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   This is a fairly recent photograph of Devonport today, with Rangitoto
                                            Island in the background.. 
  Wish I could show you what it was like when  I lived there, in 19 hundred 
                                            and mumble-mumble !!! 
In 1868 my Great Grandfather, Charles SANDERSON, purchased two adjoining 
sections, right on the beach-front. Lots 8 and 9  Cheltenham Road - for
62/1/10 !! 
        And that is where we lived..  A wonderful  place for a child to grow up.. 

Thanks to Bruce CROWTHER we have some early photos of the Main Street
                                                   Check it out..

The descendants of many original  Families are still there, and I'm sure that 
  these Devonport/Northshore  Pages will be of great interest to them and 
                                                 many others.

Most of the Devonport and North Shore  information is taken from the pages of the 
"Story of  Devonport and the Old North Shore", which is a compilation of News  
      of  the area, from 1841 to 1924, Compiled and Edited by T. WALSH

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            And here is a WebCam view of Auckland City, take from Devonport.             


                                                     View from Devonport.
                      An average Saturday morning on the Auckland Harbour.
                         (Can't work out why their dates are always wrong!!)

                             This is copyright to WebcamNZ and used with
             their permission.  Check out the other up-to-the-minute photos

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