Below is a list of 100+ residents of Karangahake, who signed an 
     unsuccessful  petition to have the goldmining township at the  foot 
    of the Coromandel peninsular declared  a borough in 1907. 

A number of Australian families went here after the gold ran out in 
some  of the Australian fields - my Grandparents came from Nundle/
                   Hanging  Rock, NSW in 1905.
Contributed by Maurice & Jean Bath.

Charles R. Taylor - plumber
James Lawler - carpenter
Jno. McCombie - Mine manager
Minnie Lawler - Domestic Duties
L. P. Kemp - shop assistant
A. I. Minett - draper, per J. H. Kelk
John Wall - engine driver
W. J. Vuglar - butcher
G. Dickson - miner
J. Caisley - miner
T. Hanley - miner
Margaret Conway - DD
W. Ellery - miner
R. I. Noonan - draper
B. Flavell - miner
A. M. Griffiths - stationer
H. Green - miner
Mary Margaret Searle - DD
C. I. Miller - miner
H. W. Guthrie - builder
John Sheehan - miner
A. Sheehan - DD
M. A. Ryan - DD
A. D. McGuire - blacksmith
Agnes Christie - DD
W. Cats - miner
H. F. Nodwell - DD
A. Calman - miner
J. Nodwell - DD
J. H. Rogers - miner
J. Cochrane - contractor
J. McIntyre - miner
L. M. Cheesman - DD
W. R. Ferguson - miner
Alice White - DD
A. G. Snelgar - blacksmith
L. L. Knox - miner
H. Smith - engine driver
F. M. Patterson - DD
J. Billing - DD
G. L. Kitching - accountant
H. Jenkinson - miner
J. H. Nodwell - engineer
Albert Reed - carpenter
R. Russell - settler
John Laurie - carter
E. Taylor - DD
A. Bradfield - miner
W. R. Page - miner
David Leach - engine driver
F. E. Hill - DD
Noral Goiss - DD
M. A. McPherson - DD
Robt. J. Corbett - school teacher
Joseph Henus - music teacher
Louise Dette - home duties
M. A. Dickson - DD
Helen Wells - DD
M. McIntyre - DD
Ernest Hawken - billiard marker
S. O'Neil - DD
Alfred J. French - coal merchant
G. Seymour - miner
Sarah Duncan - DD
L. A. Kemp - DD
Geo. Fallon - tailor
E. Reed - battery hand
John Smith - fireman
E. A. Moran - DD
F. J. Nolan - engine driver
M. Hanlen DD
Ellen J. White - DD
P. Conway - storekeeper
D. T. Hardman - miner
G. A. Bush - battery hand
M. Farrell - DD
A. Gibb - DD
T. Whiting - gardener
Harry Moore - miner
W. McNamara - miner
R. Stackpole - mine manager
J. P. Vocasivich (Trepo) - miner
M. L. Wigmore - DD
D. Snodgrass - miner
J. Gubb - DD
H. Wigmore - battery hand
John L. White - mine manager
D. N. Gibb - miner
John Law - contractor
James Clarke - miner
John Kemp - carpenter
W. Nealie - miner
W. J. Rackham - miner
Charles Littlejohn - battery hand
James Liddell - mine manager
Edward Grace - miner
A. Dickson - engine driver
W. Grady - miner
John Chester - miner
R. Phillips - miner
Frederick Whittom - miner
L. Kulmar - engine driver
R. Inglis - miner
P. Cotter - miner
Robert Wilkinson - miner

Witneses to all these signatures were:-
William John Tyerman
Cyril Edward Searle Tidswell
George Walters

Note: DD = Domestic duties