1886 - 1924


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The Borough of Devonport, in its 38 years of existence, had 8 Mayors:
              The dates on which each was elected as Mayor are:-

Mr. Malcolm NICCOL. June  1886: Dec. 1886: Dec. 1887:  Dec. 1888: Dec1889:
Dec. 1895: May 1901.
Mr.E.W.ALISON. Dec. 1890: Nov. 1891 : Dec. 1892: Dec. 1893: Dec. 1894: May
1902: 1903: 1904 and 1905.
Mr. J. C. MACKAY. Sept. 1896 to May 1901.
Mr. William HANDLEY. May 1906, successively to May 1914. In all 8 Terms.
Mr. A. M. PICKFORD. May 1915. May 1916.
Mr. Horace Stephen Waterlow KING. May 1919: May 1920: May 1921: May 1922.
Mr. Thomas LAMONT. May 1923: May 1924.

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The first Borough Council was elected June 1886; one-third of the Members
                    retired in rotation; the Mayor was elected annually.
     The following is a complete List of 88 gentlemen who have been elected as
  Councillors. (Dates available. Drop me a line at ) These
        aren't in alphabetical order, but rather in order of Election to Office...

Henri Jean Le BAILEY (Cr)
Malcolm NICCOL (First Mayor) for 4 years: Cr.
Joseph GLENNY (Cr)
T. J. DUDER (Cr)
Edw. William BURGESS (Cr)
Philip Hawe MASON
William BOND (Cr)
Joseph Cochram MACKY  (Cr)
Alexander HARVEY (Cr)
James DUNNING (Cr)
George Hovey BROOKES (Cr)
Ewen W. ALISON (Cr) & Mayor for 6 terms.
Edward BARTLEY (Cr)
Henry PITTS (Cr)
Richard CAMERON (Cr)
William PHILCOX (Cr)
Wm. Hoile BROWN (Cr)
William HANDLEY (Cr) & Mayor for 8 Terms.
George Annear CREETH (Cr)
Robert LOGAN Jnr. (Cr)
Henry John BAULF (Cr)
John Atkinson WALKER (Cr)
John William HARRISON (Cr)
Frank Ernest MASON (Cr)
William J. W. PHILSON (Cr)
Charles Primrose MURDOCH (Cr)
Charles C. DACRE (Cr)
George Vallecort EDGCUMBE (Cr)
Robert Henry FROUDE (Cr)
George Arthur GRIBBON (Cr)
Patrick William McCALLUM (Cr)
Henry WILDING (Cr)
George McKENZIE (Cr)
George LANKHAM (Cr)
Frederick James HAMMOND (Cr)
William AVENELL (Cr)
Oliver MAYS (Cr)
Robert WYNYARD (Cr)
Edmund DUTTON (Cr)
James C. ENTRICAN (Cr)
James Bannatyne GRAHAME (Cr)
Ernest George Robert FORD (Cr)
Duncan William McLEAN (Cr)
Wreford Upton TIMEWELL (Cr)
Edward John OSBORNE (Cr)
Thomas Wakeham CRANCH (Cr)
Joseph Patrick WRIGHT (Cr)
Frederick Augustus THOMPSON (Cr)
Israel John FLETCHER (Cr)
William Perry TAYLOR (Cr)
Samuel Watkins LUXFORD (Cr) & Deputy Mayor.
Earnest Hawkins LITTLE (Cr)
Ralph Thomas MICHAELS (Cr)
Charles Lanham STEVENSON (Cr)
Ernest ALDRIDGE (Cr)
Stephen BOND (Cr)
John HISLOP (Cr)
Wyndham Gratton GUINNESS (Cr)
George Wright RAVENHILL (Cr)
John TAYLOR (Cr)
James Randall GASCOIGNE (Cr)
John ALLEN (Cr)
Lockie GANNON (Cr)
William PARSONS (Cr)
Arthur LLOYD (Cr)
Frederick Louis ARMITAGE (Cr)
Willaim King HEWITT (Cr)
Thomas LAMONT (Cr)
Charles Joseph SMITH (Cr)
Joseph WOODALL (Cr)
Walter Samuel STONE (Cr)
Thomas Henry PALMER (Cr)
George Edward Vincent PEARCE (Cr)
William Andrew PILKINGTON (Cr)
Robert Arthur SPINLEY (Cr)
Alfred BARTLEY (Cr)
Albert Vernon FRAER (Cr)
Robert LINDER (Cr)
Arthur Gilbert QUARTLEY (Cr)
Alfred John TAPPER (Cr)
Adam NIXON (Cr)
Alick Meniott PICKFORD (Cr)
John Croom WEBSTER (Cr)
John HENDERSON (Cr)  & Mayor
Joseph Kew HARTY (Cr)

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