21 
years. Dearly Loved Daughter of Jeanette and Giles. Loved sister of Karen-Lee and Richard. 
"To Know Her was to Love Her".




(35) In Loving memory of Frederick Craig Martin RENNER. b. 17-4-1901.

d. 31-12-1989. Inga Mary Grace RENNER. b. 18-1-1917. d. 31-5-1996. Loved Parents of Ross 
and Ngaio.

(36) To the Fond Memory of Lt. William Mervyn MITCHELL M.B.E. b. 4-4-1913 . d. 19-4-1997. 
Rosemary MITCHELL, b. 25-2-1948, d. 2-8-89. Ethel Emily MITCHELL. 13-2-1916 d. 25-6-94. 
Beth Adele MITCHELL, b. 2-4-1955 d. 31-7-1995.

(37) "Bobbie" WALLING. (No Plaque)


(39) Malcolm WALLING. (No Plaque)


(41) In Loving Memory of Jan Hamilton HUTCHINGS. Loved Husband of Iris, Loved Father of 
Robyn, Averill, Diana CAVELL, Aayden & Megan. Died 10-11-89 aged 75 years.

(42) In Loving Memory of Winifred Teresa PRIGG. b. 23-6-1917 d. 8-3-1994. March 1994. And 
her Husband, Alfred Charles PRIGG b. 5-3-1916. d. 11-11-1995.

(?) In Memory of Our Loved Ones. Gladys V. CORDEN (HUSS) 1906-1988. Thomas George
 CORDEN 1910-1969. and their son Micheal John, aged 23 years. 1933-1957. RAF England.

(?) Angus Gordon MARTIN. 22-4-1934 19-6-1995. Loved Husband of Jean. Father of Alan, 
Julie and Shona.

(To Left of Mower Shed)

(1) Henry EDMONDS.

(2) ?

(3) Edward Thurso EDMONDS.

(4) Arthur EDMONDS.


(6) James Milne BOYD.

(7) Sgt. R. BRADSHAW.

(8) Richard Huett DALTON.


(10) Kate Flora CLEAVE.

(11) Robert Samuel CLEAVE. Robert Fuller CLEAVE

(12) Samuel CLEAVE.

(13) Robert Terence CLEAVE.


(15) Hori Kemara Te Pakira.

(16) Mary CLEAVE

(17) James Arney CLEAVE.





(22) Maria William KEMP. Alfed Ernest KEMP.

(23) James KEMP.

(24) Charlotte KEMP.

(25) Sophia KEMP.

(26) Alan KEMP.

(27) Charlotte KEMP.

(28) Gertrude Matilda KEMP.

(29) Julia Adele BLACK and Gerald BLACK.

(30) Charlotte Mary BLACK.

(31) William SKUDDER. Agnes SKUDDER, Evelyn Mina SKUDDER,

Ronald Neil SKUDDER.

(32) Thomas Charles SKUDDER and Eva Jane SKUDDER.

(33) Captain Henry EASTGATE.



(36) Dory KEMP and Alfred Ernest KEMP.

(37) Francis Gertrude APPLETON.



(a) Elizabeth Marsdon BEDGOOD.

(b) Marie KING.

(c) Lilian Davina BATES.

(d) George RIDDELL.

(e) Beatrice Eve RIDDELL.

(f) Alexander RIDDELL, Anne MANSFIELD, Henry RIDDELL,

Beatrice Eve RIDDELL.

(g) Elizabeth Georgina RIDDELL.

(h) John RIDDELL.

(i) John T. HENDERSON.


(k) Karlo KLINAK. Joyce KLINAK.

(l) LITTLE. George.

(m) Bridget Ann HART.

(o) John Ewing Dixon ABBOTT.

(p) Walter FULLER. Mary Ann FULLER.

(q) William G. TUBBS.

(r) Christina E. TUBBS.

(s) Linda KNIGHT.


(u) Ida MEMBREY.

(v) Jemima Simpson FULLER.

(w) Caroline A. LITTLE. Edward Selby LITTLE Jnr. Jean LITTLE.

(x) Edward Selby LITTLE/ Sheila DAVORD ?

(y) Amelia Gladys LITTLE.

(z) William James HAWKINGS.


(2) In Loving Memory of Russell HOWELL. 14 July 1931 - 30 March 1995.

(6) In Loving memory of Lin K. WILLIAMS. 1914 - 1995. Special Son & Brother.

(7) Phyliss Irene CROWTHER. d. 23 April 1993.

(8) In Loving memory of Doris Ethel WILLIAMS, "Aunty Dot". 1924-1997. Dearest Daughter 
and Sister.

(9) In Loving Memory of John Colin (JACK) TAYLOR 14th. May 1926 -9th. Dec. 1994. 
Dearly Loved Husband of Audrey. Loved Father of Warren & Anne.

(10) Rosemary Anne COONEY. d. 6-2-1996.

(17) In Loving Memory of M.E.C. (Molly) KINGSTON. 3-9-1903. 13-8-1993. & Her Husband 
Douglas WHITTON KINGSTON. 16-10-1904, 12-6-1994. Loved Parents of Donald & Richard.